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play-button 26:26

Low-Hanging Fruit

Playing with Katt is always fun.  She is super cute, giggly, ticklish, and accepts her suffering as fate.  On this day, Mistress Miranda and I were entertaining ourselves at Katt's expense.  Locking her in a small cage, adding a mouth-stuffing gag, some humiliation play, along with hand torture, intense vibration and food play.  With Katt's mouth all taped up, I shoved two blueberries up her nose, blocking access to air.  Miranda and I laughed hard when Katt blew them out of her nose in a bit of a panic.  One might pity Katt for subjecting herself to such treatment, but rest assured that Miranda and I enjoyed ourselves immensely!

bondage female bottom breath control cage gag face bondage nipple torture facial distortion shaved pussy humiliation

Featuring: Katt Anomia, Mistress Miranda, Elise Graves

play-button 19:14

Torture Puzzle Chastity Torment

Elise and An Li are having so much fun putting Gimpy through the ringer! After chaining Gimpy spread out on the bed with only ballet boots, rubber mitts and a rebreather hood covering his body, the two playful dommes get to work locking Gimpy’s dick into an elaborate Steelwerks Torture Puzzle device. This device is sinister - for the more erect the cock becomes, the more it pushes into the multitude of tiny pointy screws! Unfortunately this gimp started out excited and erect, so he had a hell of an experience getting locked into that cage! He couldn’t help but become more and more excited as Elise and An Li teased and tormented him, which only made the CBT more intense! What a mind fuck! Eventually it is a bit too much and Gimpy’s rebreather hood needed to be swapped out for An Li’s ass smothering his face. Elise helped out, too, by seductively stroking the head of Gimpy’s cock - until he was writhing in pain. Fun times!

bondage female top male bottom breath control rubber hood mind fuck suffering CBT boots chastity cage

Featuring: Gimpy, An Li, Elise Graves

play-button 20:24

Inverted Straitjacket Suspension

Although I have known Alani for quite a while, I have not had the opportunity to play with her - until now!  I immediately knew she'd look great upside down in my Max Cita straitjacket!  After strapping her tightly into the straitjacket, I tied each of her legs into a futo momo, or frog tie and began hoisting her up - bit by bit.  The straps of the jacket, as well as some pussy flogging, really made her pussy lips protrude quite nicely!  Her pussy was red and swollen and on display!  I took advantage of this easy access by directly stimulating her clit with my rubber gloved hand.  Alani is very responsive to my touch which was very exciting for me, well, stimulating her pussy while pulling her hair, grabbing her neck and covering her mouth with my other hand!  Needless to say, I enjoyed playing with Alani and hope to do so again soon!

bondage female bottom female top straitjacket sensual domination orgasm suspension pussy torture shaved pussy post-orgasm torture

Featuring: Alani Pi, Elise Graves

play-button 30:09

Making a Pig of Yourself

Elise is in New York and feeling frisky. She meets up with her pervy friend from the UK for some fun. First, Elise straps on a heavy rubber straitjacket over SteveLovesKink’s full-body rubber catsuit. Then she pulls out an ass plug from his ass, as she has other plans for that hole. Next Elise slides a rubber piggy breath control hood over his head and locks it into place before strapping him into a metal bondage chair. Elise orders SteveLovesKink to sit down slowly onto the chair while stuffing his asshole full of a cock, resulting in being impaled on the chair. The dick is now inescapable, especially after Elise raises it up and locks it into place. Adding in electrical bands around his balls and cock, Elise enjoys controlling her friend with the turn of a knob. Speaking of knobs, Elise has something for that too. Pleasure does not come for free, and so if there is to be any stroking around here, its going to be electrical. The electric masturbator sleeve will do quite nicely for such a greedy, filthy piggy as SteveLovesKink. Watch as he fucks himself in the ass on the impaled dildo - hot!

rubber bondage breath control heavy rubber rubber hood straitjacket electro/estim unique toys ass plug ass fucking

