ass fucking ass plug BDSM biofeedback biting blow job body bag bondage boots breath control BTS cage caning cast fetish catheter CBT chastity cage crotch rope crying cum eating dildo face dildo sucking edging ejaculation electro/estim encasement enema escape face bondage facial distortion female bottom female top forced meditation fucking machine gag gas mask gimp hairy pussy heavy rubber hood humiliation inflatable jail kissing latex clothing leather bondage leather fetish leather hood lingerie male bottom male top medical medical brace medical restraints metal bondage mind fuck mummification neck play needles nipple torture nose play nurse objectification orgasm orgasm control pony play post-orgasm torture POV predicament public puppy play pussy juice/cream pussy licking pussy torture PVC/vinyl rope bondage rubber rubber hood self bondage sensory deprivation sensual domination sex shaved pussy spanking staples straitjacket strap on suction play suffering suspension sybian teasing tickling trampling travel unique gear urethral sounding Venus 2000 video goggles water torture
play-button 26:54

Air Kiss

Oh my, what a sexy experience this was for me. Tying Ruckus up in an exposed reverse hogtie position really was exciting. Naturally, I wanted to make it extra secure by spreading their knees wide and playing tug-of-war with their neck and balls too! After teasing them with some biting and scratching, I wanted to show how vulnerable they really were by slipping a rubber rebreather hood over their adorable face. After playing with some face-sitting, I realized the sexiest thing I could do was make Ruckus kiss me. At first, I made them stick their own tongue through the tiny hole, but then I wanted to be in control. Every time our mouths met, magic happened. Ruckus learned something new about themselves on this day - rubber hood kisses are very stimulating! Watch as Ruckus can’t hold back and makes a big mess! So hot!

bondage female top breath control sensual domination teasing rope bondage forced meditation biting ejaculation kissing

Featuring: Ruckus, Elise Graves

play-button 21:39

Stay the Night

Heavy has been spending the night at Elise's more and more often.  You'd think he'd know the routine by now:  Elise decides when it's time for bed for Heavy.  She inspects his cock to ensure that it's locked in its little cage.  Not that Heavy would even be able to touch it, as Elise immediately ushers him into a small, cramped metal cage with only his head sticking out.  His hands are secured into leather mitts and tied to the sides of the tiny cage.  His caged cock and head are on display for Elise to entertain herself with.  For its Elise's bedtime as well, although her routine looks much different from Heavy's.  After storing Heavy in the cage and brushing his teeth, Elise begins to attend to her own needs by vibrating herself to multiple orgasms in her panties and a nightie.  The slimy wet panties are taped tightly into Heavy's mouth - after all, Elise is going to bed and wants silence.  Heavy has a very intimate view of Elise's antics and is tormented by how close his tongue is to her pussy - and yet, so far!  So hot!

bondage female top male bottom sensual domination teasing cage gag metal bondage chastity cage facial distortion

Featuring: HeavyBondage4Life, Elise Graves

play-button 36:49

Used for My Pleasure

Elise has a boner for playmates in latex and submissive Blake is eager to please. Dressed in latex cock sheath shorts, Blake begins to melt as Elise secures him in a sexy latex straitjacket and rubber hood. After tying each of Blake’s legs and his neck to her bench, Elise has Blake in an extremely vulnerable and helpless position, just as she desired. And frankly, it is all about Elise’s desires today - her pleasure. With a mouth zipper in the hood and ultimately a dildo gag secured in his mouth, Blake merely serves as a human licking and fucking machine. His rubber-coated cock is less about him and more about Elise, as she sits on his lap and brings herself to multiple orgasms.

rubber female top male bottom rubber hood straitjacket sensual domination teasing dildo face objectification edging

