Rubber Circle Jerk

Horny Elise Graves wants to play with her two rubber-clad friends. She first puts Strange Hobbies into a medical halo brace and ties him into a chair, while allowing Kino Payne a bit more freedom. Elise coaches Kino to probe Strange Hobbies' mouth while she teases Kino's cock. Soon, a cock-stroking, pussy-stroking threesome begins, with Elise directing the action. Strange Hobbies doesn't have much freedom of movement, but that doesn't stop him from joining in on the fun. Ultimately, Elise is turned on by teasing her two friends. She begins to give them a bit less stimulation and orders Kino to give her more. Upon orgasming multiple times, a satisfied Elise leaves her two rubber friends horny and alone. If you enjoy tease and denial, this video is for you!

bondage female top male bottom rubber hood sensual domination teasing latex clothing face bondage edging

Featuring: Strange Hobbies Elise Graves Kino Payne


The World of Water

Dominatrix Elise Graves seduces Jack Hammer, the videographer shooting a documentary about her Professional Bondage Enema business, into getting a closer look at the subject at hand. Jack is placed into bondage and soon experiencing a very full sensation in his bowels while Elise tortures him with teasing, whipping and eventually fucking Jack’s already full ass! Jack’s submission to the experience is something to behold, as well as Elise’s perverse glee stemming from taking control not only of Jack’s bodily function but also his mind.

bondage female top male bottom BDSM sensual domination gag strap on boots spanking enema

Featuring: Jack Hammer Elise Graves


The Ride of a Lifetime

Sasha is an adventurous young woman who has put herself in Elise's hands. Elise is excited to have such a woman to play with, as she knows Sasha will submit and bring Elise pleasure. Elise decides to put Sasha into a heavy Max Cita straitjacket as well as some medical restraints, leaving Sasha totally helpless on top of a VERY POWERFUL vibrator, with no way to get off. Elise is in control of the dials, which makes her very happy. Elise plays with Sasha through the vibrational level, as well as the spinning dildo action inside Sasha's pussy. Watch as Sasha deals with the intense sensations! Elise wants more control and places a gas mask on Sasha's face, making sure to give it a snug - air tight - fit. Controlling Sasha's breath through limiting the amount of air she can inhale makes Elise extra excited. Sasha begins to beg Elise to be allowed to orgasm. Elise denies. Ultimately, however, Sasha is connected to a long hose leading to a compressed air tank, allowing Elise to relinquish control of Sasha's breathing to the tank. Finally, Sasha is given permission to come, but is it too late?

bondage female bottom female top breath control straitjacket gas mask orgasm medical restraints suspension sybian

Featuring: Elise Graves Sasha


2.4mm of Rubber Heaven

My most recent trip to visit Studio Gum in Germany included meeting two awesome new friends - Cymbelin and Lady Silver. This real life kinky young couple were such a pleasure to meet and play with, as they are truly passionate about their play! Lady Silver and I stuff the lucky Cymbelin's ass with an electrode and then zip him into his custom made Studio Gum 2.4mm rubber sleep sack. I have never seen or felt such a thick bag - it is truly incredible! He has two layers of rubber hoods on his head, which are connected to a motorized value. His cock is also wired up for some electro, including a small urethral insert. The game begins when the valve and electro are fired up! Cymbelin has to decide whether he wants his air cut off or if he wants to suffer some really intense electro sensations! Watch as he writes around in his thick rubber cocoon! I couldn't help but laugh and laugh at his suffering, knowing that he loves this type of play. It was an honor and a pleasure to meet these two and I look forward to playing more in the future!

female top male bottom breath control heavy rubber rubber hood electro/estim suffering orgasm unique toys sleep sack

Featuring: Elise Graves Cymbelin Lady Silver


Stuffed, Clamped and Electrified

Jack Hammer hasn't had Elise at his mercy in a long time. He has missed Elise's suffering, and so he decides to rectify that with the application of electricity in her pussy and on her nipples. Elise's nipples are extremely sensitive due to hormonal changes, which makes each clamp that much more intense. With a tight leather collar pulled tightly up, Elise is forced to balance on her toes. Arms over head in handcuffs, Elise also need to deal with her arms and legs spread wide. She is very vulnerable to Jack, who is in control of the giant electro plug in Elise's pussy, and the small clamps on each sensitive nipple. Jack sets Elise up and then sits back to enjoy the show.