Featuring: SteveLovesKink, Elise Graves

play-button 27:48

Heavy Rubber Bondage Sex

When a gimp and a rubber domme love each other, they mash their genitals together to try to make a rubber baby.  Or at least this is what it looks like from the outside.  Elise, clad in an utterly perfectly fitting transparent black rubber catsuit, coaxes J into a rubber straitjacket.  He was already dressed in a heavy rubber full-encasement suit, leaving only two small nose hoses available to the outside world to exchange air through.  After tying his ankles wide and his neck tight, Elise pulls his rubber coated cock out and puts it to good use.  After fucking herself on his cock, Elise is curious what his face feels like, so she straps a cock to his head and tells him to “start fucking.”  As Elise is getting pounded by her gimp’s face, she repays the favor by slipping his cock into a Venus 2000, thus closing the loop on the rubber pervert version of a 69.  Enjoy!

rubber male bottom heavy rubber rubber hood latex clothing dildo face gimp Venus 2000 sex dildo sucking

Featuring: J, Elise Graves

play-button 20:50

Fear of Letting Go: Breath

Last we saw Elise, An Li was tormenting her electro clamped pussy with an electrified wartenberg wheel. We begin the final installment of Elise’s journey in much the same manner, except by now, Elise is about to crack. As An Li continues with the electro torture, Elise begins to cry - she can’t handle that intense sensation any longer. For better or for worse, An Li’s attention is drawn to the ventilator, and straps a gas mask tightly onto Elise’s face. This freaks Elise out, as she knows what is coming. Elise tries to sync her inhales along with the machine, but it is challenging due to fear, pain and distraction. This is a portrait of a lady trying to control her own panic. Enjoy!

female bottom female top breath control straitjacket gas mask electro/estim crying suffering hairy pussy pussy torture

Featuring: An Li, Elise Graves

play-button 24:08

Fear of Letting Go: Electricity

An Li has Elise Graves under her control once again. She begins this intense play session by locking Elise’s ankles into heavy wooden stocks and then tying Elise in her straitjacket firmly to the bed. This results in Elise feeling incredibly vulnerable and helpless. Elise begins to freak out a little bit, as she can feel her claustrophobia begin to creep in. An Li knows that Elise is struggling to deal with the bondage and so she helps direct Elise’s focus by clamping her labia into a beautiful Steelwerks pussy clamp. It’s easy for Elise to focus on this, as An Li begins to electrify it! To make Elise’s situation even more intense, An Li introduces an electro wartenberg wheel to the inside of Elise’s stretched-open pussy! Talk about trying to stay still! An Li is simultaneously caring and provoking of Elise’s helplessness. Stay tuned for part two, where Elise’s fear increases greatly due to breath control.

bondage female bottom female top straitjacket BDSM electro/estim crying suffering hairy pussy pussy torture

Featuring: An Li, Elise Graves

play-button 20:39

One Sick Puppy

Today is a special day - it's new puppy day! An Li and Elise have a new leather gimp puppy who needs to be trained to suit their needs. First, puppy's mouth needs to be trained to not bark or bite. Next, puppy's ass needs to be stuffed so it will never poop in the house. Then comes leash training, and puppy needs to learn to not pull on the leash. All this training is exhausting for this leather pup, and thus An Li provides a refreshing drink straight into puppy's bowl. This is one eager pup, looking to serve his owners, so he dutifully laps it up. This pup is a keeper!

bondage female top male bottom nose play leather bondage gag ass plug leather hood puppy play

Featuring: Gimpy, An Li, Elise Graves

play-button 28:07

Cleaning Out Mercy West

I used to be obsessed with cleaning out everyone I met. I used the enema experience as a way to get to know someone on an intimate level. For a person to strip down naked, allow their asshole to be plugged, and to accept the suffering that comes along with their lower intestines being expanded with water, this was true vulnerability to me. I think a person’s suffering is beautiful, and it is what really gets me off. This enema experience with Mercy is an example of what I love about enema play. Although it was filmed several years ago with imperfect camera work, I believe the content of the experience still stands firm in that it offers a peek into Mercy’s soul as seen through the lens of multiple (four, I think!) large enemas, resulting in 5 quarts of expelled fluid. Mercy is so beautiful when they are suffering for us all to enjoy.