Featuring: Blake, Elise Graves

play-button 34:13

The Deep End

Whether Kino Payne is aware of it or not - he has just jumped into the deep end of the bondage pool. Strapped from head to toe to a slanted board, he is immediately a bit disoriented due to the inversion. Elise decides to cane his exposed feet to get some juices flowing before she embarks on a suction-electro love fest with Kino’s nipples and cock. It is so mean to electrify the bits that are made extra sensitive through suction :) Given that Kino seems like he is suffering from his situation, Elise elects to soothe him with her ass in his face for him to huff while she torments him with a vibrator connected to the Tease Box. Periodically Kino feels submerged in water, even though he is safe and sound - strapped to Elise’s board. Never was there a better place to be :)

bondage female top male bottom breath control BDSM electro/estim suffering suction play caning water torture

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 16:26

Wedgie Slut: Back Bend Wedgie

Although Elise Graves was never a school bully, she had fantasies of bullying cute guys like Haskell Holland. Small in stature, yet strong in spirit, Haskell is the perfect playmate for Elise to live out her dreams of bullying. What’s more classic in a bully’s repertoire than a wedgie? Elise takes this classic and makes it her own utilizing her rope skills. Haskell is in for a ride as his boy meat gets split by his very strong underwear! Unfortunately for him, his underwear holds up under stress - the same can be said for Haskell. Stay tuned for parts two and three, in which Haskell is tormented with increasing levels of stress wedgies! :)

female top male bottom BDSM suffering orgasm rope bondage spanking biting crotch rope predicament

Featuring: Haskell Holland, Elise Graves

play-button 13:00

Elise's Head is Plaster Casted

Have you ever fantasized about a hood that was crafted to hug every curve of your particular head like a glove? I have! As have most bondage freaks, I am guessing! Mark from Serious Bondage is the type of person to manifest results from fantasy, so he gathered a small team of his brightest to cast my head for the purposes of creating a positive from the mold in order to facilitate custom head gear. Petgirl Kako took the lead as she had the necessary experience for this project. Given that mild anxiety can quickly turn to panic when my head is fully locked away (with no easy way out), I was supremely grateful to Kako for being attentive to me throughout the process. I think it’s fascinating to watch the whole process. Enjoy!

bondage female bottom cast fetish medical restraints face bondage forced meditation unique gear encasement sensory deprivation hood

Featuring: Petgirl Kako, Tony Orlando, Elise Graves

play-button 36:48

Orgasm Overload

Elise is bound to the bed with inescapable, yet comfortable, medical restraints holding her neck, wrists and ankles securely. Her legs are spread wide and cannot close at all, which gives Dart easy and sustained access to Elise’s exposed pussy. Dart has a plan for this session, that much is clear. He merely wants Elise to count her orgasms as they tick by, slowly at first, and then faster and more and more intense as time goes by. Beginning with one orgasm seed, who would have foreseen Elise growing a rich garden of one hundred orgasms?! Watch closely as Elise’s brain melts before you eyes!

bondage female bottom male top mind fuck orgasm control sensual domination orgasm medical restraints hairy pussy pussy torture

Featuring: Dart_Tech, Elise Graves

play-button 22:27

Suck and Release

Medical Slave is no stranger to being strapped to a medical table.  It is, indeed, her safe space where her perversion is allowed to be expressed.  Elise knows this and therefore takes great care in securing Medical Slave to her metal medical table, strapping her legs into the gynecological stirrups and her arms into the surgical arm restraints.  With Medical Slave's bulging breasts connected to the Venus 2000 machine, her nipples are constantly getting sucked.  Elise knows that Medical Slave has been super horny lately and therefore Elise wants to take her over the edge with a special toy that sucks Medical Slave's pussy lips into a clear cup for us all to be astonished by!  This toy also has a small tongue that licks the suck-up pussy and clit with fervor!  Medical Slave is made to feel at home with a gas mask and bubbler bottle.  Can Elise cure Medical Slave of her horniness - or is she just making it worse?

bondage female bottom female top breath control gas mask sensual domination suction play gag unique gear shaved pussy

