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Elise Escapes, a compilation

Many moons ago, I made my first visit to Amsterdam. During this trip I shot with several bondage people, visited many sex stores, and that's about it. Thankfully I have been back since to see more of the beautiful city. One site I shot with was called Bound Ivy. The site no longer exists, so I wanted to give you all the opportunity to see these videos here. This compilation focuses on me escaping from metal bondage, predicament bondage and water bondage. Hope you enjoy some vintage Elise :)

bondage female bottom nose play gag metal bondage nipple torture water torture pussy torture predicament escape

Featuring: Elise Graves

play-button 19:39

Denim Demons

Mondo Fetiche presents Denim Demons. Two balls of energy collide with a lust for denim and each other. Using hair brushing as foreplay, Margot Rose turns up the heat and is soon ready for more. Unable to resist their urges, Elise and Margot passionately paw at one another before Elise straps on and puts Margot in her place with her dick. Having just sucked and fucked Elise's cock, Margot is bursting at the seams and releases herself all over Elise's tight jeans, which only serves to turn the two of them on all over again. Directed and edited by the talented Carlos D.eth of Mondo Fetiche. Enjoy!

female bottom female top sensual domination strap on shaved pussy dildo sucking piss

Featuring: Margot Rose, Elise Graves

play-button 23:34

Anal Sybian Ride

I am excited to make Kino Payne squirm, so I tie him in a helplessly cute position, securing him down onto my Sybian, the world's most powerful vibrator. There is a small dildo attachment that is right up his asshole. He is waiting for me to come take control of him with an open mouth gag and nipple clamps. He looks so cute! I know he will soon be screaming, so I exchange his open gag for a large sponge and clear tape - creating a wonderfully effective mouth-stuffing gag! I show Kino what this Sybian can do, as he has never experienced anything like this before. Although it's intense by itself, I decide to ramp it up with an inflatable collar and abdominal electro. Toying with an ass-fucked Kino is my new favorite thing!

bondage male bottom breath control electro/estim sensual domination neck play gag rope bondage boots sybian

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 20:31

Bend Over Backwards

Who has been doing their yoga? Not me! Thankfully Utmost Restraint is fully capable of encouraging me to explore the depth of my back bend with just a bit of rope, a cane and a generally good time. After suspending my ankles and shoulders up in the air, he makes quick work of my nipples with some mouse trap nipple clamps. I am having some difficulty settling into this bend, but ultimately I find my happy place. When Utmost brings out the cane, I knew I was in for a treat, as nothing makes a booty juicier than to bend it backwards and cane it! With an exchange of mouse traps for clover clamps, I am more challenged in this situation. It wasn't until Utmost removed those nasty clamps that some tears followed. Receiving the Eroscillator on my clit was extremely welcomed to distract me from some of the suffering and thankfully Utmost made sure to get some pretty up close video of my pussy being Eroscillated! Guess I won't be needing to do yoga for a while after all - I am spent!

bondage female bottom male top BDSM suffering orgasm gag rope bondage caning nipple torture

Featuring: Utmost Restraint, Elise Graves

play-button 27:20

Sluts Aren't Sorry

Sluts aren't sorry about anything. They will stick their face right into the crack of your ass before you even give them permission. Sluts can't help themselves but open their mouth when your strapped-on dick is in front of their face. Sluts love having their holes filled - even if one of them is filled with an electrical dildo creating intense sensations deep inside their ass. On this day, Kino Payne explored his inner slut and was treated to a smorgasbord of phallic-like devices. Additionally, Kino's nipples were electro clamped, causing him to violently shift back and forth in his ropes, trying to somehow soothe his nipple suffering. Elise and Lita, however, were very excited to make Kino suffer! Endless spanking, squealing, and probing, this latex-clad domme duo couldn't hide their enjoyment of Kino's situation. Here's to more good times!

female top male bottom BDSM electro/estim suffering latex clothing strap on nipple torture spanking dildo sucking

