play-button 39:12

Orgasming at Full Tilt

Whoever said that a man isn’t capable of multiple orgasms? Dart Tech proves this idea very, very wrong! Strapped into arm, wrist, leg and neck braces, Dart Tech is then skillfully strapped to a tilting medical table by Elise Graves and SF Dom. An electro butt plug and electro cock bands are fitted to Dart’s helpless body, giving Elise much power over the state of Dart’s well being. SF Dom expands on this helplessness by relentlessly stimulating Dart’s electrified cock by smashing it between two of the most powerful vibrators! This begins a long, repeated journey for Dart in which he builds up to orgasm, releases, and then builds up to more and more. After several orgasms, Dart has no more spludge, however this does not deter Elise and SF Dom, as they are looking for complete flushed, sweaty exhaustion from the immobilized Dart Tech.

bondage female top male bottom male top electro/estim leather bondage orgasm medical brace ejaculation post-orgasm torture

Featuring: Dart_Tech, Elise Graves

play-button 38:38

Crazed Cocksucker

It starts out simple enough. A laugh. A smile. A straitjacket and some bondage. And then shit gets real. A gas mask and ventilator. A very enthusiastic cock sucking woman-turned-into-machine! Watch as Mickey slowly realizes the intensity of his situation - his helplessness and his utter lack of control of his most vital life forces - his breath and his dick. Mickey might not fully understand that Elise’s enthusiasm borders on mania, however his cock strongly reacts to his situation. Watch as Elise’s deep fantasy becomes reality while Mickey is left with more questions than answers. A very sexy, very real scene!

bondage female top male bottom breath control straitjacket sensual domination teasing blow job ejaculation Venus 2000

Featuring: Mickey Mod, Elise Graves

play-button 31:48

Battle of Breath and Bulge

Elise declares war on Kino’s focus. She creates a predicament that would be challenging for anyone, let alone a person with a penis. After securing Kino into a unique camo-print straitjacket and into her dental chair, Elise removes the black rubber bag hood from Kino’s head only to replace it with the challenging black and transparent rubber rebreather hood. Due to the fact that Kino is also wearing a ballgag, this is challenging in and of itself. But seeing as how Elise desires a war of the senses, this is not enough. After turning up the electricity in Kino’s butt plug, Elise slips his cock into something more comfortable - a Venus 2000 machine! The stimulation on Kino’s cock draws his attention, however he must not forget his focus on his breath, otherwise the hood will close shut, causing panic. As Kino adjusts to the cock sucking sensation, Elise turns the Venus up! Will Kino be able to divide his focus enough to stay alive AND to orgasm?

male bottom breath control rubber hood straitjacket electro/estim latex clothing gag boots ass plug Venus 2000

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 29:07

Studio Gum: Heavy Rubber Dreams Come True

In early 2015, Elise Graves, Mistress Miranda, Mark from Serious Bondage and Petgirl Kako traveled to Germany to visit Hans-Peter, the owner of Studio Gum. It was worth the visit! In this installment, Elise meets the heavy rubber encasement suit of her dreams, Hans-Peter finds more and more items to layer onto Elise's rubber-clad body, while everyone cracks up at Elise's mind melting out onto the floor. Heavy rubber enthusiasts, unite! This video is for you!

rubber bondage female bottom male top travel BTS heavy rubber rubber hood straitjacket gag

Featuring: Mistress Miranda, Petgirl Kako, Elise Graves

play-button 23:32

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Fun

Beautiful bubble-butted JimmyUSMC often gets what he wants thanks to his adorable smile, charming personality and good looks. Elise has succumbed to Jimmy's desires for heavy bondage, just the way he likes it, many times herself. This scene IS NOT THAT. This scene is Elise getting exactly what SHE wants, which is to cane Jimmy's perfectly round ass - and to hear him scream! Elise locks Jimmy into a very rigid metal device that traps him in an EXTREMELY vulnerable position - head down and ass up. His cute face is muzzled and tied so there is no movement of his head - his suffering eyes are on full display. Elise warms Jimmy's ass up first with a thin, stingy cane but then makes her way through a series of ever-bigger canes, resulting in fiery red ass cheeks and a bright red, suffering cute face. Listening to Jimmy's screams delights Elise. I wouldn't be surprised to see MUCH more of Jimmy suffering at the hands of Elise in the future.