bondage female bottom female top suffering sensual domination rope bondage hairy pussy enema water torture humiliation

Featuring: Mercy West, Elise Graves

play-button 37:24

Deep Dive into Heavy Rubber

Elise Graves encases her rubber pervert friend in multiple layers of old school dive suits before adding a rubber hood and gas mask. She leads him into the back room at the Serious Bondage Institute and guides him into a coffin-like isolation box complete with a piece of custom-cut foam shaped for his body. As Elise fondles his rubber-clad body, she begins to get worked up herself. Soon she connects Diver’s gas mask to a bubbler bottle outside the box, closes the lid and finds herself some rubber to wear. After dressing in her own old school dive suit, heavy rubber gloves, and a gas mask, Elise returns to the box housing her friend, raises the lid and climbs right on in! Due to the fact that all the rubber is chlorinated, it makes for a lovely slippery experience between the two of them. Elise begins to use Diver as her own masturbation fodder, grinding herself against him, vibrating herself on top of him, and ultimately forcing him to orgasm himself - right into his rubber pants. Elise and Diver, both post-orgasm, slide into rubber oblivion together inside that coffin box.

rubber bondage female top male bottom breath control heavy rubber rubber hood gas mask orgasm unique toys

Featuring: Elise Graves

play-button 27:34

Taped, Stuffed and Electrified

Lita brings out the best in Elise. Her moans, screams and general suffering bring moisture to Elise's panties. Like a cat with a mouse, Elise toys with Lita in setting her up to fail. Releasing her, only to catch her once again. Who could blame Elise? Lita's big expressive eyes seem to be begging for more and more. Lita tortures herself, in fact, by refusing to hold on to the pussy electrode tightly, causing herself pain both when released, and when Elise stuffs it right back in - over and over again. Armed with nipple electrodes, a mouth-stuffing tape gag, and a noose, Elise repeatedly brings Lita to the edge. Enjoy!

female bottom female top electro/estim suffering neck play gag rope bondage pussy juice/cream pussy torture shaved pussy

Featuring: Lita Lecherous, Elise Graves

play-button 20:15

Public Bondage Shopping

Wow! This video is from five years ago! It was one of the first videos I shot for Bondage Liberation! I am taking you back in time to visit Elise (who still has piercings!), Petgirl Kako, and their friend Sabret. Earlier that day, Elise saw an awesome asymmetrical leather skirt in the window of a SF vintage store. So she and Petgirl devise a plan to go get it in the most San Francisco way possible - to handcuff Sabret into his Mr. S Leather hoodie, and go shopping on his dime! Watch as Sabret gets the lucky experience to assist Elise in the dressing room! Although he is challenged by the handcuffs that are attached to his waist belt, he manages just fine - he even pays the store clerk while handcuffed. All that shopping creates hunger in Elise, and so everyone heads down the street to a restaurant with tables made for bondage. Elise shackles Sabret to the table and proceeds to spoon-feed him, creating a bit of an embarrassing mess. He is up for it though, as when it's time to be released, Elise reminds him how much it sucks to be free. Enjoy the blast from the past!

bondage female top male bottom sensual domination teasing metal bondage leather fetish public humiliation

Featuring: Elise Graves

play-button 12:22

Heavy Rubber Jerk Off

Heavy rubber is not for everyone.  It is thick, restrictive, insulating, hot, sweaty, and expensive.  But for those who enjoy it, it is a very sensual and powerful experience.  Going into a fully-enclosed heavy rubber suit is like rewinding the clock and returning to the womb - except sexy!  Elise is a heavy rubber pervert and she tells you about it as she climbs into her suit.  Her suit is extra special, as it includes a mouth-stuffing gag, allowing her only to make moaning sounds.  Once zipped inside, Elise begins teasing her heavy rubber friend Blake, who is bound to a bed in heavy stocks.  Rubber and lube make a great team, so Elise begins stroking Blake's excited cock until he explodes bright white cum all over his rubber suit.  Rubber sex is safe sex, and so Elise indulges herself by smearing Blake's ejaculate all over him.  A definite must for those into heavy rubber!