Featuring: Kino Payne, Lita Lecherous, Elise Graves

play-button 29:56

The Man in the Moon Tie

It has been a rough year.  We all have various degrees of unprocessed grief about the health of our planet, the state of our nation, and our lives individually.  Sometimes we could use a little assistance in acknowledging our suffering, expressing our suffering and, ultimately, releasing our suffering. That is where BDSM can help. Tied in a knees-spread Moon Tie, Kino is raised into the air, suspending from the ground. I pull his ankles high, exposing his thighs, genitals, and soul. Utilizing a cane, a whip, and my very sharp fingernails, I create sensations for Kino to process. These serve to make his emotional suffering become physical. Kino is transitioned into an ass-up "kneeling" suspension, which creates great stress itself - change can be painful. He processes it and settles in to his new reality. I challenge him with intense cane strokes to the soles of his feet and my fingers up his ass. Kino responds with a release of fluids - sweat, drool and tears. I am honored to be a part of this process.

bondage female top male bottom BDSM crying suffering rope bondage caning ass fucking lingerie

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 24:58

The Silent Treatment: Part Two

Utmost Restraint and I are deep into play by the time we make our way into Part Two (see Part One). I have been in a physically uncomfortable position for well over 40 minutes at this point, both my mind and body are saturated with sensations to attend to, and I have entered a pretty deep level of fear in regard to the cattle prod. Therefore, as we open into Part Two, I am fairly wasted already, and yet, Utmost Restraint leads me deeper into play. After adding some electrodes on my abs and thighs, it makes breathing feel nearly impossible when they are in contract mode. I am faced with the cattle prod on a number of occasions, and it's simply safe to say that I do not want to experience any more intense electro torture. And yet, we continue on into the gray area of pushing beyond that which you want to do no longer. It is obvious that I am full to the brim, as I begin crying very easily at this point. Even orgasms make me want to cry. But, boy, are they simply divine when achieved in this beyond place. Thanks, Utmost, for this special experience :)

bondage female bottom male top BDSM electro/estim crying suffering orgasm gag predicament

Featuring: Utmost Restraint, Elise Graves

play-button 32:58

The Silent Treatment: Part One

After spending all night editing this video and reliving this experience, I am filled with an intense desire to torment Utmost Restraint! Thankfully being a switch myself - and playing with other switches - affords me the opportunity to satisfy this desire! I am bound to a post on my knees with my toes tied up to keep me there. My arms are up and to the sides of the post - leaving the front side of my body very exposed. I am gagged and drooling. After some warming up with various corporal implements, Utmost Restraint begins his real purpose, which is to make me suffer with electricity. I sense he has connected to his sadist side on this day, as he brings forth the toys that I hate the most - shocker, cattle prod and electro nipple clamps. The homemade clamps are intended to send current straight through the nipple, as Utmost very much desires. As the electro is activated by sound, the microphone near my face encourages me to stay as silent as possible. He knows that I am fearful of the cattle prod especially, and yet he uses it anyway, to give me the opportunity to feel strong and proud. Yeah, thanks! :) Although he is kind enough to not abuse me with these toys, he certainly pushes me to the point of crying and, indeed, suffering, which, yes, is where I enjoy being. So, ultimately, a genuine thanks goes out to my purveyor of suffering. Be sure to check out Part Two for more :)

female bottom male top BDSM electro/estim mind fuck crying suffering gag nipple torture predicament

Featuring: Utmost Restraint, Elise Graves

play-button 32:36

Worship Box

Today felt like the perfect day to put a new toy of mine to work - well, two of my toys, actually :) After securing Kino Payne's hands in leather mitts, I tied them around his waist - straitjacket style. I then tied his spread legs to the bed, attached electrodes to his cock, secured an inflatable collar to his neck, stuffed my panties in his mouth and taped it closed. I love taking Kino's ability to talk and use his mouth away from him - particularly since I feel like teasing the fuck out of him. After slipping his head into my super sexy bondage worship box, he is now at my disposal. Wearing over-the-knee leather boots, long leather gloves, stockings and a cute leather crop top, I slither my way onto the table with Kino and straddle his exposed face. He has a very close view of my pussy. Too bad his mouth is taped shut. I feel like taking his breath away, so I slide down onto his face - pinching his nose closed with my ass cheeks. Between my sitting on his face and the ever-increasing inflation of the collar, Kino is understandably panicked at times. He tends to slam his body against the table when he is stressed. His discomfort and objectified face is making me hot, so I trade the tape gag for a dildo gag. After removing my top and gloves, I hop right onto that dick! First, I control the fucking by moving up and down. But soon, I instruct Kino on how to fuck my pussy. Using his abdominal muscles to fuck me with his face is strenuous work, but he is rewarded by being up close and personal with me as I treat myself to several orgasms. Kino isn't the only one with a front row seat - thanks to Kino's POV camera, you are right there in the thick of it as well. Enjoy! (Big thanks to Aphotic Industries for making this beautiful worship box)

female top male bottom breath control sensual domination teasing dildo face gag boots hairy pussy leather fetish