bondage female top male bottom BDSM suffering teasing metal bondage caning spanking

Featuring: JimmyUSMC, Elise Graves

play-button 20:56

Horny Rubber Breath Play

Anna Rose and Elise Graves share a passion for rubber and breath play. They meet each other, dressed in their best rubber, to make love to one another through rubber hoses, rebreather bags, ambulatory breathing devices, and more. Although Elise is in control of the action, she gives first gives control of her own ability to breathe to Anna. Using a squeeze-to-breathe, Anna gives Elise the life force necessary to sustain many intense orgasms! Post-orgasm glow Elise then decides she wants control of Anna and attaches an anesthesia mask to Anna’s face, while connecting a rebreather bag as well. Elise brings Anna to the edge repeatedly while stimulating her pussy, making the situation even more intense. Last, Elise wants even more control and uses an ambu bag on Anna, providing each and every ounce of air that is needed for her survival. Both Anna and Elise are horny rubber breath play women.

rubber female bottom female top breath control rubber hood medical orgasm control latex clothing orgasm medical restraints

Featuring: Anna Rose, Elise Graves

play-button 19:20

Over Sexing Strange Hobbies

Strange Hobbies is a tough nut to crack. He somehow manages to remain cool as a cucumber in multiple-day full-body cast experiences, waterboarding and much, much more. You might say it was a bit of a surprise to come across something that is capable of breaking Strange Hobbies’ brain! Sex! Sexual stimulation! If you give him too much, he can't handle it, and looses all control and composure - yay! The quad-pole Stanley Junior electro butt plug as well as the Venus 2000 cock-sucking machine is the perfect match to successfully over-stimulate our friend Strange Hobbies! Listen as he screams and moans! Watch as Stanley pounds his ass with electricity! Witness the intense post orgasm torture that only a Venus 2000 can provide! It gives me great pride and pleasure to say that sex breaks Strange Hobbies' brain, and I capitalized on that in a major way! Enjoy!

bondage male bottom electro/estim latex clothing orgasm boots ass plug Venus 2000 ass fucking post-orgasm torture

Featuring: Strange Hobbies, Elise Graves

play-button 14:21

A Gilded Cage

Elise has Kino Payne trapped in a full body cage on the ground. The cage has two openings - one for the face and one for the genitals. This is perfect, as Elise has plans for both of those areas. First, Elise exploits that genital opening with her shiny combat boots by stomping on Kino’s cock and kicking Kino’s balls! She moves next to the face opening to then have him lick the dirty sole of each of her boots. More than anything, Elise enjoys teasing Kino, so she squats over his face, commands him to show her how he’d pleasure her pussy with his tongue, and teases him by moving close but out of range. Kino is not privileged enough to ACTUALLY lick Elise’s pussy. Perhaps many, many more hours in the cage practicing his mouth moves might just help.

bondage female top male bottom teasing cage CBT boots nipple torture trampling

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 46:44

Take Your Breath Away

Sabret and Elise Graves - Elise Graves has dressed in a very sexy transparent latex dress for a BDSM play session with Sabret, a male submissive who craves heavy bondage and a complete loss of control. Strapped into the Serious Bondage chair with thick leather restraints and heavy rubber mitts preventing the simplest of movements, Sabret's cock grows quickly as Elise mixes teasing his prick with painful torments, including crushing it with her sexy black high heeled shoe. Sabret trusts Elise fully, and he easily falls into an amazing state of subspace and satisfaction when she puts a transparent-faced latex hood on him. The hood billows out like a balloon and in, sticking to his face, as Sabret slowly breathes, trying to keep calm, with Elise's hand on his hard cock. A total release of control is what Sabret has been craving, and Elise is more than happy to take every inch of that control away from him.

bondage female top male bottom breath control rubber hood sensual domination teasing latex clothing leather bondage