bondage female bottom male top BDSM electro/estim suffering neck play hairy pussy nipple torture pussy torture

Featuring: Jack Hammer Elise Graves


A Suspended Suck

Elise is very pleased to be playing with Sasha and JimmyUSMC, a lovely young kinky couple! She has all sorts of fantasies to live out with them! This particular one, however, is very involved but worth it! First, Elise secures each one of them into a heavy canvas Max Cita sleepsack. In the case of Sasha, Elise has also fitted her pussy with a Stanley Jr. electro plug. Elise then hoists Sasha up into the air, face down, dangling right over Jimmy. With Sasha’s recently split tongue, Elise believes she needs some practice using it, and so Elise places a gag in Sasha’s mouth and begins to probe her mouth her a gloved hand, all the while slobber is falling onto Jimmy’s face. Next, Elise turns Jimmy around, and lowers Sasha’s mouth onto Jimmy’s hard cock. He has been patiently waiting in his sack while listening to Sasha’s Stanley Jr. electro moans. He likes hearing her suffer, you can tell. Elise enjoys it as well, and so she turns up the electro while instructing Sasha how to suck Jimmy’s cock. At first Elise gives Sasha the liberty to control her own depth, however Elise eventually takes control by hoisting Sasha up and down in the air on Jimmy’s cock. This is one unique video that will probably appeal to those who enjoy helpless sexual service.

bondage female bottom female top male bottom BTS electro/estim gag suspension sleep sack blow job

Featuring: Elise Graves Sasha JimmyUSMC


You Better Pump!

Welcome Tai Crimson to Dr. Dart_Tech’s Clinic for the Criminally Perverse! Indeed, Tai is a very perverted girl who sought out Dr. Tech’s highly controversial experimental treatments in hopes of finding a deeper understanding of herself. Nurse Elise restrains Tai to the specialized treatment chair and fits a controlled breathing bag over Tai’s head. This allows the doctor to have full control over her air. Tai is then fitted with electro devices on her breasts and genitals as well as a plug up her ass. Through a series of hoses, Tai is now breathing the air from her own ass, as well as air coming through Nurse Elise’s urine in a bubbler bottle. At times, Tai has no access to air, except that which she pumps herself with the squeeze-to-breathe bag clutched tightly in her hands. Tech then connects Tai up to a series of switches and controls that will begin the treatment. He tests Tai’s reactions through the use of more direct and powerful electro stimulation with the use of a cattle prod. This experimental treatment is just too bizarre to describe. I recommend watching it!

bondage female bottom male top breath control electro/estim medical mind fuck suffering unique toys ass plug

Featuring: Tai Crimson Dart_Tech Elise Graves


More and More

Elise has just the right treatment for Kino Payne. Kino has recently been through a lot of suffering, and is ready for some pleasure. As he is straitjacketed and strapped into a gyn table, he is not in control of any of this. Elise begins by inserting an electro butt plug into Kino’s ass. After cranking it up, she slowly stimulates his cock and balls with her hands. Next, Elise straps a diving mask onto Kino’s face and controls his breathing with compressed air. Finally, Kino’s cock is endlessly stimulated by a robo-suction device known as the Venus 2000. With his body controlled, his mind is free to relax.

bondage female top male bottom breath control straitjacket gas mask electro/estim medical restraints Venus 2000

Featuring: Elise Graves Kino Payne


Elise Inflated

The most unique and enjoyable experiences tend to occur while traveling. In this video, I traveled with Serious Bondage Mark and Petgirl Kako to LA to visit John Mik, a rubber bondage pervert. He likes to put women into heavy rubber pieces and play with them. I am more than happy to participate in such an experience with him. On this day, he invites me into a unique large inflatable Demask straitjacket bodysuit. The legs are much too long for me, but that ends up being okay as they are simply drawn down over my feet. The inflatable suit feels amazing and I begin to slip into rubber space. When a vibrator is tossed on the floor, I am eager to chase it :) Eventually, an inflatable rubber hood is placed on my head and I am treated to many wonderful sensations. If you ever get the opportunity to experience such a suit, I highly recommend it!