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 14:59

The Vacuum Sack Experience

If you ever have the opportunity to experience a vacuum sack, I highly recommend it!  My lovely friend J made a two-person vacuum sack, which is a divine experience for sure, but on this day my friend Mark from Serious Bondage got his chance to check out the new sack solo.  Constructed with very soft and slippery chlorinated rubber, the sack fits everyone perfectly!  After Mark slips into the sack, J zips up the air-tight zipper and switches on a small vacuum pump.  This slowly vacuums out the air from inside of the sack, creating a blissful equal pressure all over Mark's body.  Being a rubberist, Mark is wearing a thick rubber hood with a mouth-filling gag that allows for an inflatable gag to be shoved into his mouth and pumped up.  Being a rubberist myself, I can not stop stroking Mark's body through the frictionless rubber - chlorinated rubber is truly divine! After I get Mark all sucked up, I begin to tease him with a vibrator.  As he is helpless but can still wiggle, I am satisfied to see his rubber body squirm.  If you are seeking a rubber vacuum sack experience, let me know ;)

rubber bondage female top male bottom heavy rubber rubber hood sensual domination gag sleep sack sensory deprivation

Featuring: Mark, J, Elise Graves

play-button 14:31

Bedroom Bondage with a Whip

One sexy evening, several years ago, I had the pleasure of having Katt Anomia as my play thing. As her breasts are perfect, and her squeals exciting, I tied her in red rope on the bed to focus on creating pain sensations in her tits. Using nipple clamps and my fingers to pinch, Katt gave me glorious suffering eyes. I turned to a leather-covered cane and my favorite whip to inspire her suffering. All the while, I am extremely aroused by her reactions. I decide to change her position with her ankles spread wide, giving me access to create both pleasure and pain in her pussy. As I was exploring her body with my hands, I stumbled upon some extremely ticklish areas, resulting in my exploiting them to the point of her screaming. Naturally, Katt's squeals needed to be quashed with a ball gag, then later my hand over her mouth, and at one point even a pillow over her face. I eventually focus my attention on rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples, maintaining a level of alertness in her that I enjoy. I hope you enjoy this bedroom bondage scene - please forgive the low quality sound - we were more focused on enjoying ourselves at the time.

bondage female bottom female top sensual domination gag rope bondage tickling boots nipple torture pussy torture

Featuring: Katt Anomia, Elise Graves

play-button 30:56

Suffer for My Pleasure: Part Two

Nurse Elise intensifies her treatments as her excitement levels rise. She exchanges the leather head harness for a gas mask, with which she can control her patient's every breath. To make it extra fun, Elise attaches a metal dildo to the mask, which allows for her pussy to determine exactly how much air Kino has access to. Kino is gifted with one intimate view! After climbing off of Kino's face, Elise connects him to the ventilator so that he has to be conscious of each and every breath he takes. The metal dildo creates a desire within Elise to fuck the inside of Kino's cock with her own metal probe, so she gets to work sounding Kino's dick. There is a lot for Kino to deal with at this point, but Elise wants to also electrify Kino's cock. His trembling legs show how nervous he is about this. His fear excites Elise and she can't help but give him a little show by fucking herself with her fingers and vibing herself to multiple orgasms while he suffers electro, breath control, strict bondage and a mouth-stuffing gag. Good times!

bondage male bottom breath control straitjacket gas mask BDSM electro/estim nurse sensual domination dildo face

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 22:19

Suffer for My Pleasure: Part One

Dressed in a red nurse uniform and black boots, something appears amiss with Nurse Elise.  Although she casually introduces herself to her bound patient, it is soon evident that Nurse Elise is here to satisfy herself - not to tend to the needs of Kino Payne. Elise begins by stuffing a rag deep into her patient's mouth and securing it with several wraps of clear tape around his head.  She says the gag is there "so no one will discover" her, as it soon becomes clear that she is not supposed to be there.  Adding a leather head harness over the gag, with the explanation that Kino "will soon be thrashing around" and Elise wants to stabilize his head.  However, with the straitjacket and secure ropes holding his legs open, Kino is already very secured.  Elise takes advantage of her patient by sitting on his face, controlling his access to air.  She torments him with a pin wheel - and then intensifies that sensation by electrifying it! Periodically Nurse Elise stops her torment to console Kino with some gentle strokes to his exposed cock.  Little does Kino know, but Elise is just getting warmed up!  Wait for Part Two!

