ass fucking ass plug BDSM biofeedback biting blow job bondage boots breath control BTS cage caning cast fetish catheter CBT chastity cage crotch rope crying cum eating dildo face dildo sucking edging ejaculation electro/estim encasement enema escape face bondage facial distortion female bottom female top forced meditation fucking machine gag gas mask gimp hairy pussy heavy rubber hood humiliation inflatable jail kissing latex clothing leather bondage leather fetish leather hood lingerie male bottom male top medical medical brace medical restraints metal bondage mind fuck mummification neck play needles nipple torture nose play nurse objectification orgasm orgasm control piss pony play post-orgasm torture POV predicament public puppy play pussy juice/cream pussy licking pussy torture PVC/vinyl rope bondage rubber rubber hood self bondage sensory deprivation sensual domination sex shaved pussy sleep sack spanking staples straitjacket strap on suction play suffering suspension sybian teasing tickling trampling travel unique gear urethral sounding Venus 2000 video goggles water torture
play-button 25:32

When Elise Met Ruckus

Although I have briefly met Ruckus once or twice before this particular meeting, I feel this was the moment in which I truly met them. I had previously seen a glimpse into Ruckus’s rope-loving soul and I knew that I wanted to tie them up in my own studio. I get a very feline vibe from Ruckus, which is to say that I really like them! Quiet, yet expressive, and as you might have seen in the previously- posted shibari video, Ruckus is TOUGH. Here, though, I introduce myself to Ruckus and get a feel for our energetic connection. I inform them that they will need to suffer bastinado for me if they want to be rewarded with some gooey attention paid to their cock. Until I see Ruckus truly suffer for me, all they get are teeth biting down on their sensitive cock :) Enjoy watching this sexy person be tied in rope - I know I did!

bondage female top sensual domination teasing rope bondage suspension caning blow job nipple torture biting

Featuring: Ruckus, Elise Graves

play-button 33:25

On All Fours

Something very special occurs when two sadists come together. The pleasure one sadist gets from seeing another suffer can be exhilarating on their own - but when a sadist friend next to them reflects that same joy, it is extra fun! Energy that might begin with Elise in the form of a cane stroke impacts Kino who’s expression can further affect An Li in the most delightful way. There is a three-way exchange of energy and that triangular shape is the most solid of them all. Watch as Kino makes himself vulnerable to An Li and Elise by allowing himself to be locked into heavy wooden stocks on his hands and knees. This gives access to his ass which Elise and An Li gleefully mark up with whips, canes, fingernails and more. Happiness is most real when shared with another :)

bondage female top male bottom BDSM suffering leather bondage CBT caning spanking ass plug

Featuring: Kino Payne, An Li, Elise Graves

play-button 42:14


Restrained in a strict elbow tie and a leather hood, Elise begins her vibrotherapy journey at the caring hands of Utmost Restraint. Tied with one ankle up high, Elise’s pussy and soles of her feet are completely exposed. Utmost explores pain play with Elise through caning, rubber bands on the feet, and spanking while exploring pleasure with tickling and the use of several vibrators. Given that Elise’s body is controlled by nipple clamps, a hood, an inflatable gag, rope bondage and sexual stimulation, she is in absolute heaven. Turns out, vibrotherapy works wonders for the soul!

bondage female bottom male top orgasm gag rope bondage tickling caning nipple torture hood

Featuring: Utmost Restraint, Elise Graves

play-button 32:49

Strong Stomach

It’s New Year’s Eve and needless to say, but it’s been quite the year. Elise has been sheltering at home, studying shibari online and practicing on Kino Payne. Elise is excited to practice a particularly challenging semi-suspension sequence on him. After securing Kino’s arms into a box tie, Elise has freedom to explore Kino’s nipples with her long fingernails. It quickly becomes clear that Kino’s mouth needs a good stuffing, so Elise’s fetches the dirtiest pair of her panties she can pull from her laundry basket to pack into Kino’s mouth before securing them with multiple passes of clear tape. She checks again - now he is much quieter! This is important, as Kino is about to embark on a strenuous tie that heavily utilizes a waist rope, standing on the tops of his big toes, and ultimately, being fully suspended. As Kino is one hell of a rope bottom, watch for his sweat to tell the story of his suffering.