Featuring: Elise Graves

play-button 17:56

Double Trouble

Tony Orlando is in for an extra yummy treat! In fact, he IS the treat! Securely wrapped in plastic wrap, affixed in a vulnerable position to a wheeling hogtie fuck cart, Tony is now in the hands of the giggling Mercy West and Elise Graves. Each dildo-wielding, bare-breasted top chooses a unique orifice to have their way with. First his mouth and next his ass, Tony is taken to a new place as he yells with pleasure. Perhaps a bit too much pleasure for his tolerance? Regardless, Tony is a tasty snack for Mercy and Elise.

bondage female top male bottom sensual domination orgasm objectification spanking ejaculation ass fucking post-orgasm torture

Featuring: Tony Orlando, Mercy West, Elise Graves

play-button 31:33

Uncaged, but Not Free

Jimmy's cock has been locked up tight for the last month in a beautiful Steelwerks cage. This has proved challenging for the young, virile man. Elise believes that Jimmy deserves a bit of a break. She sticks an electro plug up his ass, straps him securely into the Serious Bondage restraint chair and begins the unlocking ceremony. Jimmy's cock is dying to come out of that cage! It is extra sensitive since now due to not having been touched in so long! Elise is less than subtle with her intentions, and proceeds to stick that freshly-unlocked cock straight into a horny Venus 2000 machine. Elise's intentions were to tease and torture Jimmy endlessly, however Jimmy can't control himself and blows a major load! This means that Elise has lost a bit of interest in the teasing and chooses, instead, just to torment. She ties the Venus into place, ensuring that Jimmy will be sucked off until she decides to return to stop it. Listen to Jimmy suffer in over stimulation!

bondage male bottom electro/estim teasing leather bondage orgasm gag chastity cage ejaculation Venus 2000

Featuring: JimmyUSMC, Elise Graves

play-button 16:20

When Elise Met Greyhound

When I first met Greyhound, I was blown away by her commitment to the 24/7 slave lifestyle. I had never met anyone so willing to be owned by another before. Although I do not share that particular kink with Greyhound, our kinks overlap quite a bit - in bondageland! Having traveled alongside Mark from Serious Bondage to visit Greyhound, we had some fun gear with us, and so I had to see what this Greyhound could do! Fitting an extremely tight rubber hood, complete with only two small nose holes, onto Greyhound’s head, as well as rubber mitts, I led Greyhound by her nipples to a bondage platform in her own house. Greyhound’s statuesque body is a sight to behold - and I desired to put her on display. Locking her into a rigid metal fiddle attached to a chain, Greyhound was now restrained, but not restricted enough. Using two locks, I secured her into a squatting position, resulting in some taxation to Greyhound’s legs. This is when I explored her lovely pussy and ass with my flogger and my hands. I am very happy to have met Greyhound, and hope to do so again soon.

bondage female bottom female top BTS rubber hood metal bondage boots objectification spanking shaved pussy

Featuring: Rachel Greyhound, Elise Graves

play-button 37:14

Switching it Up

Elise Graves and Roderick Grey are switches. This means they each enjoy topping and bottoming in a BDSM context. Two switches create more opportunities for play while building on that special energetic exchange between play partners. Previously (“Returning the Favor"), Roderick Grey had Elise bound, helpless, and screaming. Now it is Elise’s turn to control the play :) After rendering him helpless by zip-tying the rubber-clad Roderick to a bondage board, Elise begins her long dance of tease and denial. First, she teases his cock with some electricity and vibration. Next, Elise bumps it up a notch by adding a slow-sucking Venus 2000. Looking to drive Roderick crazy, Elise attaches a long hose with a metal dildo to the inhale port of Roderick’s gas mask, creating a direct link between Elise’s fragrant, excited pussy and Roderick’s nose. Additionally, Elise’s pussy is now in control of Roderick’s access to air. :) Finally, Elise turns the tease up a notch by straddling Roderick’s face, instructing him to pleasure her pussy with his mouth - through a pair of transparent rubber panties. Roderick gets to see but not taste Elise’s wet pussy. Very sexy!