bondage female top male bottom breath control straitjacket electro/estim nurse sensual domination gag rope bondage

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 17:46

Hang Tough

I know I say this all this time, but I am extremely fortunate to be able to do what I do. Yes, the bondage play is super fun and satisfying on its own, but there are other aspects to video-making that are just as great. Enter: Hinako and Chiaki. These two extremely talented dommes from Japan were visiting the Bay area and wanted to meet me. How amazing is that? I was familiar with their awesomeness and had a feeling they would be kindred spirits. This video falls immediately after my incredible experience in Chiaki's rope, which you can find titled, In Hog Heaven. Now, Chiaki demonstrates her exacting shibari skills on the exceptionally tough Hinako. I sit back and watch in awe as Hinako is transitioned through stressful suspension poses while receiving nipple and nose torment, harsh whipping and a nasty tape gag. At some point, though, after witnessing this brutal show of affection, I join in the fun to assist in creating a sensational experience for Hinako with a vibrator, clamps and more. I particularly enjoy Hinako's journey from bubbling energy to disheveled exhaustion. I remember feeling quite high after their visit, not just from the bondage play, but from meeting these kindred spirits for whom I felt an instant admiration. Chiaki, you are truly an inspiration to the dedication and perfection of a craft. And Hinako, your love for the subject of bondage and all that it entails resonates deeply with me. Thank you.

bondage female bottom female top BDSM nose play suffering gag rope bondage suspension nipple torture

Featuring: Mistress Hinako, Mistress Chiaki, Elise Graves

play-button 35:01

Yours for the Taking

Kino Payne knows what a horny Elise craves. He binds her in a hogtie, then makes it more challenging by tying her hair to her toe - creating a stressful back arch to maintain. With Elise's mouth stuffed with an inflatable butterfly gag, Kino enjoys the stress that this adds to her situation, however he eventually removes it in order to test Elise's cock sucking skills on a dildo. Kino's unexpected slapping, choking and manhandling is hot for Elise, and her pussy begins to tell that story. It isn't until Kino takes that dildo and puts it to good use in Elise's pussy that her horniness is obvious. Thick white pussy cream is pulled from her cunt with each thrust of the dildo. After cleaning her mess off the dildo with her mouth, Elise is made to hold it in her mouth while Kino makes Elise orgasm over and over again. Super hot!

bondage female bottom male top sensual domination orgasm gag rope bondage hairy pussy pussy juice/cream dildo sucking

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 29:41

BoundCon Entertainment

During this time of staying at home, I am really missing the yearly trip to Germany's BoundCon - a super fun bondage convention.  A couple years ago I had the pleasure of sharing my booth with my friends at Steelwerks (amazing chastity devices) along with many other friends who came along for fun.  BoundCon is several days long, during which I have many responsibilities to tie people/be tied for the convention entertainment.  In between, though, I had the pleasure of playing with my friends Strange Hobbies and Kino Payne.  In this video you will get a glimpse into what playtime in our booth looked like, including an interesting rolling bondage cart, a fun new rubber hood, orgasms in a rubber catsuit, and more.  What you can't see (for privacy reasons) is the large audience that would accumulate around the booth during these impromptu play sessions!  May we return to fun times soon!

rubber bondage female top male bottom breath control rubber hood nose play leather bondage orgasm public

Featuring: Strange Hobbies, Kino Payne, AliceinBondageland, Elise Graves

play-button 23:25

Mine to Toy With

Some days I am simply feeling feisty. Today is one of them. I felt like dressing Kino in sexy leather bondage gear, in particular leather ballet boots, a corset, a leather neck corset and a face hugger - and so I did. After tying his arms, ankles and neck up with rope, I was ready for some energy exchange! Starting with a small, but very stingy crop, I began the work of matching Kino’s one bruised thigh to the other. As he cries out in pain, I grow excited and so I tease him by stroking his cock. What I really crave, however, is an intimate encounter with his complete helplessness. For this, I require the use of a plastic bag. I toy with Kino in securing the bag over his head longer than he wants. This is extremely exciting for me, which makes me want to do it more. Kino is, indeed, mine to toy with.