Featuring: Medical Slave, Elise Graves

play-button 21:45

Blow Your Own Horn, part two

When we catch back up with Elise and Heavy in Part Two, Heavy is suffering from his cock being electrified, as demonstrated by his loud vocalizations :) Elise enjoys delegating to both the electro box and her special tease box some of her control over Heavy. The tease box is first set to random - turning the Hitachi on at random intervals! Next, it is set to the Horny setting - looking to keep those connected on edge. The Hitachi vibrator has an attachment that grabs on to Heavy's cock and refuses to let go. He cannot get away. This is a precarious situation for Heavy - on one hand, the vibration feels amazing! On the other, if he orgasms, there is no guarantee that the vibration will ever stop. Horny Heavy, though, only thinks with his little head, and thus his vision is shortsighted. He will soon learn the consequences of being so horny!

bondage female top male bottom breath control straitjacket electro/estim mind fuck suffering face bondage ejaculation

Featuring: HeavyBondage4Life, Elise Graves

play-button 31:13

Blow Your Own Horn, part one

Elise takes her time delighting in the splendor that is HeavyBondage4Life. As she wraps his head in medical bandages, and straps him tightly into a Max Cita straitjacket, Elise grows excited and can’t help but to stop along the way to strapping Heavy to her medical table to appreciate the finer aspects of bondage play, such as mouth invasion, unique gag, tickling, spanking and biting. After Heavy is secured to the table, Elise takes this opportunity to attach electrodes to his cock to test just how much he can scream with the expanding gag in his mouth. This gag is brutal, and Heavy manages quite well. Be sure to stay tuned for part two of this video, where things heat up even more!

bondage straitjacket electro/estim medical teasing gag face bondage tickling spanking biting

Featuring: HeavyBondage4Life, Elise Graves

play-button 15:12

Lita Fucks Insatiable Elise

Elise is waiting - arms tied high up behind her back up to her neck with a large ball gag secured in her greedy mouth.  Lita knows that Elise is horny as fuck, and thought it prudent to have her waiting with her mouth stuffed.  From the moment Lita walks into Elise’s view, Elise is focused on her strap on cock.  Elise is hungry for cock and is eager for Lita to remove the gag so the sucking and fucking can commence!  Watch as Elise’s inner wild monster is unleashed - and Lita’s as well! :)  Sexy!

female bottom female top sensual domination orgasm gag strap on blow job pussy juice/cream sex dildo sucking

Featuring: Lita Lecherous, Elise Graves

play-button 24:49

Electro Torment for Meat Eater

One of the many beneficial effects of BDSM play can be catharsis - the release of strong (and possibly repressed) emotions.  Generally, this is thought to occur for the one bottoming in a BDSM scene, but it can also occur for the top.  This particular scene demonstrates how Elise as the top is releasing some (not nearly ALL!) of her frustration, anger and disappointment for those who continue to consume meat and dairy products - given what we know about the detrimental effects of doing so on one's health, the health of the planet, and of course, the unspeakable and unnecessary torment of the factory farm animals.  Using a very powerful magneto electro device, Elise attempts to educate Dart while creating the opportunity for him to experience a similar level of suffering in hopes that he will develop some empathy for those creatures that he eats.  Dart took this extremely intense electro treatment like a champ, and I appreciate him for allowing me to express myself in this way.

bondage female top male bottom breath control BDSM electro/estim suffering neck play unique gear inflatable

Featuring: Dart_Tech, Elise Graves

play-button 20:28

Crotch Rope Caning

I would love everyone to meet Haskell Holland!  He is so cute, so pervy, and a delight to play with!  Although I have had the opportunity to tie him up once before, this was the first time I got to tease and torment him.  As this was the first video we shot on this day, I wanted it to be a bit of a warm up to get our juices flowing - I think it was a success!  I tie Haskell's arms over his head and then pull him forward at the hips by a tight crotch rope that clamps his amazing cock between my ropes.  He is pulled on to his toes and this alone is a delight.  After teasing him a bit, I warm up his wonderful ass with a paddle before moving on to the main course, which is the cane!  Oh how Haskell screams, throws his head back in both ecstasy and misery, and endures the pain while relishes in it simultaneously.  What a fucking treasure he is.  I hope to play with him again and again :)

bondage female top BDSM crying suffering gag rope bondage caning spanking crotch rope