bondage female top male bottom BDSM suffering neck play gag rope bondage caning spanking

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 31:06

Bag of Tricks

Ruckus is in for a treat!  If feeling helpless and at the complete mercy of Elise Graves is what Ruckus was looking for, they certainly found it!  After helping guide Ruckus into the rubber sleep sack, Elise makes quick work of securing them to her medical table.  She informs Ruckus that every breath that he takes will be under her control now as she secures a gas mask to their face.  Knowing that this is Ruckus's first sleep sack experience, she opts to make this experience a memorable one as she uses her own spit to create better conductivity for the electro bands she intends to use on Ruckus's dick.  Elise desires to increase her control over Ruckus's body and mind, so she dials up the electro while controlling Ruckus's basic bodily needs.  Ultimately Ruckus is desperate to blow a load, so Elise grants permission to Ruckus - later showing them that they may regret having done so with some post-orgasm torment.

rubber bondage female top breath control gas mask electro/estim orgasm sleep sack ejaculation post-orgasm torture

Featuring: Ruckus, Elise Graves

play-button 30:54

Pain and Suffering

Let's be frank - Dart Tech is a brat.  Being a brat is not necessarily a bad thing, though, to be honest, I like it when Dart is a brat, as it motivates me to be extra mean to him.  Therefore, I decided to combine multiple aspects of torment into one experience for him.  Starting with a tight ball tie, I gag and blindfold him with tight rope. Dart's fingers are stuffed with pencils and then taped tightly together.  This pencil torment is INTENSE!  I then tie a shin torment tie on each leg.  Let me tell you - these shin ties are intense by themselves, but when you flex the foot, it makes the tie tighter and more painful.  So when I tie Dart's ankles, pull them off the ground, and tie his toes back in preparation for some bastinado, Dart is feeling it even before the cane strokes!  Dart is so fun to torment because he is highly responsive, constantly grunting and letting me know where he is at with his suffering.  This allows me to push him further, as I am confidant we are on the same page.  He grunts.  I grunt back.  It's this exchange of energy that makes tormenting Dart so enjoyable!

bondage female top male bottom BDSM suffering neck play face bondage rope bondage caning predicament

Featuring: Dart_Tech, Elise Graves

play-button 39:44

Unrelenting Orgasms, part two

If you thought Elise had her fill of orgasms after Part One, you would be very wrong! Apparently JimmyUSMC believes there is no such thing as too many orgasms, and he sets to make his point loud and clear. In Part Two, Jimmy ramps it up a notch (or two or three!) by adding one of Elise’s dildos to the mix. For fifteen solid minutes, Jimmy fucks Elise’s eager pussy while forcing her to orgasm non-stop. After he gives the dildo a much- needed rest, he continues on with the vibrator alone - until it dies from exhaustion! Somehow Elise is still kicking! By this point, Elise has has something like 500 orgasms. Seeing as how the bondage is still a turn on, Jimmy crawls up on Elise, humping her hogtied feet, as she eagerly attempts to stimulate his boner with her feet. This is simply sexy for the both of them, and therefore Jimmy takes this opportunity to pay some intense attention to Elise’s neck with his incredibly strong, sexy hands. This is so hot! After Jimmy decides to finally let Elise out of her predicament, he takes it nice and slow, savoring the transition from bondage to liberation.

bondage female bottom male top sensual domination neck play leather bondage orgasm hairy pussy biting kissing

Featuring: JimmyUSMC, Elise Graves

play-button 19:22

Unrelenting Orgasms, part one

Oh my! I knew I loved playing with JimmyUSMC, as he is a true lover of bondage who can’t get enough! So it wasn’t a complete surprise that he was interested in also topping, as bondage freaks tend to want it all! After he tightly laced me into a single arm binder, buckled my head harness and secured my legs, I began to suspect that the I might be seeing a new side of him emerge. Upon hooking my ass and tying it to my head harness, I was certain that things were only just beginning! Indeed, what followed was over an hour and a half of relentless, growling orgasms, dildo fucking and sexy hand choking! This video is merely the first half hour or so of this intense scene. I swear to god, I must have had 200 orgasms at the hands of the very sexy JimmyUSMC. Life is good! Stay tuned for the rest of this scene!