bondage female top male bottom breath control BDSM suffering neck play leather bondage rope bondage spanking

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 15:02

Blushed Cheeks

Super cutie Katt Anomia met up with Elise Graves for some hotel room spanking play. Donning a sexy leather skirt and gloves, Elise beckons Katt to crawl over her knees to begin the spanking session with her leather-gloved hand. Wearing a very short skirt, Katt’s beautiful bottom is deliciously exposed, gaining redness as the spanking transitions from hand spanking to paddling. Elise pauses occasionally to stimulate Katt’s pussy and to admire Katt’s beautiful bottom. To compliment Katt’s blushed butt cheeks, Elise inserts a cute pink jeweled butt plug into her little hole. Although Elise enjoys Katt’s cute squeaks, she prefers hearing them from behind a gag, so she adorns Katt’s face with a secure duct tape gag and then continues to paddle her plugged ass.

bondage female bottom female top BDSM sensual domination spanking leather fetish ass plug

Featuring: Katt Anomia, Elise Graves

play-button 11:11

Pussy Splitting Device

In pre-COVID times, I had the privilege and pleasure to travel and shoot with wonderful people. I am posting this video today as a way to remind myself that this will be possible again. Playing with An Li is such a treat, as she is equal parts mean and fun - not to mention extremely skilled in her topping style. After lacing and buckling my arms into leather bondage sleeves, I climb onto a bondage horse. At first it seems rather tame, but what is made very clear to me soon, is that the sharp part of it rises up between my legs at the behest of An Li. She secures my arms behind my back and raises my neck up with a wide leather belt before making quick work of my pussy. As she has utter control of the depth of the sharp device, I know every ounce of pain in intentional. I stand up on my toes to avoid my pussy splitting, but she only raises it more. She teases my helplessness with intense nipples pinching, as she knows my nipples are extremely sensitive. Notice how I am both smiling and expressing pain - it is her skill that allows me to ride that fine line. Can’t wait until I can play with my bondage freaks around the world again!

bondage female bottom female top BDSM suffering neck play leather bondage boots nipple torture pussy torture

Featuring: An Li, Elise Graves

play-button 29:54

Hang in There

Although I have been tying people with rope in a Western style for many years, only a year or so ago I began studying shibari, the Eastern style of rope. I used to think that shibari was simply for aesthetic purposes, as it is very beautiful, however I now know it is so much more than that. Most interesting to me, though, is the fact that suffering and journeying are very much on display in a shibari session. Although I am absolutely no expert, I believe this is depicted most clearly in suspension sequences which include several transitions from one pose to another. In this way, the subject tied is both fluid and stable. Each transition is a journey unto itself - the need to endure extreme physical discomfort, overcome mental limitations like “I can’t handle this,” and ultimately to find comfort in the discomfort. For this, I feel that shibari offers a very rich inner journey and I am so excited to be able to play in this way with others. Watch as Kino gracefully endures his sequential suspension experience. He is extremely tough. For those who have not been suspended before, note that Kino is ultimately suspended by a single futomomo - one folded over leg. This is very intense and is made doubly so thanks to the ropes running across his shin. Trust me, it’s brutal! Note: please excuse my messy, dangling ropes! I have not come close to mastering the art of keeping the ropes tidy as I go along - I aim to do better in the future. Enjoy!

bondage female top male bottom suffering sensual domination neck play gag rope bondage suspension

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 40:54

Tip of My Tongue

One of the most entertaining aspects of switching with a regular partner is the potential for payback. During my last playtime topping Kino, I created a taxing predicament which he felt inspired to build off of and return to me. It's super fun to exchange ideas, create new ones, and to just play. During this play session, Kino tied me up in a chest harness, gagged me and hooded me - he left me to stew until he sensed I was a bit tender. When the scene opens, Kino begins by removing the hood, clamping my outer labia, and connecting my pussy lips to my toes with thin rubber tubing. This way, there is always strong tension pulling my lips toward my toes, encouraging me to remain in a squatting position to try to alleviate the pressure. After some spanking, nibbling, and a rubber tubing neck rope, Kino clamped my extremely tender nipples and tied them to my clamped tongue, creating a predicament with every possible movement. I must have been feeling pretty sensitive, as I began crying after some brief inner thigh paddling. Thankfully Kino was understanding enough to utilize my suffering for his own pleasure, so it was all worth it.