Featuring: Haskell Holland, Elise Graves

play-button 35:04

Elise Triple Stuffed

Elise Graves has three holes in her body and Kino Payne has a desire for them all to be filled. After gagging and tying Elise into an exposed hogtie with her legs spread open, Kino stands nearby stroking himself as he watches Elise squirm and drool. The first hole to be stuffed is Elise’s mouth. The ball gag is removed and a dildo on a stand is inserted in its place. Elise is instructed to suck it and indeed does at length. The second hole to get stuffed is Elise’s pussy. A metal electrode is inserted into her pussy, causing her to never forget who is in control of her body in this moment. Kino saves the ass for last, as he slides a smooth, glass dildo into Elise’s asshole and fucks her with it. Finally, all three holes are stuffed, as god intended! To celebrate, Kino vibrates Elise, bringing her to many loud, drooling orgasms. He begins to feel a bit jealous of Elise’s situation, and grabs an extremely powerful vibrator for himself.

bondage female bottom male top electro/estim sensual domination orgasm rope bondage hairy pussy ass fucking dildo sucking

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 30:39

The Double Domme Nurse Experience

Kino was in a bad accident resulting in two broken legs and a head injury.  This head injury has lead to some unruly behavior, and as a result, Kino finds himself now secured in a canvas straitjacket, bound to his hospital bed.  As he is unable to care for himself, he is now cared for by Nurse Lita and Nurse Elise.  What these two nurses lack in knowledge and experience, they make up for with very attentive care!  Kino hasn't been able to urinate or release his bowels in days due to his injury, therefore his nurses try their best to stimulate his urethra with an electro sound and his rectum with an electro dildo.  This is very intense for Kino, who has obviously been through a lot.  The nurses try to soothe him with vibrations to his cock, but it appears that nothing will help this hopeless case.

bondage straitjacket BDSM electro/estim medical nurse gag CBT urethral sounding mummification

Featuring: Kino Payne, Lita Lecherous, Elise Graves

play-button 27:11

Easy on the Eyes

HeavyBondage4Life lives up to his name as he is helplessly strapped into Elise's crazy ophthalmology chair.  After wrapping Heavy's head firmly into the head rest, Elise decides that it would be easiest to pry open Heavy's eyelids with eye speculums before attempting to insert the black-out contact lenses that blind Heavy in his precarious situation.  Elise is delighted at Heavy's inability to see much at all.  She removes the speculums and keeps the black contacts in Heavy's eyes before hooking Heavy's dick to the Venus blow job machine.  Given that Heavy had spent over an hour writhing around in this sexy chair, he was ready to orgasm quite soon after his cock was slid into the Venus receiver.  Very soon after, Elise dumped the splooge contents from the Venus onto a silver platter and hand fed Heavy so he could regain some sustenance.

bondage female top male bottom breath control face bondage unique gear ejaculation facial distortion cum eating Venus 2000

Featuring: HeavyBondage4Life, Elise Graves

play-button 19:00

So Pretty

Given that this was the first time I was playing with Pretty O’Dell, I wanted to engage her in activities that she enjoyed. Having all of her holes stuffed to the brim is something she most certainly enjoys, so I decided to interpret that in my own special way. Armed with an insanely cool optometrist chair that Mark from Serious Bondage painstakingly restored, I stuffed Pretty’s lower holes and then strapped her into this crazy piece before stuffing and locking a dildo straight into her mouth. Her big, beautiful eyes are so expressive, it’s a pleasure to be right up in her face. Securing her hair and her nose only made it more impossible to get off the dildo as I instruct her to fuck herself with the dildo stuffed in her pussy. Pretty is a joy to play with, welcome into the fold :)

bondage female bottom female top nose play orgasm face bondage boots ass plug facial distortion dildo sucking