bondage female bottom male top orgasm control sensual domination leather bondage orgasm hairy pussy leather fetish

Featuring: JimmyUSMC, Elise Graves

play-button 20:48

Squeeze an Orange

Patrick is a bondage slut.  He loves being fully restrained and toyed with.  Today is his lucky day as Elise has some new gear to try out.  After securing him into an orange straitjacket, leg binder, and enclosed hood, Elise restrains him to a bench with multiple leather belts in a horizontal position.  This allows Elise to toy with him, sit on him, and tease him for her own pleasure.  After bringing out the vibrator, Elise brings herself to multiple orgasms while sitting on Patrick's cock - creating that deliciously cruel scenario of being so close yet so far!  Poor Patrick! ;)

bondage female top male bottom straitjacket sensual domination teasing unique gear hood

Featuring: Patrick, Elise Graves

play-button 30:30


Today is the day that Dart Tech experiences his first vac bed! As he slides into the rubber bed, Elise explains that she has the capability to monitor his respiratory and heart rates. The electro butt plug that was previously stuck up Dart's ass is able to be connected to the power box through a port in the bed. With Dart's head inside the bed, only a short tube connects him to the outside world - including his breath. After exploring Dart's sucked-up rubber body, Elise uses a breath control device and the electro box to get a noticeable reaction on the patient monitor. This is all fun and games to Elise, who ends up pleasuring herself to an intense orgasm while sitting on Dart's bound body.

rubber bondage female top male bottom breath control heavy rubber electro/estim medical biofeedback encasement

Featuring: Dart_Tech, Elise Graves

play-button 33:49

Bamboo Torment Tie

Elise is feeling feisty today, but also loving.  She intuits that her friend, Kino, is in the mood for suffering, and so she devises a plan to make that a reality.  Tied on his knees with a piece of bamboo tucked behind his knees, Kino is starting to understand what is in store for him. Once his balls are tied back to the small bamboo secured between his ankles, he is acutely aware that this is going to hurt!  Elise flutters around her suffering friend making his situation worse at times, and better at other times.  Mostly, though, she is simply excited by the pain she is inflicting on her friend who enjoys it.

bondage female top male bottom BDSM suffering sensual domination neck play gag rope bondage caning

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 31:40

Turning the Tables

To turn the tables on someone means to gain the upper hand. In this play session with Utmost Restraint, I do believe he gained the upper hand pretty effortlessly over my body and mind in tying me in a neck-to-crotch rope predicament table position. Instantly, my major muscle groups begin working to keep my hips raised. My neck is very uncomfortable in this position, pulling down on the neck rope. Suction tubes, clamps and an electro shocker bring added suffering to my predicament. A Jennings gag and some wrap around my mouth increase my discomfort as well as four very strong clamps strategically placed over my rib cage and over my hip bones. With every movement, every breath, these clamps cause major discomfort rubbing against my bones. This causes me to not want to breathe, but, of course, I have to - particularly when I am close to hyperventilating due to the stress. At one point I manage to weakly mutter "I can't do this anymore," and Utmost graciously provides me with some relief - only to go back into it for more. I found this scene to be quite cathartic, as you will probably notice :)

bondage female bottom male top BDSM crying suffering gag nipple torture crotch rope predicament

Featuring: Utmost Restraint, Elise Graves

play-button 18:54

On a Silver Platter

Elise and Dart Tech have not played together in several years.  One can safely assume that there is built-up energy awaiting release.  Elise decides to make that energy seen - and felt -  in the physical form of thick, viscous slobber released at the helm of a large dildo repeatedly thrusted into Dart's mouth and throat.  To mark the passing of time, Elise chooses to collect all of the hard-earned spit and ejaculate that comes squirting out of Dart's large and small holes, only to shove it right back in his face.  With the addition of intense nipple electro and a painful face-opening harness, Dart quickly remembers what he enjoys most about bottoming to Elise - you just never know what you are going to get.  If you enjoy making someone drool, this video is for you.  If you are grossed out by a lot of drool, might be best to stay away from this particular episode ;)

bondage female top BDSM face bondage nipple torture ejaculation facial distortion cum eating dildo sucking humiliation