bondage female bottom male top BDSM crying gag face bondage rope bondage spanking pussy torture

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 44:14

Black Widow

On a hot August night in 1984, Martha paid the ultimate price for having years ago taken the life of her no-good husband.  Being sentenced to capital punishment, Martha serves the remainder of her time at Rockville Penitentiary, a maximum security prison.  It is here that Officer Lee and Nurse Reno serve as a stark contrast to the extremely distraught Martha.  Whereas Martha begs and pleads for mercy from the Governor, Officer Lee and Nurse Reno are merely carrying out their professional business.  At midnight, Martha receives her three-jolt requirement.  Here at Rockville Penitentiary, they don't just lock you up, they light you up!  When you hear the foot steps coming, your time is up!

female bottom female top electro/estim crying nurse jail

Featuring: Lita Lecherous, Elise Graves

play-button 18:31

Cum Hell or High Water

To put it bluntly, I am excited by Tony Orlando. Not sure why, exactly, but it excites every cell in my body to make him powerless through restraints, vulnerable through pain, and extra horny through teasing. Something in his energetic body is complementary to mine. I might appear to be focused on wrapping his arms securely to my antique dental chair, and I am, but know that the energy is building inside me with each wrap. Next, I immobilize his head with plastic wrap, attaching it to the headrest of the chair. Immobilization of the head is extremely exciting for me! Tony’s beautiful cock becomes hard as he begins to experience his helpless situation. He is completely under my control, and he loves it. Throughout this scene, you can witness the exchange of energy - back and forth, particularly as I torture his ball sack with strong clamps. Ultimately, being the utter control freak that Tony is, he is not able to ejaculate without doing it himself, and boy do I want to see him make a mess of himself, so I eventually release him from his strict bondage, grab his face to passionately suck as he blows the massive load that had been trapped inside tormenting him.

bondage female top male bottom breath control BDSM orgasm face bondage CBT ejaculation kissing

Featuring: Tony Orlando, Elise Graves

play-button 14:29

Kept Under Wraps, part two

In part two, we catch up with Nurse Elise discovering that her patient, Kino, has developed some feeling of lust for her. Elise is upset by this, as she maintains professional boundaries in her work. In an attempt to clear up any miscommunications, Nurse Elise switches gears with the implementation of two treatments. The first is using a thin, wooden stick, checking to see if, indeed, every bone in Kino's body is broken. Kino cries out in pain during this procedure. The next treatment is to assess the amount of air Kino is getting through all those wraps over his face. Nurse Elise pulls a plastic bag over Kino's wrapped head an ties it off with some thin rubber tubing. This way, she can monitor Kino's lung capacity. Ultimately, Kino gets cleared to be left by himself for a long while, as Nurse Elise leaves to lunch with her nurse friends.

bondage female top male bottom breath control BDSM medical nurse teasing caning mummification

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 15:39

Rubber Rub Out

After getting in some Transparent Rubber Stress Relief (part one of this video), Elise handcuffs her wrists overhead to her bed, beginning the waiting game. Her friend Kino is set to come check up on her at a certain time, but the concept of time tends to become meaningless when your head is in an inflatable rubber hood. Thus, when Kino comes over to check on Elise, she is anxiously waiting release, although it has only been a couple hours, it has felt like days since she locked herself up. Kino, though, has other plans for Elise. After seeing what fun she had all by herself, he is interested to participate. After removing his clothes, Kino begins exploring Elise’s rubber-clad body, first with light, tickling touches and moving on to some wrestling and biting. Kino is obviously aroused by the helpless Elise, and begins to use her body to rub his erect cock. Crawling all over Elise, Kino makes good use of her body, culminating in beautiful position ripe for a rubber stocking foot job. Ultimately, Kino gives Elise the keys to her release - however she must release herself.

rubber bondage female bottom male top rubber hood sensual domination latex clothing tickling inflatable

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 24:59

Kept Under Wraps, part one

As a healthcare professional, there are times in which one must regrettably deliver bad news. Indeed, on this day, Nurse Elise informs her patient, Kino Payne, that he has suffered a terrible accident resulting in the need to be placed in a full body medical wrap lasting two months. Although Kino might appear to take the news well from the get-go, it is only later that the reality of his situation begins to set in. Beginning with Kino’s head, Nurse Elise skillfully wraps Kino’s entire body in a seated shape. The shape creates ease in rotating him, maneuvering him and simply controlling him. Upon full mummification of her patient, Elise rewards him with a circulation-encouragement vibration device to build his endorphins for the long healing journey ahead of him. Shortly thereafter, Kino expresses his lust for his nurse after he mistakes the attention and care that Nurse Elise bestows on him as a sign of sexual intent. Not someone to have her boundaries crossed, Nurse Elise endeavors to set Kino straight in underscoring their professional nurse-patient relationship. Stay tuned for Part Two during which Nurse Elise pivots to using some unorthodox medical procedures involving a wooden stick and a plastic bag.