Featuring: Pretty O'Dell, Elise Graves

play-button 29:22

When Elise Met Medical Slave

Oh my! It’s been a while since I have had the pleasure of playing with a new lady friend who loves bondage! Medical Slave was a pleasure to play with, and I think it shows :) Dressed in shiny black catsuits, Medical Slave and I have a lot of fun on the Fuck cart. I wrapped her body to the cart with plastic wrap - including her head and face. Given that she is wearing a latex catsuit, only her pussy is exposed, creating an objectifying experience. She has a beautiful pussy and I made sure to give you all many close ups of the thick, white fluid leaking out of her. After teasing and warming up her pussy with my hands and fingers, I dove in with my strap on. Medical Slave makes lovely sounds when she is getting fucked and vibed! So excited to have met a new playmate!

bondage female bottom female top breath control latex clothing orgasm strap on PVC/vinyl pussy juice/cream shaved pussy

Featuring: Medical Slave, Elise Graves

play-button 09:44

Sexy Strappado Caning

I sometimes forget that I have a sadistic side. It isn’t until I come into contact with a receptive person that I am able to sink into my sadism and really enjoy another person’s suffering. It certainly helps when that person is HeavyBondage4Life, as his adorable moans and muffled cries of pain are quite effective at jump starting my sadistic side. Dressed in a sexy mesh corset, a leather arm binder, neck corset and head harness, Heavy has his arms in a strict strappado position, leaving his ass exposed for the taking. My implement of choice is a light, flexible cane. This creates an extremely stingy sensation, which is perfect for relentless caning on Heavy’s perfect bubble butt. Enjoy his suffering eyes and suffering sounds - I know I did!

bondage female top male bottom BDSM suffering sensual domination leather bondage rope bondage caning

Featuring: HeavyBondage4Life, Elise Graves

play-button 24:10

Quite the Predicament

Some days are easier than others for me to connect with my sadistic side.  Generally when someone is expressive, showing enthusiastic consent in their suffering, and trustworthy, I am able to tap into my sadistic side.  This was certainly the case with HeavyBondage4Life on this day.  This video, as well as a very intense part two coming in the future, surprised me - I forgot I made Heavy suffer as much as I did!  Generally I get distracted by how sexy he is to torment him too much, but on this day I dressed him in all the sexiest things I could find - a neck corset, a head harness, a mesh corset, and a leather arm binder - before tying half of him up and half of him down.  A tug of war, you see.  His balls are securely tied to the bamboo spreader bar between his ankles, which makes him squat - deeply!  Given that Jimmy is one strong fucker, he is able to handle it but his suffering sure is sweet to those who are lucky enough to witness it.  Behold, Heavy’s sexy suffering! Enjoy!

bondage female top male bottom BDSM suffering neck play leather bondage caning leather fetish predicament

Featuring: HeavyBondage4Life, Elise Graves

play-button 10:35

Protruding Breasts Get Beaten

The very sexy Katt Anomia has engorged breasts on this blessed day that need to be tied, spanked, caned and clamped! Elise is happy to oblige! Beginning with a lighter silicone paddle, Elise begins to tenderize Katt’s amazing breasts. Katt squeals and squeaks in the most endearing manner - like catnip to Elise. Ultimately Elise moves on to harsher implements such as a firmer paddle, a cane and biting and pinching! Alternating between beating breasts and grabbing Katt’s hair encouraging her to suck on her own tits, Elise is obviously enjoying herself immensely. How could one not with such a play toy as Katt?

female bottom female top BDSM suffering sensual domination rope bondage caning spanking biting lingerie

Featuring: Katt Anomia, Elise Graves

play-button 13:26

Oh Christmas Tree!