rubber bondage female bottom male top travel heavy rubber rubber hood orgasm inflatable

Featuring: Petgirl Kako Elise Graves


Our Caged Plaything

When Mercy West and Elise Graves get together, it’s all fun and games (for them!) Tony Orlando might see things a bit differently, however, as he gets dressed up in a tight leather hood and a perfectly-fitted arm-binder and lowered into an inescapable Gord cage. Elise uses wire rope and crimp nuts to attached Tony's arm-bindered wrists to the top of the cage and his balls to the back end of the cage. He has now been transformed into Elise and Mercy’s plaything - subjected to all the poking and prodding these two desire. Mercy enjoys smothering Tony’s face with her hands while Elise tickles and tortures Tony’s feet, yet the two of them both giggle away as Tony screams. Who wouldn’t want to be the caged plaything at the hands of these two? :)

bondage female top male bottom sensual domination leather bondage cage tickling gimp

Featuring: Mercy West Tony Orlando Elise Graves


Silicone Encasement: Part Two

Now that Strange Hobbies has been fully encased in liquid latex, Elise, Mark and Petgirl Kako wait for him to fully cure. Once he is dry, he is absolutely imprisoned in the silicone with no way out. The silicone is very strong and stretchy, so Strange Hobbies can make a show for everyone in attempting to escape, however this is fruitless. Elise is excited by Strange Hobbies’ helplessness and decides to capitalize on such by grabbing a vibrator to stimulate his encased cock. She can feel him bulge against the silicone! The cock is attached to an external catheter, so all the excrements are contained. Once Elise is finished playing with her siliconed friend, she and Kako embark on the process of extracting Strange Hobbies from the silicone. This was very interesting...

bondage female top male bottom breath control sensual domination orgasm unique toys nipple torture ejaculation encasement

Featuring: Strange Hobbies Petgirl Kako Elise Graves


Silicone Encasement: Part One

It is always an interesting day when Strange Hobbies comes to visit and play! Serious Bondage Mark, of course, adds to the fun. On this particular day we embarked on something new with full body silicone encasement! This first part (of two parts) documents the details and process of encasing Strange Hobbies. Mid-way through the process he goes from standing to lying down, where we transition from painting the silicone on him, to pouring it on! He is totally unrecognizable in many ways! The multiple layers of silicone is so strong that he couldn't possibly get out. Only a tube in his mouth allows access to air. Thankfully, Strange Hobbies has previous experience with silicone encasement and he coaches Mark and I through the process. Stay tuned for Part Two where I get to play with Strange Hobbies while he is immobilized in his encasement - and the process of getting him out!

bondage male bottom BTS orgasm unique toys encasement

Featuring: Strange Hobbies Elise Graves


Spit Roasted Sasha

Sexy Sasha has no clue what she is in for when she meets Elise at a mountainous play space. Elise was in an experimental mood and created for Sasha a set up that she will not soon forget. Complete with two fucking machines and a pussy cam projected on a screen before her eyes, Sasha is certainly in for a treat. Elise wants Sasha to feel stuffed! At first, Elise trains Sasha’s cock sucking skills prior to letting fucking machine #1 take over that hole. Next, Elise releases fucking machine #2 into Sasha’s pussy. In no time, Sasha is feeling the love of the machines! All this set up left Elise beat, so she left the machines running while relaxing from a distance - all the while controlling the fucking machines with her remote access!

bondage female bottom female top sensual domination orgasm unique toys blow job objectification fucking machine

Featuring: Elise Graves Sasha


Vespa All Sucked Up

Elise, along with some Serious Bondage friends, traveled to Seattle to meet the sexy fucks behind Reflective Desires, which includes sexy Vespa! Vespa and Elise hit it off quickly, and soon Vespa was invited into Elise’s vacuum bed. Looking super hot all sucked up, Vespa was quickly explored by the rubber-clad Elise. After a bit of getting-to-know-one-another, Elise covers her eyes with a blindfold and shoves an inflatable gag into Vespa’s eager mouth. It isn’t long before Elise desires to control Vespa through her breathing capability. So she places a gas mask on the helpless Vespa, as well as a rebreather bag, giving Elise full control of every breath. Elise delights in Vespa’s sexy vulnerable situation.