rubber female top male bottom gas mask electro/estim teasing latex clothing orgasm pussy licking Venus 2000

Featuring: Roderick Grey, Elise Graves

play-button 18:24

Rubber Bathtub Bondage

Rubber submissive Petgirl Kako and female dominant Elise Graves are traveling in Amsterdam together. The kinkiness of the city as well as the magnificent bathtub inspires some special play between them. Elise guides rubber-clad Kako into the deep tub, gags her, and ties her into a hogtie with rubber tubing. Next, Elise turns on the water, allowing the water to rise higher and higher. In an attempt to distract Petgirl from the rising water, Elise finds a waterproof vibrator to use on them both! Making herself comfortable right on top of Petgirl, Elise masturbates the two of them at the same time. Elise coaxes Petgirl’s head deeper into the water as she describes Petgirl as returning to the womb and then leaves Kako tied up, helpless, floating in the tub to drift off into new places.

rubber bondage female bottom female top rubber hood sensual domination latex clothing orgasm gag water torture

Featuring: Petgirl Kako, Elise Graves

play-button 28:43

Mine to Use

Elise Graves has not fucked in a while. She is extremely horny and knows what she wants. After a night out on the town, Elise brings Mickey back to her place for some intensely sexy fun. As she is tying Mickey securely into a chair, Elise slowly and passionately undresses Mickey’s body and mind. Using her cock-sucking skills, Elise oozes sensuality and sexual tension. Due to Mickey’s vulnerable position, Elise has free reign of Mickey’s exposed cock to satisfy her mouth and pussy horniness. Elise delights herself with Mickey’s body as she passionately kisses him all over. So Sexy!

bondage female top male bottom sensual domination teasing neck play rope bondage blow job pussy juice/cream sex

Featuring: Mickey Mod, Elise Graves

play-button 54:21

Elise's Ponygirl Transformation

Famous Pony Trainer, Anna Rose, seduces new pony, Elise, into her stable. Anna begins by testing Elise’s sensitive bits with crops, clamps and plugs! Passing Anna’s initial exam, Elise is then dressed in a sexy leather pony harness, preparing her for the cart. Anna discovers thick, white pussy cream between Elise’s legs, exhibiting exactly her excitement about becoming a pony. Anna is pleased by this and continues to attach Elise to her new cart. Anna takes the reigns after admiring her pony’s shapely butt. After making the rounds with Elise as pony, Anna treats her pony to some standing mummification orgasms!

bondage female bottom female top orgasm gag unique toys hairy pussy pussy juice/cream ass plug pony play

Featuring: Anna Rose, Elise Graves

play-button 22:50

Shock and Awe

Tai Crimson is so much fun to play with! I begin by warming up Tai’s lucious ass with some spanking before I insert some electrical beads deep into her little asshole. I then seduce Tai with heavy rubber and coax her into a heavy rubber sleep sack, leaving only her lips exposed to the outside world. After tying her ankles and neck to my bed in opposite directions, pulling her tight, I crank up the electro and listen to her moan, groan, and exquisitely scream. To quiet her down a notch, I stuff her sexy pink lips with my rubber cock and watch in awe as my clit gets hard. I can’t help but use Tai for my own pleasure, therefore I turn the electro up and masturbate myself to her sexy squirms and beautiful suffering.

bondage female bottom female top heavy rubber electro/estim suffering neck play orgasm sleep sack spanking

Featuring: Tai Crimson, Elise Graves

play-button 22:32

Catheter Piss

Elise loves playing with Tony Orlando, as he is game for anything and everything! Elise feels like objectifying him on this particular occasion, and locks his gagged and goggled head into a clear box. She confirms that he can see his own ridiculous reflection - and not much more. Tony is bound in a tight, leather straitjacket, totally exposed at the crotch. He isn’t able to see his own genitals, which is extra disconcerting, as Elise has plans on torturing him in that exact area! She begins with a couple different spike cock rings. As Tony gets rock hard very quickly, it is extra painful when Elise clamps the spikes onto his raging boner. Next, however, Elise completely inserts a VERY LONG catheter down into Tony’s bladder. This excited both Tony and Elise! She begins to stroke Tony’s stuffed cock from both the outside and inside of his dick. As Tony has been in this bondage for a long time, he needed to really pee and begs Elise to let him pee. Elise obliges him and allows him to pee in a bucket through the catheter. Watch as Elise eventually pulls out the 16 inch catheter out of Tony’s body - its unreal!