bondage female top male bottom medical nurse cast fetish medical restraints encasement mummification sensory deprivation

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 25:52

Transparent Rubber Stress Relief

We are living in some seriously stressful times - and Elise is starting to feel the pressure. Fortunately, she has identified an extremely effective self soothing activity that reduces stress. Collecting all her favorite transparent rubber items, Elise sits on the edge of her beg and enjoys the experience of slipping into rubber. Dressing for her own pleasure. She begins by sucking deeply on the dildo in her rubber dildo panties, preparing for insertion into her pussy. Next, she takes care to lube up her feet and legs before slipping into transparent rubber stockings. After slipping a sexy rubber apron on, and securing it in the back, Elise is ready for the main piece - the inflatable ball hood. The sensory deprivation of sight and sound that this hood provides allows Elise to immerse herself in what is to come next. Attaching a long rubber hose and rebreather bag to the hood enables Elise to play with her own breath. She seems to make love to that bag as it swells with her trapped breath. All of this rubber is a major turn on, and thus Elise gets busy vibing her stuffed pussy while controlling her access to air. She deserves some stress relief. After satisfying herself with the vibrator, Elise then handcuffs herself to the bed for some solo relaxation time. To be continued :)

rubber female bottom breath control rubber hood latex clothing orgasm hairy pussy inflatable self bondage sensory deprivation

Featuring: Elise Graves

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Vacuum Sack Breath Control

Meeting Lita is an absolute pleasure, but playing with her even more so. On this fateful day, I did both for the first time. I chose to squeeze Lita into a new vacuum sack of mine, which delighted us both. The red rubber sack was vacuumed so tight - I was able to make out all of Lita's wonderfully shapely details. Rubber-coated bodies are truly a sight to behold! After attaching a gas mask to her pretty face, I hooked her up to the ventilator. With the ventilator now being in control of Lita's access to air, she needed to concentrate in order to sync herself up to the machine. Being the tough cookie that she is, Lita was able to descend rather quickly down to 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 breaths per minute. I wanted to challenge her composed nature (and ability to focus!) with a vibrator to her pussy, which resulted in a delightfully intense orgasm! Playing with Lita is a dream :)

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Featuring: Lita Lecherous, Elise Graves

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Heavy Rubber Heavy Metal

The lockdown has Elise feeling frisky. Thankfully she has Kino in her bubble and is able to release her pent-up sadistic desires onto him! Dressed in a heavy rubber suit from head to toe, Kino Payne is subjected to extremely heavy metal shackles on his wrists and ankles, as well as comically heavy chain securing him to the padded bondage rig. Now secured, spread wide, Kino is able to do nothing but take what comes his way. As it happens, Elise comes at him with electro gear in hand, connects Kino's cock and balls up to her electro box, and giggles with delight as he suffers. After some time, she is sufficiently turned on by his moans and groans, and she then decides it's time to control Kino's access to air through a metal dido with holes, which allows/disallows air to pass through to Kino. Spread wide, Elise is delighted for her pussy to control Kino's air access! All of Kino's commotion eventually leads Elise to believe that he might need some alone time, and so she leaves him to deal with his predicament on his own until she decides to come back and play some more.

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Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

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Cinderella Choke

There is no use in hiding it from you all. When the mood is right, that is, when I am feeling both innocent and desperate for a nice choke, I sometimes don a princess gown, make sure the vibrator is handy, and tie my neck up tight to the ceiling. I have always had a thing for a neck rope. I simply can not resist tying one up if given the opportunity. Personally, I enjoy a solid and sustained pressure on the neck, as I enjoy the blood choke aspect. The addition of the vibrator heightens the choke experience - creating waves of intense orgasms through my body. Although it might appear that I am enjoying my kinky masturbation session alone, please note that this type of play is not safe to do alone and can have deadly consequences. Play as safe as possible please!

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Featuring: Elise Graves