Featuring: Dart_Tech, Elise Graves

play-button 28:13

Suspend Disbelief

Although this was my first time playing with Ruckus, I decided to jump right into the deep end with them. I suspected they were both willing and able - and I was surprised at how tough they were! Oh my! I tie Ruckus in a beautiful box tie, then pull their knee up super high. Ruckus is about a foot taller than me, so I look pretty short in comparison, but that's okay because soon Ruckus will be floating above the ground, tied up in a beautiful package for my enjoyment. The first knee up soon becomes a futomomo (bent over leg, "fat leg") which will ultimately be the only thing from which Ruckus's entire body is suspended from. Futos are notoriously painful, although I did attempt to tie this one in the most comfortable manner, and Ruckus is a fucking champ at handling it all. After fully inverting Ruckus, I don't let them down that easy. I take my time extending their suffering - and my enjoyment :)

bondage female top suffering sensual domination rope bondage forced meditation suspension biting kissing

Featuring: Ruckus, Elise Graves

play-button 27:44

My Leather Fucktoy

Oh my! I have to say, I typically enjoy myself when playing with Jimmy, but this particular experience was extra fun. I decided to center my own pleasure, which always works well for me :) I dressed Jimmy in a tight leather neck corset, a sexy mesh corset, strict ballet boots and a bolero straitjacket. I then stuffed an ass hook into his beautiful butt and tied it off around his neck. His legs are then belted in half, forcing him to kneel before me. I am excited to stuff my cock down his throat. It is so sexy to watch him suck my cock! I know that the tight neck corset makes it extra challenging. After a short time of cock sucking, I can tell I am ready for more. I exchange my cock in his mouth for a dildo gag, so I can put him to work on my pussy. I adore knowing that his ass gets fucked by the hook with each thrust. Using Jimmy for my pleasure is extremely sexy for me, and I wanted to reward him for being a good fuck toy, so I vibrate his cock as I sit on his face. He eventually blows a load all over the straitjacket he is wearing, which means he needs to be punished post-orgasm. I have never seen him squirm quite that much! :)

female top male bottom sensual domination leather bondage orgasm dildo face boots leather fetish post-orgasm torture dildo sucking

Featuring: JimmyUSMC, Elise Graves

play-button 27:23

I've Got You Pegged, part two

Now that I have Kino's holes all loosened up with my strap on, I decide to turn up the intensity of his experience. Bound to my medical table, Kino is totally helpless and at my mercy. Affixing a gas mask to his face and connecting a long, rubber hose, I begin to get giddy, as I know what is coming next. I instruct Kino to take a deep breath in and hold it, while I connect the rebreather bag to his face. As he inhales and exhales his same breath over and over, I torment his feet with a cane and overstimulate his genitals with my cock up his ass and his dick in the Venus machine. Kino wasn't able to control his auditory expressions on this day, and for that I am thankful, as hearing his moans, whimpers, and at times, screams, really gets me going!

bondage female top male bottom breath control gas mask sensual domination medical restraints strap on caning Venus 2000

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 16:57

I've Got You Pegged, part one

I don't know what I am more excited about - my new medical table or fucking Kino in the ass! Thankfully I do not have to choose and I tie Kino to my table with his legs up in the gyn stirrups - ready for the taking. With his arms restrained above his head, and his holes wide open, I dive right in. Kino is a good slut, and he takes my cock with no complaint. Indeed, I think he might just be an ass slut. Stay tuned for part two in which I ramp things up a couple notches with breath play and the Venus machine! :)

bondage female top male bottom sensual domination gag rope bondage strap on caning ass fucking