bondage male bottom straitjacket suffering leather bondage gag CBT objectification urethral sounding catheter

Featuring: Tony Orlando, Elise Graves

play-button 37:11

Give a Man Enough Rope

Dressed in a mesh catsuit and knee-high leather boots, Elise Graves enters the scene and gets right to business. She instructs Jimmy to get into a kneeling position on her platform, and begins to tie him in a way that both supports him and keeps him off balance. Wearing nothing but some tiny shorts and a leather head harness, Jimmy is soon balancing on his knees, with one of his feet tied up through a hard point and down to his neck, resulting in a tug of war between his foot and neck tension. Instantly his face begins to turn red. Elise next brings out her whip, adding even more color to Jimmy’s tattooed body. As he struggles, Elise realizes that what she truly wants is for Jimmy to not be able to move at all, and so she brings him down and transitions him into a very strict hogtie! After inserting an ass hook into Jimmy’s tight hole, Elise then ties it to Jimmy’s head harness and back to one of his feet, creating immense pressure both on the hook as well as Jimmy’s bent neck! Although Jimmy begins to truly suffer in this position, Elise is not quite satisfied. So she grabs her whip again and aims for Jimmy’s feet! Watch Jimmy suffer in strict rope bondage as well as by Elise's whip!

bondage female top male bottom BDSM suffering neck play leather bondage rope bondage spanking leather fetish

Featuring: JimmyUSMC, Elise Graves

play-button 11:27

Studio Gum: Elise's First Vac Cube

During one fateful Spring, Elise Graves traveled to rubber heaven, aka. Studio Gum, along with her friends Serious Bondage, Mistress Miranda, and Petgirl Kako. During this visit Elise experienced many firsts as it relates to heavy rubber, but none were quite so mind-melting as the standing vacuum cube! Naturally, no vac cube experience at Studio Gum could be without some additional heavy rubber fun, so Hans-Peter, the owner of Studio Gum, adorns Elise’s head with an inflatable rubber hood and eventually a metal helmet on top! Elise squeals with delight with each squirm in the rubber! Total rubber immersion! Definitely recommended!

rubber bondage female bottom travel BTS heavy rubber rubber hood suction play inflatable

Featuring: Petgirl Kako, Mistress Miranda, Elise Graves

play-button 15:44

The Power of the Box

Elise has a new toy! No, I don’t mean the rubber-encased playmate secured by heavy stocks to her bondage bed! I mean a pretty new box with flashing colorful lights that controls the vibrator in the ass of her playmate J, as well as the Hitachi connected to his cock! The control box is programmed to control the individual vibrators power levels and rhythms, leading to one hell of a tease session! Elise delights in the fact that the box stimulates J just enough to keep him interested and wanting more, but not enough to give him much pleasure - and definitely NO RELEASE! The ultimate in programable tease and denial!

rubber bondage female top male bottom rubber hood orgasm control teasing unique toys edging

Featuring: J, Elise Graves

play-button 35:47

Mercy's First Heavy Rubber

Adorable Mercy West’s cute pixie vibe is transformed into another life-form by way of an intense heavy rubber suit! Elise excitedly explains why this rubber suit is amazing, and then proceeds to assist Mercy into the suit. The total-enclosure thick rubber suit includes a mouth-filling rubber gag as well as two small nose holes that are Mercy’s only connection to the outside world. Elise is very excited about this. Next, Elise confines Rubber Mercy into a very unique bondage chair, the likes of which you have never seen! A now-helpless Mercy is held captive as Elise explores Mercy’s new rubber-covered body with her hands, mouth and vibrator. :)

rubber bondage female bottom female top heavy rubber gas mask sensual domination orgasm gag unique toys