rubber bondage female top male bottom heavy rubber electro/estim sensual domination ejaculation encasement post-orgasm torture

Featuring: Blake, Elise Graves

play-button 17:25

Strapping Down Sasha

Sexy blonde Sasha is a bondage junkie.  She craves to be tied up and made vulnerable for her top.  Elise is in the mood to play, as well.  After informing Sasha that she "doesn't need to see... I do," Elise pulls a soft, thin Christopher Fetish hood over Sasha's pretty face, rendering her semi-anonymous.  Using thick leather belts, Elise begins strapping Sasha to a vertical wooden beam with her arms over her head, exposing her sensitive arm pits to Elise.  After Elise straps Sasha's entire body to the post, she skillfully adds one last strap around Sasha's neck, to keep her securely held - both in body and mind.  To check her work, Elise uses a zapping taser toy to create fear in Sasha.  Ultimately, Elise wants Sasha to trust her, but the process of getting there is going to be fun for Elise :)

bondage female bottom female top electro/estim sensual domination leather bondage tickling objectification shaved pussy leather hood

Featuring: Sasha, Elise Graves

play-button 31:42

Hood Slut

Elise Graves and AliceinBondageland were in Germany for BoundCon. After recuperating from BoundCon, they traveled to Studio Gum along with some friends. Being the very gracious host, Hans-Peter from Studio Gum allowed Elise and Alice to go nuts in the store room, trying on many special rubber hoods on Strange Hobbies head. Strange Hobbies had little to say about it all, as he was trapped in a standing vacuum cube, resulting in no movement of his arms or legs - only some wiggling in the rubber. Check out the wall of amazing hoods! Watch Strange Hobbies experience each hood differently. Elise and Alice couldn’t have been more pleased with their Hood Slut.

rubber bondage female top male bottom breath control travel BTS heavy rubber rubber hood unique toys

Featuring: Strange Hobbies, AliceinBondageland, Elise Graves

play-button 18:57

Under the Pump

Although Elise and Damon have known each other for several years, today is the first time they have really played together.  After perusing Damon's extensive collection of bondage gear, Elise focuses on a hand-crafted inflatable posture collar.  Once Damon has Elise tied to his table with her legs spread open wide, he begins tormenting her with the collar, literally leaving her breathless. A very intense video mostly focusing on the collar inflation, however Damon utilizes Elise's exposed sensitive parts for his own pleasure in suctioning them all up into tubes.  Enjoy Elise's fearful suffering :)

bondage female bottom male top breath control mind fuck crying neck play gag hairy pussy lingerie

Featuring: Damon Pierce, Elise Graves

play-button 26:20

Teased and Caned

I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to play with so many wonderful playmates! Lita is no exception, as she is such a fun, responsive playmate. I wanted to test out my new rainbow rope on Lita for sure. Her hips are very flexible, and so I had no choice but to tie her legs out tightly to the bed, leaving her pussy area totally exposed, save for the vibrator that I tied very tightly into her pussy. After securing her wrists above her head, Lita entered total helplessness - which she seems to lust after. The large vibrator strapped outside her pussy (and the small vibrator that is tucked away inside her pussy) is connected to my custom tease box that systematically controls the vibrators to keep Lita mostly on edge, with some moments of pure orgasm bliss. Some inner thigh and pussy mound caning makes Lita responds nicely. It makes me so happy to have met Lita and to have the opportunity to play with her. This was our get-to-know-you scene - stay tuned for a couple others :)

bondage female bottom female top orgasm control sensual domination orgasm gag rope bondage caning biting