rubber bondage female bottom female top breath control rubber hood gas mask sensual domination latex clothing suction play

Featuring: Vespa Elise Graves


Save Your Breath

Dart_Tech and Elise Graves. If there is anything certain in this world, it is that Elise Graves LOVES controlling a person's breathing capability. In this case, it is Dart_Tech who is her play toy, at the mercy of Elise's toying and utter enjoyment of fucking with him. The video begins by Dart_Tech and Elise discussing the finer aspects of breath control, particularly with the amazing ventilator that is the star of this show. Elise then puts her friend into the Serious Bondage chair, and fine tunes it to her liking, which could be defined as utter inescapability. Once she knows Dart cannot get out, she then turns on the ventilator and thus, the games have begun. First reducing Dart's breathing rate down to a handful of breaths per minute, and then bringing him up to near hyperventilation, all the while shocking his genitals with electricity. She then attaches a heart rate/-oxygen monitor so that she can keep an eye on her friend's well- being, so she knows how far they can go. And it is exactly that place where Elise next goes - the least amount of air per breath, the fewest number of breaths per minute. This is what gets Elise Graves off - you can see it in her excitement, in her eyes, in her face. WARNING: This is an intense breath control play utilized by those who have experience and the knowledge of safely playing this way. This video is not to be used as a guideline for play. This is for entertainment purposes only, and there are many safeguards in place that the viewer cannot see. Please do not try this at home. Be safe, my fellow perverts, be safe.

bondage female top male bottom breath control BDSM electro/estim sensual domination leather bondage forced meditation unique toys

Featuring: Dart_Tech Elise Graves


Bondage Face Fuck

Elise first uses her rubber-bound Goblintower's mouth to satisfy her strap on cock, and then straps a dildo gag into his face so that he can pleasure her pussy! Get up close and personal with Elise's pussy while her gimp attempts to pleasure her while precariously tied up.

bondage male bottom rubber hood sensual domination latex clothing leather bondage dildo face strap on gimp leather fetish

Featuring: Goblintower Elise Graves


Studio Gum, Rubber Wonderland

Elise Graves and friends traveled to Germany for bondage adventure. In Germany, they visited Hans-Peter, the owner of Studio Gum, the heavy rubber bondage lover’s dream! Two friends were jumping at the opportunity to climb into Hans-Peter’s transparent blue vacuum tower, and so Elise obliged them both. Then Elise talks with Hans-Peter about his new showroom, his famous hoods, and new products he now offers. Studio Gum is a heavy rubber wonderland.

rubber bondage male bottom travel BTS heavy rubber rubber hood suction play

Featuring: Elise Graves


Rubber Ass Fucking

Goblintower and Elise have been through a lot today. First, Elise rode Goblintower around as a pony, then placed Goblintower in a vacuum sack, next he was bound into a cock-sucking position, and finally, Elise decided to fuck Goblintower’s rubber ass. And that is where we find ourselves now - Elise taking Goblintower’s ass hole and stuffing it repeatedly with her hard cock! Elise first stuffs Goblintower’s mouth with a rubber gag and then his head into a thick rubber hood before guiding him to her Fuck Cart. Watch Elise’s joy as she fucks Goblintower in the ass and vibrates his cock until he ejaculates onto his rubber catsuit!

rubber female top male bottom rubber hood sensual domination leather bondage orgasm strap on gimp ejaculation

Featuring: Goblintower Elise Graves


Edging Elise

If there is one thing I love inflicting on others, it is teasing! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE taking a person to the edge, begging me to give them more. While spending a week in Canada with my kinky friends, there was a LOT of me teasing of others, and on our final day at Max Cita’s, my friends Dart_Tech and J decided to get me back! I was strapped into Max’s Segufix restraint bed, while dressed in latex and ballet boots. Dart_Tech inserted a Stanley Jr. electro plug into my pussy while J began the teasing! The two of them skillfully gave me orgasms before the edging began! Dart_Tech uses a Hitachi to repeatedly bring me to the edge of orgasm, only to take it away before I could orgasm! This happens again and again until I am apologizing for teasing them and begging to orgasm! This was my first experience actually being edged, and I have to say it was HOT!