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 31:44

The Edge of Your Chair

I have been friends with Mark for a while now.  He has been very generous to allow me to take care of several of his wonderful bondage gear creations - the most iconic of them being his Serious Bondage chair. This chair single-handedly started the heavy bondage chair craze that we see now, I am sure of it.  It gives me great pleasure to put makers of gear in their own devices, and this was no exception. However, Mark is also a heavy rubber freak, and I had just the suit that I wanted him to take a ride in.  Dressing Mark in a thin black latex hood with micro holes over the eyes and nose area, it gives the appearance that there are no holes at all.  Once we pull the open-face hood of the heavy transparent rubber Studio Gum suit over the black hood - he is instantly transformed into something new - something akin to a black hole, in my opinion.  After strapping Mark into the chair, I added an inflatable ball hood with rebreather bag.  I am transfixed by the fact that his air is captured in the bag - love it!  The hood is not a perfect creation, and thus, it needs to come off after a short while, but that gives me the opportunity to put my transparent gas mask over that soulless face of his.  By now, both Mark and I are deep into rubber space (I simply have to smell it!), and I felt that the addition of a vibrator would put it over the top.  Sitting in Mark's lap, I alternate using the vibrator on myself, Mark, me, Mark.  I find it so sexy to see Mark's cock sliding around inside the rubber suit. Gotta love transparent rubber!  This session is dedicated to the wonderful craftsman Mark and his genius bondage gear!

bondage male bottom breath control heavy rubber rubber hood gas mask leather bondage orgasm inflatable encasement

Featuring: Mark, Elise Graves

play-button 20:42

The Scavenger's Gimp

Elise Graves and An Li are feeling sadistic, yet playful.  They have a willing gimp to play with and decide to push him in the deep end right from the beginning.  Wearing nothing but a leather hood, leather mitts and leather booties, Gimpy is locked into a Scavenger's Daughter metal bondage device.  His balls are tied into tension, his nipples clamped with electro clamps, and ultimately his testicles are electrified too.  An Li practices her amazing whip skills on Gimpy's back while Elise encourages Gimpy to relax by taking his breath away with her hands.  All in all, Gimpy is one lucky guy.  Receiving the attention from these two women is worth whatever torments they deem entertaining.

bondage female top male bottom breath control electro/estim leather bondage metal bondage unique gear gimp leather hood

Featuring: Gimpy, An Li, Elise Graves

play-button 32:49

Good Vibes

Kino Payne has his opportunity to switch places with Elise.  It is now Elise on the Sybian, with Kino at the helm of the play.  He begins by stuffing a giant sponge into Elise's mouth, firmly packing it in before covering her face with Tagaderm - very sticky transparent medical tape and ultimately securing it all with a leather face hugger.  He knows that Elise is going to be loud and Kino wants to mitigate much of that noise from the get-go.  After Elise is instructed to stuff her ass with a small electrical plug, she sits onto the Sybian and is tied in an arms-to-neck choking position with her fetish shoed feet tied in the back, preventing her from getting off the Sybian.  Kino is obviously enjoying himself, what with the choking, caning and electrical play he is orchestrating.  Meanwhile, Elise is orgasming over and over and over again...

female bottom male top electro/estim neck play orgasm gag caning boots ass plug sybian

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 30:05

Be Grateful for Small Mercies

One year and three months ago, Elise's sub, Sparky, was locked into a beautiful bespoke Steelwerks chastity cage. At the time, both Elise and Sparky were surprised at how small the cage appeared - and were equally surprised to find that Sparky's cock comfortably fit inside. After over a year in chastity, though, Sparky's cock has shrunk, which had been leaving a bit too much room for both Elise's and Sparky's comfort. So a new cage was made to better fit Sparky's diminishing cock. This video documents the exchange of the cages - the removal of the older, more sizeable cage, in exchange for a much smaller (in every possible dimension) cage. With the high level of Steelwerks craftsmanship, Sparky's cock was right at home - albeit, after some work to squeeze that dick in there! After locking that dick up, Elise places Sparky in a tight rubber sleep sack, complete with an inflatable gag, electro butt plug and several small spikes screwed right into the tip of the new cage. Elise tests out the cage by teasing Sparky with a vibrator - and ultimately bringing herself to multiple orgasms.