Featuring: Lita Lecherous, Elise Graves

play-button 26:25

Rattle His Cage: Part Two

Kino's journey continues on.  Still locked in the cramped cage, Kino finds no place to hide from An Li's relentless electro shocker and Elise's electro nipple clamps.  The sensation is turned up several notches when Elise torments Kino's sensitive taint with an electro pin wheel!  Kino screams out in pain, therefore measures are taken to reduce his access to screaming.  A tight rubber hood is put on his head to stop the scream flow.  This seems to work, and has the added benefit of amusing the double dommes.  Eventually, though, they tire of tormenting Kino, and his head joins the rest of his body inside the small cage, making way for plastic wrapping the cage in preparation for shipment.  God knows Elise and An Li could use some extra cash for new bondage gear!

bondage female top breath control rubber hood electro/estim suffering cage CBT metal bondage nipple torture

Featuring: Kino Payne, An Li, Elise Graves

play-button 25:45

Rattle His Cage: Part One

After experiencing what it was like to suffer at the hands of An Li the day before, Elise is highly motivated to join forces with An Li in giving Kino an intense experience himself. After discovering a helpless Kino stuffed into a small metal cage, Elise and An Li get right to work by terrorizing him with electric shockers. Next, small double electro clamps are attached to either side of Kino's nipples, creating two small, but very intense electrical circuits. Kino's gagged and slobbering suffering sounds are met with his double dommes' hysterical laughter. It isn't until Elise breaks out the electro wartenburg wheel that Kino looses it, causing Elise to set some firm boundaries with him. Ultimately, Kino's loud suffering needed to be dampened a bit, and so a heavy leather hood is pulled over his head. He is at the mercy of An Li and Elise, and there is more to come in Part Two. :)

bondage female top male bottom BDSM electro/estim suffering cage gag metal bondage nipple torture

Featuring: Kino Payne, An Li, Elise Graves

play-button 40:28

Junk Mail

Elise knows Patrick enjoys complete helplessness.  All-encompassing restriction.  Absolute immobilization.  After stuffing a couple electro balls up Patrick's ass, Elise gets to work on the heavy bondage layering process.  Beginning with a thick canvas hood, Patrick is soon faceless.  Slipping into a sexy leather straitjacket, Patrick begins to relax into his situation.  Helping him into a heavy canvas Max Cita mail bag, Elise informs Patrick that he is about to be laced into the sack, as if it's a full-body corset.  Soon, Elise suspends the bag in the air.  Patrick has left this earth.  To bring him back, Elise turns up the electro on both the ass plug as well as some additional cock and ball electro bands.  Tugging on his dick, Elise keeps Patrick on edge.  When asked to wiggle, Elise sees that Patrick can barely move his body, but yet he sways and sways.  How long does Patrick stay bound up in the sack?  Watch and find out.

bondage female bottom female top male bottom straitjacket electro/estim leather bondage suspension objectification ass plug

Featuring: Patrick, Elise Graves

play-button 32:44

A Return to Pain: Part Two

The saga continues. An Li has sufficiently warmed up Elise’s ass, and is ready to take it to the next level. She begins by explaining why the cane is her corporal punishment tool of choice. It is so simple, so painful. Elise is enjoying the whole experience. An Li doesn't forget to utilize the sharpness of her nails in between paddling sessions - just to keep Elise on her toes, never comfortable. Moving on to Elise's "favorite toy to use on others," An Li gives Elise a does of empathy straight to her now very tender butt. These two have wonderful chemistry in play - enjoy!

bondage female bottom female top BDSM suffering sensual domination caning spanking

Featuring: An Li, Elise Graves

play-button 27:11

A Return to Pain: Part One

Believe it or not, it has been about five years since I have had the real desire for corporal play. Yes, I used to seek it out, chase the high, and always seem to want more. But for several reasons best left between my therapist and myself, my interest in surrendering to physical suffering in a BDSM context wained. Fast forward to today (last week actually!), and this has since changed! I had the immense pleasure to not only meet, but also play with, the sexy An Li. Although I had not met her before, I sensed that she and I would make wonderful play mates. I was absolutely correct! I was interested in An Li painting my ass, tits, and whole body with red scratches, paddle and cane marks. Thanks to An Li’s sexy, playful style of corporal punishment, I was able to return to that joyous state that I once loved. I am so happy to have met An Li, and even happier, once again, to find a soft, fluffy home in the arms of physical suffering. It’s good to be home! (Due to An Li and I enjoying ourselves SO much, this is part one of a two part video!)