rubber bondage female bottom male top electro/estim orgasm control teasing orgasm medical restraints edging

Featuring: Dart_Tech J Elise Graves


Katt Takes Quite a Fucking

I don’t know what I am thinking! I need more girl-fucking in my life! This home video reminds me why. Katt Anomia is very sexy and very willing to take what I have to give her - my dick. First I make her ask for it. Then I make her suck it. And then I fuck her with it. First while she is wearing a cute little butt plug, and then after I replace the plug for an ass hook that she begs me not to stick inside her. Unfortunately I couldn’t understand her as she was talking through a giant ball gag. Although the quality of this video might not be the best (we recorded it ourselves with webcams), I certainly still had fun making Katt squeal as she is bent over the desk dressed as a schoolgirl!

bondage female bottom female top sensual domination rope bondage strap on POV ass plug

Featuring: Katt Anomia Elise Graves


Locked in a Cage and Inflated

Two rubber lovers meet. They tenderly stroke each other’s rubber body. Rubber-clad and gas mask-wearing Elise takes the lead in this kinky dance and dresses rubber-clad Anna further in a ball hood and straitjacket. Elise seduces Anna into a standing cage and locks her up, ensuring that their love will last forever. Anna is startled at a bizarre sound, resulting in her ball hood and straitjacket inflating, pressing against the inside of the cage. Watch as the rubber bends around the cage bars, trying to escape. No seduction is complete without a climax, however Elise enjoys taking her time with such things. After securing Anna further inside the cage, Elise releases Anna’s pussy from underneath the rubber and begins to stimulate her - first with hands and then vibrations. Anna can’t help but to give into Elise’s persuasive ways, and orgasms repeatedly. This seduction dance is known only to rubber freaks.

rubber bondage female bottom female top rubber hood straitjacket sensual domination orgasm cage inflatable

Featuring: Anna Rose Elise Graves


Kinky Threesome

What happens when you put Elise in a room with a super sexy, super kinky Italian couple? A kinky threesome, naturally! All three sexy participants don tight corsets, leather hoods, gas masks, and in the case of the guy, a full chastity belt! This play session is focused on Serendeep’s physical pleasure, Nadamass will need to derive his own pleasure through her’s! Locked into heavy stocks with her legs spread wide open, Serendeep received a barrage of physical sensations! Slapping, caning, fucking, spreading with a speculum - and - urethral sounding, which she loves! Watch as her lover penetrates her urethra with a metal sound! Her urethra gets fucked just as her pussy does! For those of you who enjoy watching a woman be overloaded with pleasure, this video is for you!

bondage female bottom female top male top BDSM sensual domination orgasm chastity cage pussy torture urethral sounding

Featuring: Nadamass Serendeep Elise Graves


Rubberizing Rachel

Elise Graves finds Rachel Greyhound sexy. That is because Rachel is willing to do whatever Elise wants. In the instance of this particular play session, Elise decides to stick electrical beads up Rachel’s ass before instructing Rachel to get into a heavy rubber Studio Gum total isolation suit, complete with a mouth-stuffing gag. Rachel, naturally, obeys. Elise then walks rubberized Rachel around the room before putting her in a very tight metal cage suspended in mid-air where she can admire Rachel’s moans and groans. Elise plays with Rachel for her own amusement - increasing the electricity to Rachel’s ass, vibing her pussy, and restricting her movement even more with some handcuffs. This absolute helplessness is a big turn-on for Elise and so she then teases Rachel a bit more...

rubber bondage female bottom female top travel heavy rubber electro/estim cage suspension ass plug

Featuring: Rachel Greyhound Elise Graves


The Creature

Welcome to JG Leathers' home. This is where he has been perfecting his life's work, The Creature. I am incredibly honored to be given the opportunity to experience this Beast. The Creature is a part of bondage history. It is iconic of the JG Leathers style. The Creature is an immersive, helpless experience. Complete with JG's famous leather harness, internal e-stim, external e-stim and breast suction, breath control via a bubbler bottle as well as FLOATING in MID AIR on SPRINGS, it is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Something you have to see to believe.

bondage female bottom breath control travel electro/estim suffering leather bondage suction play suspension boots