Featuring: Mercy West, Elise Graves

play-button 09:47

Filthy Perverts

Officer Elise discovers that inmates JimmyUSMC and Sasha were fraternizing with one another in a kinky way. She tries to wash the filth out of them with an intense water treatment and using their kink against them. What she discovers, however, is something completely different!

rubber bondage female bottom female top male bottom breath control rubber hood water torture jail

Featuring: Sasha, JimmyUSMC, Elise Graves

play-button 42:38

More Electro Less Air

As SteveLovesKink's name suggests, he is enthusiastic about all things kink! He makes a wonderful playmate for Elise. She begins by unzipping the crotch of Steve's rubber catsuit in order to fit him with an electro ass plug. Next, she securely straps Steve into her Serious Bondage chair. The leather creaking sounds are very sexy! His hands are locked inside rubber mitts so he has absolutely no chance at escape. Finally, a multi-layer rubber hood is placed on his head which is connected to the ventilator, which will breathe for Steve from now on. After Elise gives Steve a sniff of something special, she is delighted to begin turning the electricity to his cock and asshole up, while beginning to reduce the number of breaths per minute that Steve is allowed. The inhalant, breath control and electro combination take Steve over the edge (oh yeah, also the vibrator)!

rubber bondage female top male bottom breath control rubber hood electro/estim leather bondage boots ejaculation

Featuring: SteveLovesKink, Elise Graves

play-button 11:53

Creature Comforts

Elise and her Serious Bondage friends visit the famously kinky JG Leathers! Elise is harnessed up in JG's signature leather harness, complete with suction/electro breast cups, ballet boots, and a gas mask attached to a bubbler bottle. After JG buckles Elise down on the Sybian (the huge dildo took some time getting used to!), he mans his control panel on the other side of the room, watching with glee as he vibrates, electrically tortures, and suctions Elise's sensitive bits into oblivion! If you are one of those people who doesn't enjoy Elise screaming, this video is not for you! ;)

bondage male top breath control electro/estim suffering leather bondage suction play unique toys boots sybian

Featuring: Elise Graves

play-button 23:48

When Elise Met Strange Hobbies

Strange Hobbies is a wonderful kinky, freaky guy from France. On this particular day, I was given the opportunity not just to meet him, but to play with him - and let’s just say we hit it off! Beginning our play session by placing a gas mask over his head, I then guide him into a coffin-like box into a leather sleep sack. After zipping, lacing, and strapping Strange Hobbies into the sack, I begin to experiment with his willingness and playfulness by turning up the electro in his butt plug! I am very pleasantly surprised to hear some loud manic laughter increasing as I increase the intensity in his butt plug! At this point, I can tell that Strange Hobbies and I will be good friends! I climb into the box with him as I want to be close to those I have complete control over. I enjoy looking into his gas masked-eyes as I alternate between stroking his erect cock and bit and turning up the electro. Eventually I become more interested in seeing my new friend come his brains out while bound tightly in a sleep sack, in a coffin box, with his breath controlled by long hoses, and so I vibrate him to orgasm. As he was screaming, I thought it would be nice to hear what he sounded like with the box closed and locked up securely, and so I did just that. His muffled sounds were too much of a turn on for me, however, and I couldn’t leave it at that, so I crawled on top of the locked box and vibrated myself to orgasm while listening to the helpless Strange Hobbies moan inside. Lovely making your acquaintance, Strange Hobbies.

bondage female top male bottom gas mask electro/estim suffering leather bondage orgasm sleep sack ejaculation