bondage female bottom female top BDSM suffering sensual domination caning nipple torture spanking pussy torture

Featuring: An Li, Elise Graves

play-button 17:52

Mercy Seat

Elise Graves has Carlos right where she wants him. In fact, it's right where she wants ALL men. In her incredibly heavy leather bondage restraint chair from friends Serious Bondage. In this very special chair, no one can escape. The entirety of a Carlos' body is covered with thick, leather straps. This is all preparation for the real game to come. Over the head of Carlos, Elise slips on a thin yet tight transparent rubber hood. Elise next slides on a black faceless hood. Elise uses her seductive skills in distracting Carlos from his focus with his rock hard cock. She slaps, whips, strokes and vibrates that cock until Carlos is in utter spludge oblivion. If you enjoy heavy bondage with BDSM, this video is for you! :)

bondage female top male bottom breath control rubber hood sensual domination leather bondage orgasm CBT forced meditation

Featuring: Carlos Deth, Elise Graves

play-button 19:34

Down to Brass Tacks

Dressed in only a pair of bright green pantyhose, some rubber mitts, and a vibrator belt, Elise Graves is secured into a strict handcuff hogtie. The metal digging into her wrists and ankles is painful, and yet her hair tied in a strict fashion to her toes does nothing but make it worse. Elise needs to maintain an exhausting back arch in order to reduce the pressure of the handcuffs from digging in. As if this was not enough, a mystery person adds some microfoam tape decorated with a handful of sharp thumb tacks to Elise’s breasts, surrounding her nipples. This means that if Elise rests her strict back arch for even a moment, her nipples are stabbed with the tacks. Avoiding the tacks, handcuffs and hair tie is exhausting, however when the vibrator strapped to her pussy is powered on, Elise has yet one more thing to think about!

bondage female bottom BDSM suffering orgasm metal bondage nipple torture predicament

Featuring: Elise Graves

play-button 28:39

Let it Roll

Tony Orlando brings out the more sadistic side of Elise Graves. The masochist inside him calls out to Elise’s sadist. It certainly helps that Mercy West is there to encourage and provoke alongside Elise. Beginning with a single arm binder, Elise skillfully straps Tony to a unique Serious Bondage wheelie cart. Bit by bit, Elise takes away Tony’s movement, freedom, and autonomy. Tying Tony’s harnessed head to his toes, his neck is very restricted. Tying a nose hook and tongue clamp to his neck, Tony’s face is not only distorted, but this increases his suffering. Thankfully, Elise is present to put it all in perspective - Tony is extremely fortunate to be in this present situation in which he is subjected to skillful suffering. He is very lucky - he should be feeling very lucky. Undeniably, Elise and Mercy are like two cats playing with the mouse that they caught. Expect much laughter, fun and suffering!

bondage female top male bottom nose play suffering latex clothing gag face bondage unique toys facial distortion

Featuring: Tony Orlando, Mercy West, Elise Graves

play-button 32:34

Go Fuck Yourself

SteveLovesKink is no stranger to intense bondage scenerios, and certainly no stranger to ass play. Elise takes it up a notch by incorporating both into this scene. Rubber-clad Steve is tied to the Serious Bondage fuck cart, with knees spread wide, neck tied down, and wrists secured behind his back. This creates a vulnerable position, which Elise intends to exploit. Working slowly, Elise inserts the size-able Stanley Junior acrylic electro plug into Steve’s asshole. Get an up-close view of the inside of Steve’s butt hole! Soon the electro causes the plug to not only move in and out of Steve’s ass, but also rotates in a circular motion, thanks to the quad-pole technology. The Stanley stimulates Steve’s ass in such a manner that Steve’s asshole contractions cause the plug to fuck itself. Elise is not satisfied with the level of stimulation for Steve, and so she adds a cock suction tube, vibration, and a good old hand job to tip Steve over the edge of sensation overload.