Featuring: Dart_Tech Elise Graves


Inflatable Gimp Face Sitting

Elise is excited by Kino’s small stature, as he makes her feel extra powerful. As Elise man handles Kino, they both grow more aroused. Elise then decides to fill Kino’s ass with an electrical plug before coaxing him into an inflatable rubber gimp suit. He obliges, climbs in, and is then treated to both cock and ball electro as well. Elise instructs Kino to inflate the suit with his own lungs, and only takes over when he is not able to continue due to the restriction. Once he is inflated, Elise places a thick red rubber alien hood on his head, to fully seal the arousal deal with herself. Seeing as Elise is highly aroused by aliens, she decides to sit on Kino’s hooded face, and toys with using her pussy to block his access to air - over and over! She wants Kino to get a good sniff of what he can not have, and so she pleasures herself while sitting on his face, giving him ample opportunity to see and smell, but not touch.

rubber bondage female top male bottom breath control heavy rubber rubber hood electro/estim sensual domination inflatable

Featuring: Elise Graves Kino Payne


Introducing Tia

I believe rituals are important to the individual as well as society. They create meaning and significance to one’s life. This is an Initiation of Tia into our Freaky Family. Tia, a long-legged beauty, is lead into a steel cage where she is trapped between bars. In this helpless state, she gives herself over to us all. Both man and alien alike consume her erotic energy until Tia turns animalistic. All the while, family member MspentYouth plays haunting music on her drum from outer space.

bondage female bottom sensual domination orgasm cage metal bondage objectification

Featuring: Elise Graves Tia Angelique


Muddy the Waters

Welcome Tai Crimson. It was lovely meeting you today. Thanks for allowing me to take complete and utter control of your body and mind. That was very trusting of you. I will treat you kindly. It just so happens that I enjoy getting to know a person by cleaning out their asshole in front of me. By putting a person in a highly vulnerable state and watching them, observing them. I like to put a person in a state of desperation to see how they behave. Tai, you are a trooper! You took a surprisingly large amount of water in your ass - and you held it like a champ! Watching your beautiful face as it expresses the desperation and discomfort deep within your loins, is a sight to behold! Thank you for your honesty. Your beauty. And for your willingness. We will certainly meet again. -Elise

bondage female bottom female top suffering sensual domination enema ass plug

Featuring: Tai Crimson Elise Graves


Twenty Minutes

Elise loves to be tied up and choked. She especially loves when she is essentially choking herself. Her friend Jack decides to give her some quality alone time after handcuffing her hands behind her back, attaching a spreader bar between her legs, and hoisting her neck up tight. After setting a timer for twenty minutes, there is nothing Elise can do but try to maintain composure and stay alive. Warning: This video is for entertainment purposes only. Neck play is very dangerous, and there were many safeguards not visible to the viewer. Stay safe!

bondage female bottom male top breath control mind fuck suffering neck play rope bondage hairy pussy

Featuring: Jack Hammer Elise Graves


Troubled Waters

Officer Hawk and Dart_Tech were having some trouble with a particular female inmate. She would not give up information that they knew she had. Therefore, they called in Elise to take over. Elise has instructed for Sasha to be secured to an inclined board in the shower cell. It is here that Elise has full control over Sasha. Freezing cold water sprayed from a hose might help make Sasha talk - maybe. Perhaps a rag over her face. Sasha is one feisty inmate, so she might need the longer-term water torture treatment.

bondage female bottom female top breath control mind fuck crying suffering water torture pussy torture jail

Featuring: Dart_Tech Elise Graves Sasha Officer Hawk


Highly Invasive Respiratory Therapy

Elise has returned from a vacation with a lovely tanned body, only to be stricken with a rare disorder that requires her to visit an experimental clinic. She is trusting, and therefore goes along with the recommended treatment, even as a custom made transparent PVC bag is placed over her head and she is hooked up to a ventilator. Electrodes are inside her pussy as well as clamped onto each breast. She is ready for a wild, orgasm-filled ride! Thankfully, there is a patient monitor available for the nurse to consider as he administers the complex and twisted treatment! For all you hear fetishists, this one is for you!

bondage female bottom male top breath control electro/estim medical orgasm unique toys boots hairy pussy

Featuring: Dart_Tech Elise Graves