bondage female top male bottom electro/estim sensual domination unique gear sleep sack chastity cage inflatable ass plug

Featuring: Sparky, Elise Graves

play-button 10:47

Practice Casting Session

Although I have participated in a number of castings, I have never been casted myself. On this day, Petgirl Kako was instructing Mummy Ed on the casting process and needed a body to cast. I ever so graciously stepped in. I wanted my arms to be casted in a classic rope position called the Box Tie. My arms are very happy in that position and the duration wasn't an issue. Choosing a great, red color of fiberglass wrap, Kako and Ed get to work wrapping, spraying, and rubbing me down! The chemical reaction creates a bit of heat. Naturally after my cast has hardened, we play around for a bit. Mark can't help but hook us both up to a scuba tank with gas masks and Kako pulls out a vibrator. This video makes me want to do some casting of my own. (I just added some casting supplies to my wishlist!)

bondage BTS gas mask medical cast fetish medical brace medical restraints unique gear mummification

Featuring: Petgirl Kako, Elise Graves

play-button 29:12

A Laughing Stock

It is always exciting to play with Tony Orlando - his kink runs deep, his need to suffer is strong, and he is full of adorable reactions.  Mercy West and I have the pleasure to lock Tony into a special Serious Bondage stock table in which Tony's neck, wrists, waist, thighs and ankles are secured in heavy stocks to a heavy table.  You can see Tony become simultaneously aroused and scared as he gets locked into just the first piece.  Dressed in sexy rubber, Mercy and I torment Tony with electro nipple clamps, electro cock bands, teasing, and intense overstimulation.

bondage female top male bottom rubber hood electro/estim suffering latex clothing CBT nipple torture edging

Featuring: Tony Orlando, Mercy West, Elise Graves

play-button 18:40

Wrapped Around My Finger

We all had our own ways of dealing with pandemic stress. Some binged on TV or food, others channeled their stress into household projects. For Sparky and I, we opted for bondage play. During this play session, Sparky had a vibrator shoved up his ass before he was skillfully mummified from head to toe. The blue tape looks amazing as it gives shape to his tightly-bound form underneath. His ankles are tied to the bottom of the bed and a secure head harness is tied to the top - he is fully restrained by these two points. I was excited to pass the teasing controls over to my tease box, which allowed me to be mostly an observer of his situation. The tease box is controlling the vibrator in his ass as well as a very powerful vibrator securely fastened to his dick. There is no escape from the vibrators! As Sparky's nipples are extremely sensitive, I wanted them to be constantly stimulated, so I double clamped each nipple, creating an electrical circuit right through his nipples. I sit back and enjoy myself while Sparky becomes more and more desperate in his ordeal. I gave him simple ultimatum - he needs to orgasm before he is coming out of his wraps. Can he do it?

bondage female top male bottom electro/estim teasing unique gear nipple torture encasement mummification sensory deprivation

Featuring: Sparky, Elise Graves

play-button 12:55

Elise Escapes, a compilation

Many moons ago, I made my first visit to Amsterdam. During this trip I shot with several bondage people, visited many sex stores, and that's about it. Thankfully I have been back since to see more of the beautiful city. One site I shot with was called Bound Ivy. The site no longer exists, so I wanted to give you all the opportunity to see these videos here. This compilation focuses on me escaping from metal bondage, predicament bondage and water bondage. Hope you enjoy some vintage Elise :)

bondage female bottom nose play gag metal bondage nipple torture water torture pussy torture predicament escape

Featuring: Elise Graves

play-button 19:39

Denim Demons

Mondo Fetiche presents Denim Demons. Two balls of energy collide with a lust for denim and each other. Using hair brushing as foreplay, Margot Rose turns up the heat and is soon ready for more. Unable to resist their urges, Elise and Margot passionately paw at one another before Elise straps on and puts Margot in her place with her dick. Having just sucked and fucked Elise's cock, Margot is bursting at the seams and releases herself all over Elise's tight jeans, which only serves to turn the two of them on all over again. Directed and edited by the talented Carlos D.eth of Mondo Fetiche. Enjoy!