Featuring: Strange Hobbies, Elise Graves

play-button 31:16

Sound Mind and Body

JimmyUSMC is a young, fit, colorful bondage freak who is barking up exactly the right tree when he comes to visit Elise for some bondage play. Elise fits a thick red rubber hood over his face, which gives Jimmy an instant boner. Little does he know that it’s exactly that boner that Elise is looking to explore later! Zipping Jimmy into a perfectly-fitting tight rubber sleep sack, Elise begins to get excited at his helplessness. She then uses rubber bungee cords to secure the sleep sack to her bondage table. After feeling satisfied that at Jimmy’s level of helplessness, Elise continues on her mission by connecting a bubbler bottle full of yellow liquid to Jimmy’s inhale port. This means that Jimmy’s inhalations are not only a bit restricted, but also audible. Elise then informs Jimmy that she is feeling horny and wants to fuck the inside of his dick with her very own! She throws a set of sounds on the table next to helpless Jimmy, as he doesn’t have much to say about the matter. After clamping Jimmy’s testicles with lighted clamps, Elise begins probing the inside of Jimmy’s cock with her sounds. This is extremely exciting for both Jimmy and Elise, so much so that Jimmy is ejaculating with a metal sound down his dick in no time! Sexy!

rubber bondage female top male bottom breath control heavy rubber rubber hood orgasm ejaculation urethral sounding

Featuring: JimmyUSMC, Elise Graves

play-button 47:35

Electrically Fucked and Sucked

JimmyUSMC is living out the dreams of many kinky men. He is first laced up into an extremely sexy custom-made leather bondage catsuit by the perky Sasha. Mitts, boots and a unique leather hood come next. Elise then begins skillfully strapping Jimmy to her special table, ensuring that there is very little movement available to Jimmy. Demonstrating to Sasha how to control Jimmy through the electrical ass plug and urethral cock cap electrode, Elise begins warming up Jimmy’s insides. Jimmy, lacking much electrical experience, begins moaning and contracting as the juice gets turned up even more by Sasha. If you have ever wanted to see Jimmy truly helpless with a dose of suffering, this is for you! After juicing Jimmy’s genitals with electricity, Elise’s interest wains and moves on to the Venus 2000 machine, offering Jimmy the suck of a lifetime. Unfortunately for Jimmy, the machine does not care when he ejaculates, and so this whole experience might just go on indefinitely…

bondage female top male bottom BTS electro/estim leather bondage boots leather fetish ejaculation Venus 2000

Featuring: Sasha, JimmyUSMC, Elise Graves

play-button 41:27

Playing with Dr. John

Dr. John is a very, very kinky man who happened to amass quite the collection of exquisite self-made leather bondage gear. Lucky for me, I happen to fit many of the pieces that Dr. John crafted specially for his wife! During today’s play session, Dr. John shows off his leather craftsmanship by tightly lacing me into the sexiest corset ever! Wait until you see this crotch piece added to the corset - it’s divine! I am then laced into tall leather boots, some leather hand mitts and the most unique leather jollification hood you’ve ever seen! Dr. John is very excited in dressing me up, so he can’t pass up the opportunity to give me a spanking as well as several orgasms! As a way of saying thank you, I reciprocate the leather love by helping Dr. John into a unique leather crotch piece, leather mitts, and his custom-made leather sleep sack and hood! Then I suspend him so that he can be reminded what complete helplessness feels like! This video is a must-see if you appreciate unique leather craftsmanship!

bondage female bottom female top leather bondage orgasm suspension sleep sack boots nipple torture leather fetish

Featuring: Elise Graves

play-button 25:12

Returning the Favor

I have been making Roderick come for years. Not with my body, but with my videos. Week in and week out, Roderick has wondered what it would be like to return the favor. So one day he actually does something about it. He builds a custom device for me, slides into his latex, and goes to town on my body and mind. After strapping and zip-tying me to his device, his fun begins with my least favorite activity - tickling. Don’t let my screams of laughter fool you - I am not enjoying this! My legs are spread and secured wide open. He then begins to penetrate both my mouth and pussy with his rubber-gloved hands. A bit of electro stimulation is added to my inner thighs right before he begins sliding his rubber-sheathed cock down my throat. This is a huge turn on for me, as I am being used for his pleasure. But luckily, my pleasure is his pleasure, and Roderick soon is vigorously fucking me with a dildo while vibing my sensitive clit. Yes, I am screaming my head off. I am most certainly orgasming - over and over and over. Roderick, you have returned the favor and more!

bondage female bottom male top electro/estim sensual domination latex clothing orgasm gag tickling blow job

Featuring: Roderick Grey, Elise Graves