rubber bondage male bottom breath control rubber hood electro/estim teasing suction play rope bondage ass plug

Featuring: SteveLovesKink, Elise Graves

play-button 20:33

Spring a Trap

Soon after arriving to the legendary JG Leather’s play space, Elise, JG and Serious Bondage Mark rig an intense scene for the formidable Dart Tech. First, Dart Tech is dressed fully in a latex catsuit, tall leather boots and a gas mask attached to two bubbler bottles, restricting his breath. Next, rubber mitts and metal shackles are attached to his wrists, which then are pulled out wide by heavy garage door springs, resulting in a small degree of freedom - more perceived freedom than actual freedom of movement. Dart’s ankles get the same spring treatment, as he is stretched wide on the floor. Adding to his helplessness, Elise straps a hip harness complete with an electro cock sheath fueled by an actual milking machine! This is like catnip for Elise, who becomes more excited as her control over Dart increases. Gradually, the electro is fine-tuned to perfection, demonstrated by Dart’s multiple hands-free orgasms stemming from both e-stim and suction. Dart’s body convulses as Elise squeals with glee for what she has created. Of course, creating complex bondage scenarios such as this is possible due to the will and desire of a team of people, to which much appreciation is given. No Dart Techs were harmed in the making of this video - he eventually came back to life :)

rubber bondage male bottom breath control gas mask electro/estim suction play metal bondage unique toys Venus 2000

Featuring: Dart_Tech, Elise Graves

play-button 37:40

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Here we are - where the rubber meets the road. The moment of truth. For the past few years, Elise Graves has raved to her friend Petgirl about how totally awesome this particular Studio Gum rebreather hood is, and for the same number of years, Petgirl has shown some resistance in wanting to try. Some time recently, Petgirl bought the same hood in her size, obviously showing a willingness to explore her own limits. So here we are. Petgirl is willing to have this hood used on her, and Elise Graves is the perfect person to do so. Elise understands the absolute trust that someone is giving to her as she ties Petgirl to a chair - rendering her helpless to the hood. Watch as Petgirl overcomes her fear of this hood and, in fact, masters it! (Note: Elise is wearing this Adidas jacket as a member request)

bondage female bottom female top breath control rubber hood mind fuck sensual domination orgasm

Featuring: Petgirl Kako, Elise Graves

play-button 09:18

Speaking in Tongues: Part Two

Now that Mistress Hinako has Elise tightly tied in an exposed ebi tie, Hinako gets to work on toying with Elise’s pussy! Watch as Hinako dons a rubber glove, preparing to enter Elise, causing her to squirm. Listen to Elise’s moans as Hinako uses a unique vibrating, suctioning lick-y toy. Feel yourself get excited as Hinako straps a dildo gag into her mouth, slides onto the tatami mat, and penetrates Elise’s pussy with her face. All the while, Elise is suffering from her tight elbow ebi tie, nose hook and gag. Elise and Hinako share an enthusiastic love for bondage which makes playing together truly a delight!

bondage female bottom female top travel orgasm dildo face rope bondage unique toys hairy pussy facial distortion

Featuring: Mistress Hinako, Elise Graves

play-button 19:51

Speaking in Tongues: Part One

I am very grateful for all the wonderful opportunities in my life. I have had the honor of being tied by wonderfully talented and enjoyable people. Being able to travel to Japan to shoot with Hinako was such a treat for me. I am a huge fan of her work and of her as a human being. She expertly ties me beginning with a restrictive arm-binder tie. Next, my legs are tied, and then I am bent forward. After hooking my nose nice and tightly, Hinako ties my hair back, causing my head to bend backwards. All the while, Hinako and I are descending into a lovely space full of fun, play and bondage. As she ensures that I am bound tightly, she sucks on my nipples and find my ticklish spots. (This is Part One of Two)

bondage female bottom female top nose play latex clothing gag rope bondage tickling hairy pussy facial distortion

Featuring: Mistress Hinako, Elise Graves