female bottom female top sensual domination strap on shaved pussy dildo sucking piss

Featuring: Margot Rose, Elise Graves

play-button 23:34

Anal Sybian Ride

I am excited to make Kino Payne squirm, so I tie him in a helplessly cute position, securing him down onto my Sybian, the world's most powerful vibrator. There is a small dildo attachment that is right up his asshole. He is waiting for me to come take control of him with an open mouth gag and nipple clamps. He looks so cute! I know he will soon be screaming, so I exchange his open gag for a large sponge and clear tape - creating a wonderfully effective mouth-stuffing gag! I show Kino what this Sybian can do, as he has never experienced anything like this before. Although it's intense by itself, I decide to ramp it up with an inflatable collar and abdominal electro. Toying with an ass-fucked Kino is my new favorite thing!

bondage male bottom breath control electro/estim sensual domination neck play gag rope bondage boots sybian

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 20:31

Bend Over Backwards

Who has been doing their yoga? Not me! Thankfully Utmost Restraint is fully capable of encouraging me to explore the depth of my back bend with just a bit of rope, a cane and a generally good time. After suspending my ankles and shoulders up in the air, he makes quick work of my nipples with some mouse trap nipple clamps. I am having some difficulty settling into this bend, but ultimately I find my happy place. When Utmost brings out the cane, I knew I was in for a treat, as nothing makes a booty juicier than to bend it backwards and cane it! With an exchange of mouse traps for clover clamps, I am more challenged in this situation. It wasn't until Utmost removed those nasty clamps that some tears followed. Receiving the Eroscillator on my clit was extremely welcomed to distract me from some of the suffering and thankfully Utmost made sure to get some pretty up close video of my pussy being Eroscillated! Guess I won't be needing to do yoga for a while after all - I am spent!

bondage female bottom male top BDSM suffering orgasm gag rope bondage caning nipple torture

Featuring: Utmost Restraint, Elise Graves

play-button 27:20

Sluts Aren't Sorry

Sluts aren't sorry about anything. They will stick their face right into the crack of your ass before you even give them permission. Sluts can't help themselves but open their mouth when your strapped-on dick is in front of their face. Sluts love having their holes filled - even if one of them is filled with an electrical dildo creating intense sensations deep inside their ass. On this day, Kino Payne explored his inner slut and was treated to a smorgasbord of phallic-like devices. Additionally, Kino's nipples were electro clamped, causing him to violently shift back and forth in his ropes, trying to somehow soothe his nipple suffering. Elise and Lita, however, were very excited to make Kino suffer! Endless spanking, squealing, and probing, this latex-clad domme duo couldn't hide their enjoyment of Kino's situation. Here's to more good times!

female top male bottom BDSM electro/estim suffering latex clothing strap on nipple torture spanking dildo sucking

Featuring: Kino Payne, Lita Lecherous, Elise Graves

play-button 29:56

The Man in the Moon Tie

It has been a rough year.  We all have various degrees of unprocessed grief about the health of our planet, the state of our nation, and our lives individually.  Sometimes we could use a little assistance in acknowledging our suffering, expressing our suffering and, ultimately, releasing our suffering. That is where BDSM can help. Tied in a knees-spread Moon Tie, Kino is raised into the air, suspending from the ground. I pull his ankles high, exposing his thighs, genitals, and soul. Utilizing a cane, a whip, and my very sharp fingernails, I create sensations for Kino to process. These serve to make his emotional suffering become physical. Kino is transitioned into an ass-up "kneeling" suspension, which creates great stress itself - change can be painful. He processes it and settles in to his new reality. I challenge him with intense cane strokes to the soles of his feet and my fingers up his ass. Kino responds with a release of fluids - sweat, drool and tears. I am honored to be a part of this process.

bondage female top male bottom BDSM crying suffering rope bondage caning ass fucking lingerie

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves