ass fucking ass plug BDSM biofeedback biting blow job bondage boots breath control BTS cage caning cast fetish catheter CBT chastity cage crotch rope crying cum eating dildo face dildo sucking edging ejaculation electro/estim encasement enema escape face bondage facial distortion female bottom female top forced meditation fucking machine gag gas mask gimp hairy pussy heavy rubber humiliation inflatable jail latex clothing leather bondage leather fetish leather hood lingerie male bottom male top medical medical brace medical restraints metal bondage mind fuck mummification neck play needles nipple torture nose play nurse objectification orgasm orgasm control pony play post-orgasm torture POV predicament public puppy play pussy juice/cream pussy licking pussy torture PVC/vinyl rope bondage rubber rubber hood self bondage sensory deprivation sensual domination sex shaved pussy sleep sack spanking staples straitjacket strap on suction play suffering suspension sybian teasing tickling trampling travel unique toys urethral sounding Venus 2000 video goggles water torture
play-button 27:00

Sensory Deprivation Orgasms

With ear plugs wedged deep into my ears and a foam-lined box locked onto my head, Utmost Restraint is in full control of my body - even with my hands free.  He has control over my head, and if you can control a person's head, you can control everything.  I am at his mercy, and thankfully he takes good care of me.  Beginning in a seated position, my nipples are quickly tied with string to my toes.  This comes into play once Utmost Restraint introduces a vibrator to my pussy, as I tend to squirm and squeal.  It is a head trip to be in the box.  At first I am concerned for my ability to exchange air around the neck hole.  It becomes hot and sweaty in the box.  Thankfully, after the first few orgasms, I am no longer thinking about that.  I am now thinking about my nipples being pulled on and the vibrator.  It isn't until I am moved onto my back that I begin to freak out a little -  this position has always been difficult for me.  Utmost Restraint is patient and allows me some time to submit my arms to his control by standing over me.  The following orgasms are much more intense after having passed through this brief period of panic.  Each orgasm brings a few tears at this point.  With my head separated from my body, it is easy to let the emotions flow.  The orgasms encourage me to let it out.  The head box is a success.  Thank you Utmost Restraint!

female bottom male top orgasm control crying orgasm forced meditation unique toys hairy pussy nipple torture sensory deprivation

Featuring: Utmost Restraint, Elise Graves

play-button 15:09

Ballet Boot Torment

A firmly strapped leather head harness, tightly-laced leather neck corset, restrictive rope chest harness and waist cincher, paired with torturous leather ballet boots was the exact combination of fetish and bondage gear to put me in the mood for playing! Watching Kino struggle to maintain a stable foothold is just plain sexy. His suffering for me is the greatest gift - but I am greedy and I wanted more suffering from him. Using a small but mighty slapper in addition to my trusted singletail whip, I bruised his thighs and dick. Naturally, I stopped to tease him with my hands and body, asking him to come closer to me, knowing that it puts additional stress on him to do so. These are the moments in play that I love - so fun, so mutually benefitting. Enjoy!

bondage female top male bottom BDSM suffering sensual domination teasing leather bondage boots spanking

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 10:53

Inflatable Self-Love

I didn't know what I had just stumbled upon at first, and to be honest, I still am not clear.  I heard strange crinkling and moaning sounds in the basement, so naturally I wanted to investigate.  As I approached the door, I noticed a glowing green light peek from below.  Slowly I opened the door to discover glowing green light emanating from below a transparent pod.  Upon closer inspection I make out a human form, although not moving. As my curiosity demands that I stay and study this figure deep inside the pod, it begins to slowly move.  First the hands and next the feet, as if it was waking up.  Unsure as to whether the form notices my presence, I stay to watch.  The form seems to be waking up horny - as the hands make their way to the genitals and begin to stroke.  After producing a hard-on, the hands retreat and the form begins rubbing the genitals on the inside of the pod.  This increases dramatically until there is a crescendo.  Finally, the form makes its way into a tight posture and relaxes back into deep sleep.  I leave and vow never to share this sexy experience with anyone - I want it all to myself.

bondage male bottom breath control orgasm unique toys PVC/vinyl inflatable encasement self bondage

Featuring: Kino Payne

play-button 39:03

Mummified Tickle Torture

Elise is excited to play with Barbary, as it has been a while since last playing together.  Barbary trusts Elise and so she submits to being mummified in plastic and red tape.  Elise is skillful in her wrapping, making sure that her mummy is smooth and neat.  Wrapping Barbary into a mummy is not enough restriction, however, as Elise knows that Barbary is very ticklish.  Therefore Elise secures five belts around Barbary's body and then ties them to the bed.  Next, Elise ties Barbary's two big toes together and back into a flexed position, as to invite tickling!  Elise sees Barbary's cute soles and goes to town on them with light touches, digging in between toes, and a thin wooden skewer!  She alternates between tickling and vibrating Barbary - making her earn time with the vibrator through suffering the tickling.  These girls are clearly enjoying themselves.

bondage female bottom female top sensual domination orgasm gag tickling sleep sack mummification

Featuring: Barbary Rose, Elise Graves

play-button 17:46

Restrained Rubber

Playing with J is always fun for me, as he is an absolute rubber freak. Wearing a head-to-toe latex catsuit, J is ready for play. J and I agree that that is not enough rubber, and therefore I guide him into a heavy rubber sleep sack, which excites us both. As he is still standing, I take the opportunity to tightly tie red rope around his sack-encased body, which will be used to secure him to my bed. With two small but mighty vibrators up his ass, I plug them into the custom control box. This power has various programmed patterns, which expertly tease J with the press of a button. Knowing that J is extremely turned on by bondage and rubber, I have to keep him on edge so he doesn’t orgasm, as I prefer him to stay right on the edge...

rubber bondage female top male bottom heavy rubber orgasm control teasing gag rope bondage edging

Featuring: J, Elise Graves

play-button 32:17

The Royal Treatment

Nurse Elise arrives at Lita's cell after being notified of her heavy abdominal cramps. As Lita has been violent in the past, she is secured to the bed in a straitjacket with her legs open for Nurse Elise to have full access during the exam. First, Elise does a manual exam with her fingers, but needs a better look inside. Using a vaginal speculum adorned with a small light, Elise spreads Lita's pussy wide open and gives us all a great view. Lita's vaginal contractions pushes the speculum out of her pussy, which indicates to Nurse Elise that she is in great need of a relaxing treatment. Thankfully there is a tool that typically does just that for female patients. Nurse Elise begins using the sucking, vibrating and licking device on Lita's pussy, but after a short while Lita complains of being frustrated by it and not experiencing relaxation. Elise realizes that this patient is in need of some serious treatment and switches to an intense electrified double Wartenburg wheel, which temporarily increases Lita's respiration and heart rate as well as her screaming! After tormenting Lita with the wheel, Nurse Elise dutifully shoves her fist into Lita's pussy, sensing that it is the only thing that may soothe her. This treatment brings Lita to tears and both are pleased at the results.

female bottom female top straitjacket electro/estim medical crying nurse orgasm pussy torture jail

Featuring: Lita Lecherous, Elise Graves

play-button 36:21

Exploring Bizarre Designs, Part Two

Part Two of the visit to Amsterdam's famous corsest-maker, Jeroen van der Klis, continues with Elise and the gang fawning over Jeroen's amazing work.  While looking though a book of his past work, Elise spots several special images, including one of Jeroen himself.  Utilizing the famous fetish model Cobie to model his work, everyone is excited to see it come to life!  Cobie demonstrates an awesome arm binder piece, as well as an extremely elaborate corset dress like you have never seen!  Meanwhile, Elise and Petgirl Kako fight over who is going to take home a spectacularly sexy neck corset.  Elise also interviews Jeroen throughout the visit, whereby you learn much more about him!  Super fun visit to Amsterdam in general and to witness the wonder of Jeroen's work specifically!  Enjoy!

bondage female bottom travel BTS neck play objectification leather fetish public

Featuring: Cobie, Petgirl Kako, Elise Graves

play-button 16:10

Teased in a Box

Wearing a rubber playsuit, Elise is feeling playful! Guiding her rubber gimp into a new piece of bondage gear - an open front wooden box - Elise begins locking his cuffed wrist and ankle chains to the box.  Even before Elise slides the head-trapping wooden neck piece, the rubber gimp is trapped.  With his neck secured, however, his head is fair game for play.  Wearing an enclosed rubber hood, complete with a mouth-filling gag and nostril tubes, the rubber gimp is at the mercy of Elise.  Curious as to whether her whole hand can fit in her gimp's mouth, Elise begins to stretch it open first with her hand and later with an inflatable gag.  Meanwhile, Elise attaches a hitachi to a receiving cup that connects to the gimp's cock.  After flipping the vibrator on, the rubber gimp now needs to pay attention not only to his breathing but also his dick.  Elise has much fun playing with teasing her gimp's level of arousal while strategically pinching off his access to air.  Oh to be a rubber gimp locked in a box with Elise controlling both air and orgasm!

bondage female top male bottom breath control rubber hood orgasm control teasing latex clothing cage gimp

Featuring: J, Elise Graves

play-button 39:44

Elise on Display

It had been a long time since I last experienced cathartic crying within a BDSM context, and on this day Utmost Restraint skillfully guided me there. Perched upon a spinning stand of discomfort built by Utmost Restraint himself, I learned what standing on my toes for an hour felt like - thankfully there was an ass hook to remind me not to lower my body too much :) After a nice bare-handed spanking, paddling, caning and flogging, my ass went from a snowy white to a cherry red hue. On this day my nipples were OVERLY sensitive thanks to my monthly hormonal surge, and therefore I found the nipple clamps incredibly painful. All these things, in addition to facing a giant fear of mine - the cattle prod - left me a wet, slobbering mess while orgasming many, many times. Needless to say, it was a pleasure to play with Utmost Restraint.

bondage female bottom male top BDSM crying neck play unique toys caning nipple torture spanking

Featuring: Utmost Restraint, Elise Graves

play-button 30:14

The Leather F-Suit

Pretty sure I have mentioned this before, but no harm in stating the obvious again - I am a very fortunate person! A while ago, the extremely talented leather-maker Christopher Fetish crafted a fuck suit just for me! Due to him having a "fit fetish," the suit is crafted to fit my body as perfectly as possible! Indeed, you will notice that this suit fits me amazingly well - particularly the head! It looks as if leather was melted over my head and body! Now, although this suit is stunning, it is also very intense to be inside of it! In this video, I take you through the process of getting into the suit and also show you when I am feeling a bit nervous (and when I am no longer nervous and having many, many orgasms in the suit!) This suit is very intense for me, but SO WORTH it to push myself into getting in! When something fits my body such as this suit, it tends to melt my brain with pure joy. Enjoy!

bondage female bottom leather bondage orgasm forced meditation unique toys leather fetish encasement leather hood

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 43:43

Exploring Bizarre Designs: Part One

In 2016 Elise traveled to Europe to experience as much kinky exploits as possible.  She began in Munich, Germany for BoundCon, and ended up in Amsterdam.  This is where the we begin.  Along with kinky friends Mark from Serious Bondage, Petgirl Kako, Troy Orleans and Cobie, Elise visits Jeroen van der Klis, the owner of Bizarre Designs - an incredibly talented corset maker known for his kinky and outrageous designs!  Jeroen laces Cobie into a couple pieces as Elise and Mark interview Jeroen about his history in corset making.  Come visit this incredible corset shop and see all the amazing designs!

female bottom travel objectification leather fetish public

Featuring: Cobie, Elise Graves

play-button 19:15

Roped into Bondage Sex

It's obvious that Elise is feeling horny. She went to the effort of putting on some lingerie before coaxing Mickey Mod into her bed to be tied up and used. After securing him into a physically exposing hogtie, she begins to lick, suck and bite all his sensitive areas, sensitizing his body for what's to come. While she slides her panties off, Elise informs Mickey that she is taking control and proceeds to use his cock for all sorts of her own pleasure. With Mickey tied up, it's extra effort for him to move, thrust, or do much of anything, however with Elise's pussy as motivation, he actually gives an impressive fuck. Enjoy the teasing and helplessness that Mickey endures!

bondage female top male bottom sensual domination rope bondage tickling blow job biting sex lingerie

Featuring: Mickey Mod, Elise Graves

play-button 23:53

Playing with Alani

Cutie Alani Pi is willing to release control of her body to Elise Graves.  She submits to rope bondage, predicament play and sensory deprivation from the outset.  Utilizing Japanese clover clamps, Elise  torments Alani's nipples and pussy lips.  Tying her knee high into the air, Elise creates a vulnerable situation for this exposes Alani's beautiful pink pussy through a more intense bondage position.    Elise takes advantage of this with calf-caning, pussy-whipping, pussy clamps and more.  Although Alani enjoys Elise having control, it is Elise who is obviously enjoying herself.

female bottom female top BDSM gag rope bondage caning nipple torture pussy torture shaved pussy predicament

Featuring: Alani Pi, Elise Graves

play-button 21:40

Tunnel Vision

It's a well-known fact that I love breath play in general, and rebreather hoods specifically. I begin this scene with Kino Payne secured into a wooden chair with electrodes on his nipples, cock and balls as well as my most restrictive rebreather hood I own (I own many!). His electrical devices are connected to a remote-controlled device that is controlled by my hand :) After testing the edges of Kino's ability to control his breathing, I wanted to give him a treat for all of his suffering, and so I remove the rebreather hood only to replace it with a DOUBLE REBREATHER hood! Yes, a two-person rebreather hood! I place one end on Kino and the other on myself as I kneel in front of him. As we explore what it is like to share air and to fight for our breaths, I make it more challenging for Kino by continuing to electrify his genitals and nipples via remote. This would be very exciting for me on any average day, but in a time of global pandemic, play such as this feels extra edgy! Naturally, I needed to vibrate myself to intense orgasm while shocking Kino in the double hood. Enjoy!

bondage female top male bottom breath control rubber hood electro/estim suffering latex clothing CBT nipple torture

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 15:52

The Wrong Side of the Bed

Oftentimes bondage play is intense in it's intimate closeness - eye contact, physical sensation play, and general interaction.  Other times it's the distance that can create the intensity.  In this instance, Elise has Kino tied underneath her bed in a tight spread X position.  He has a large electrode attached to his genitals which is controlled by a remote control in Elise's possession :)  At first, Elise toys with Kino, shocking him only occasionally as a reminder that she is in ultimate control of his comfort.  However, as it nears time for bed, Elise intensifies her shocking of Kino's genitals as she undresses, climbs into bed, and repeatedly vibrates herself to orgasm to the sounds of Kino suffering underneath her bed.  Sexy video for those of you who appreciate a real look into the play between people at home.

bondage female top male bottom electro/estim suffering sensual domination teasing orgasm gag rope bondage

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 29:06

Let it Out

I love playing with switches so much! (a switch is someone who enjoys both the top and bottom role in a BDSM scene) Lita Lecherous is a wonderfully sexy switch who is in top position over me in this scene, and I love it. She binds me to a tilting medical table with medical restraints. I am gagged with a metal dental gag at first and a large ball gag further into the scene. Then Lita connects nipple clamp electrodes to my breasts and fucks me with an electrical dildo while vibrating my clit and making my brain explode! She calls me out on being a control freak, which I always appreciate too :) Enjoy!

bondage female bottom female top BDSM electro/estim sensual domination leather bondage medical restraints gag nipple torture

Featuring: Lita Lecherous, Elise Graves

play-button 37:39

Convention Puppy Casting

In May of 2018 I traveled along with some friends to BoundCon, a long-standing bondage convention in Germany. This was my fifth time attending as a guest of the convention. This year was different in that I had my own booth where I hosted my friends - Steelwerks, Kino Payne, Strange Hobbies, AliceinBondageland and more :) Along with participating in many conventaion-related events, I was responsible for putting on a bondage show (that I will show you all some day) and smaller demos at the booth. This is all to say that BoundCon can be overwhelming for me! In this video, AliceinBondageland and I assist Strange Hobbies in casting himself, as he has much experience with casting. Thankfully both his legs and arms were to be casted into a puppy position, and so he eventually allowed me to take over! :) Casting his head was so much fun! I think I did a pretty good job on the head specifically. Alice and I toyed with Hobbies’s vulnerable position. He giggles a lot. At some point I handed the reins of the fully-casted Hobbies over to Alice and she walked him around the convention floor, stopping here and there to play. Watch as I take a cast saw to Hobbies's head at the end :)

bondage female top male bottom teasing cast fetish medical restraints objectification encasement public puppy play

Featuring: Strange Hobbies, AliceinBondageland, Elise Graves

play-button 15:23

Suck our Dicks

Dressed in sexy latex lingerie and armed with raging boners, Lita Lecherous and Elise Graves are feeling pretty frisky. Using Kino Payne as their inverted sacrificial scapegoat, the domme duo blow off some steam using Kino's mouth hole and generally providing sensory overload with slapping, spanking and tasering. Motivated by cattle prods, Kino is an enthusiastic cock sucker. And as quickly as they had come, Elise and Lita leave Kino to ponder exactly how his mouth can best serve their cocks.

bondage female top male bottom BDSM electro/estim latex clothing suspension strap on nipple torture dildo sucking

Featuring: Lita Lecherous, Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 32:17

Out of Thin Air

Tai Crimson and Elise Graves. Playing with Tai Crimson is such a joy for Elise. Tai likes to be pushed into corners of her mind that few people enjoy. Elise enjoys pushing her there, particularly with the use of restricting access to Tai's vital life components. Elise begins Tai off by plastic-wrapping her into a chair along with a leather hood and nipple electrodes coursing electrical current through Tai's large, sensitive nipples. The hood is eventually removed only to be replaced by a full head wrapping of plastic wrap, causing Tai to periodically panic. After Elise has sufficient fun with that method, she then removes the wrap to replace it with a large, plastic bag. Elise uses this as a tool to control Tai, controlling not only her body but her mind.

bondage female bottom female top breath control electro/estim mind fuck suffering gag face bondage nipple torture

Featuring: Tai Crimson, Elise Graves

play-button 42:39

Rubber, Golden Nectar and Leather

Once Elise slips herself into transparent latex, she begins to transform into someone else! Wearing a transparent rubber dress and gloves, Elise buckles Sabret into a heavy rubber straitjacket and multi- function Studio Gum hood. At first she allows Sabret some time to adjust, so his eyes are uncovered, however, after zipping and strapping him into a thick leather sleepsack situated on a mummy board, Elise covers not only his eyes, but his mouth as well. Elise is incredibly entertained by Sabret’s thrashing and moaning for air. As a treat, she delivers some of her golden nectar through the small hole over Sabret’s mouth. He is eager to consume. Elise transitions her sleepsacked rubber gimp into a vertical suspension, allowing her to have a bit more fun! Elise exposes Sabret’s cock, making it the only part of his body that she comes into contact with. The cock is lubed and Elise grabs tightly with her gloved hands - demanding that Sabret fuck her hands while suspended. Wanting more control of his breathing, Elise switches out the heavy rubber hood for a latex pig rebreather hood, which delights her greatly! Forcing Sabret to hyperventilate for her own amusement, Elise rubs her rubber body up against his cock. Good times!

bondage female top male bottom rubber hood straitjacket teasing latex clothing leather bondage suspension sleep sack

Featuring: Elise Graves

play-button 17:35

Alien Abduction

Lucky Elise has captured herself a rubber alien bondage toy. She shackles him to the wall, sticks an electrical probe up his ass, and straps an extremely wide inflatable collar onto his neck, as this is how she gets turned on: to have total control over his body. Wearing tight, shiny rubber, Elise gets a firm grip on her alien friend’s massive cock, tries to shove it inside her, but realizes it is too big, but she uses it, along with a vibrator, to bring herself to massive orgasms. Then, she proceeds to tease and sexually torment her rubber visitor, leaving him completely on edge in the end. Pay close attention to this special rubber alien hood!

rubber female top male bottom breath control rubber hood electro/estim orgasm control neck play latex clothing metal bondage

Featuring: J, Elise Graves

play-button 28:44

Electro Chair Self-Bondage

It's important to carve out some time for yourself on a regular basis. I know I enjoy solo play from time to time. I like to celebrate my solo time by engaging in some self-bondage. I start this experience off by dressing in a sexy mesh garter belt, stockings, mesh bra and very shiny boots. I then stuff my mouth with white cloth and tightly tape it with my favorite clear tape. The cloth was triggering my gag reflex a bit in the beginning. Next, I tie a rope around my neck for some intense blood choke action. Watch as my face changes color and veins begin to bulge as I carefully clamp my nipples with two electro clamps for each nipple. These clamps might not appear to be that harsh, but trust me, they are painful! As I turn up the juice, my body thrashes around a bit and so I make myself totally helpless by handcuffing my hands behind the chair. This is where most of the fun happens, as I am at the mercy of the electrical box, torturing my sensitive nipples. I stomp my boots and cry out from beneath the gag, but it is no use in stopping the experience.

female bottom electro/estim suffering neck play gag metal bondage boots nipple torture lingerie self bondage

Featuring: Elise Graves

play-button 18:24

Unbind These Ropes

Some women enjoy shopping together, some enjoy sipping cocktails while catching up.  Elise Graves and Barbary Rose, however, enjoy being tied up into strict hogties and working together to get each other out.  Each bound into her own hogtie, complete with a tight ball gag and blindfold, the game begins by needing to scoot nearer to one another.  Watching the girls squirm, moan and grunt as they work to free the knots is just as enjoyable as seeing the joy in their eyes as they move closer to freedom.  Thanks to the fabulous butts on these two women, the twisting, wiggling and writhing is a sight to behold!

bondage female bottom gag rope bondage escape

Featuring: Barbary Rose, Elise Graves

play-button 16:56

Birthday Caning!

Happy Birthday to Me! Although I lacked celebratory birthday spirit throughout most of my life, that has since changed, and I now appreciate celebrating both the passage of time as well as reflecting on the progress I have made as a human being. This last year has been such a joy for me in many ways, and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for being a part of that, as without your support of my work (either through Bondage Liberation or Bondage Therapy), I would not have the freedom to explore that which brings me so much joy, so thank you. Therefore, I would like to share my celebration with you. It has been a very long time since I have been given birthday spankings, and this year I asked my friend Kino Payne to deliver the goods. I was determined to take 40 spankings (39 + 1 to grow on!), and in fact, requested cane strokes instead of spankings, so here we go! May this next trip round the sun bring us all the health and healing that we so desperately need during this unprecedented time. A mighty tight bondage hug to each and every one of you, and happy spankings to us all, Elise

female bottom male top BDSM caning hairy pussy

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 23:24

Put to Good Use

If there is one activity I enjoy most, it is teasing a horny, rubber-clad man after I lock him down into inescapable metal bondage. This is precisely what I do with my rubber friend J after first sticking an electro butt plug up his ass. After securing his head between two tight pads to prevent any movement, I affix a dildo to his face - after all, he is here for my amusement, my pleasure. It is a great turn on for me to lower my pussy over his face and on to his dildo gag. Visually he is so close to my pretty pussy, but sensation-wise he is so far! After using his face for my pleasure, I move on to his rubber cock. Thanks to a thick rubber sheath covering his cock and balls, he derives little to no actual physical sensation when I slide him inside me. This means the pleasure is all mine! I take full advantage of his helpless rubber body that is locked into rigid metal neck, wrist and ankle restraints. After orgasming myself silly, I retire to another room to regain my energy, while J waits for me to come use him all over again when I am ready.

rubber bondage rubber hood electro/estim latex clothing dildo face metal bondage objectification sex dildo sucking

Featuring: J, Elise Graves

play-button 23:37

Shown the Ropes

It's all fun and games when Elise and An Li team up to play. Fun for the two of them, anyway! A hooded Gimpy happily suffers for their pleasure. Elise ties him into beautiful rope bondage while An Li crosses his ankles to put him off balance. Elise takes advantage of his instability by stabilizing Gimpy with a neck rope. Gimpy sure does suffer well - his sounds are very cute. Next, An Li ties Gimpy's toe to his balls, which creates quite the CBT predicament - Gimpy can relax his leg or pull strongly on his balls. This is exciting for the double dommes, as they squeal with enjoyment while whipping all his sensitive bits. Lastly, Elise ties Gimpy's knee high up by his chest before tying his toe to his balls in a new configuration, but continued predicament. Elise and An Li decide to enjoy Gimpy's suffering from a more comfortable position, while Gimpy simply has no opportunity to relax. Watch as Gimpy is put on display for the duo's amusement.

bondage female top male bottom BDSM suffering neck play CBT rope bondage objectification gimp

Featuring: An Li, Gimpy, Elise Graves

play-button 27:47

The Bell Jar

Take a peek inside an authentic play session with the very fun Utmost Restraints and Elise Graves. Be a fly on the wall as Elise is secured into a bespoke bondage device, perfect for displaying her anterior body. Watch Utmost Restraints lower a large bell jar over Elise's head, hoping to dampen her cries. Listen to Elise struggle with nipple suction and clamps. Meanwhile, Elise's pussy gets the unique opportunity to know what a concrete mixer feels like, which forces Elise to orgasm many times. Eventually Utmost Restraints pushes Elise over the edge of pain and she beings to release some of her suffering through the form of tears. Enjoy this authentic play session.

bondage female bottom male top breath control BDSM crying suffering unique toys nipple torture objectification

Featuring: Utmost Restraint, Elise Graves

play-button 25:36

Rebreather Hood Self-Bondage

There are few toys as close to my heart as the rubber rebreather hood! The relatively thin, loose latex in front of the face allows for a pocket of air to inflate and deflate the hood’s pouch over the face with each breath. I am instantly thrilled when I put one of these on a playmate’s head. Needless to say, I use them frequently when topping others. Today is different, however, as I am playing with myself. I know what scares me, and this hood scares me. I design a scene for myself in which I stuff bullet vibrators inside my ass and pussy and then strap a hitachi vibe to my clit, all for the purposes of being controlled by a box that is programmed to keep me perfectly teased and on edge. After clamping my nipples, I slide my head into the rubber hood. After locking myself into a small cage, I begin to anticipate my hands being out of reach of my face. I struggle with handcuffing both hands out of reach of safety. The key to success with this hood is to calm yourself - to maintain control of your own breathing. If you inhale with too much force, your access to air is limited. The final click of the handcuffs is the beginning of the journey.

bondage female bottom breath control rubber hood teasing orgasm cage metal bondage forced meditation self bondage

Featuring: Elise Graves

play-button 21:18

Metal Self-Bondage

Elise demonstrates how she enjoys playing when she is isolated at home. She begins already locked into a bespoke metal back brace, consisting of a very tight waist belt and a rigid metal collar. This brace makes it challenging for Elise to bend at the waist, which she needs to do in order to lock herself into a pair of unique metal torture shoes. Next, Elise begins fingering her asshole in preparation for the insertion of an ass hook that gets attached to her back brace. This hook makes squatting down extremely painful when Elise adds metal ankle cuffs to the mix. Soon, Elise’s attention is turned towards her upper body, where she clamps her nipples, gags her mouth, and clamps her nose, creating a precarious situation for herself. After attending to her pussy with a vibrator, Elise seals her helpless fate by handcuffing her wrists behind her back.

bondage female bottom nose play orgasm gag metal bondage unique toys hairy pussy nipple torture self bondage

Featuring: Elise Graves

play-button 18:53

Tease Out

Elise loves a sensitive plaything - especially when her toys try to resist Elise’s sensual stroking. Elise’s friend, Goblintower, is a horny boy with a cock that displays his arousal in being tied spread to the bed, teased by Elise’s hands, and tortured by his own inability to control his orgasms. Watch Elise punish Goblintower with glee for ejaculating prematurely. Goblintower turns to putty under Elise’s control.

bondage male bottom nose play teasing orgasm gag rope bondage ejaculation facial distortion post-orgasm torture

Featuring: Goblintower, Elise Graves