Merry Christmas!  To celebrate the holiday, Utmost Restraint turned me into his Christmas tree.  First I was bound to a spinning tree stand with rope, then I was decorated with colorful lights.  My nipples and pussy were selected as special sensitive bits from which to clamp and hang festive bells.  Utmost enjoyed the music my body was making with every movement, so he also added some clamps and bells to my fingers and tongue - these were incredibly painful - even though they sound so festive! Before making me orgasm multiple times with a vibrator, Utmost knew I needed to be gagged, so he chose a bright red ball gag to do the job.  May this holiday season be good to you.

bondage female bottom male top suffering orgasm gag rope bondage nipple torture objectification

Featuring: Utmost Restraint, Elise Graves

play-button 29:36

Rubber Catsuit, Metal Bondage

Goblintower is a slut for feeling helpless in rubber. At the Serious Bondage abode, Elise has the perfect piece of metal bondage gear in mind to create that exposed vulnerability Goblintower craves. Wearing a full rubber catsuit, rubber ball mitts, and a rubber hood, Goblintower is systematically locked, strapped and secured into the metal bondage chair. With outstretched arms and widely spread legs, Goblintower is helpless in Elise’s hands. Elise is interested to learn more about Goblintower’s ability to handle restrictive rubber, so she cycles through several rubber hoods of various intensities before she lingers with an open-mouth type that gives her access to Goblin’s throat. As Elise works her hand into the throat of Goblin, she is hunting for the viscous lube that comes from the depths. Using that lube to tease and stroke Goblin appears to be too much, as frothy ejaculate soon appears! Elise declares that Goblintower must clean every drop off of her gloves and she means it - taking her time to make sure Goblin savors every last lick!

rubber bondage female top male bottom rubber hood metal bondage blow job ejaculation cum eating hood

Featuring: Goblintower, Elise Graves

play-button 25:54

Poke Fun

Elise is in a blue mood and is looking for a way to cheer herself up. She knows that making Dart Tech suffer will probably be just the pick me up that she is looking for, so she securely ties him to the bondage bed in red rope. It is evident that Dart is going to need a gag to muffle his screams, as Elise is hell bent on tickling him repeatedly. But this is not enough. Elise then ties Dart’s balls and pulls them to the ceiling, forcing him to create a harsh back bend with little support. Elise takes this opportunity to slide a very spikey acupressure may underneath Dart’s back, so that when she lowers him down, he is now resting on the mat. This mat is sharp! Seeing it as a date with destiny, Elise jumps on Dart’s body and begins toying with him through tickling, teasing, and tormenting him, resulting in a powerful orgasm for each of them.

bondage female top male bottom suffering gag CBT rope bondage tickling ejaculation post-orgasm torture

Featuring: Dart_Tech, Elise Graves

play-button 25:32

When Elise Met Ruckus

Although I have briefly met Ruckus once or twice before this particular meeting, I feel this was the moment in which I truly met them. I had previously seen a glimpse into Ruckus’s rope-loving soul and I knew that I wanted to tie them up in my own studio. I get a very feline vibe from Ruckus, which is to say that I really like them! Quiet, yet expressive, and as you might have seen in the previously- posted shibari video, Ruckus is TOUGH. Here, though, I introduce myself to Ruckus and get a feel for our energetic connection. I inform them that they will need to suffer bastinado for me if they want to be rewarded with some gooey attention paid to their cock. Until I see Ruckus truly suffer for me, all they get are teeth biting down on their sensitive cock :) Enjoy watching this sexy person be tied in rope - I know I did!

bondage female top sensual domination teasing rope bondage suspension caning blow job nipple torture biting

Featuring: Ruckus, Elise Graves

play-button 33:25

On All Fours

Something very special occurs when two sadists come together. The pleasure one sadist gets from seeing another suffer can be exhilarating on their own - but when a sadist friend next to them reflects that same joy, it is extra fun! Energy that might begin with Elise in the form of a cane stroke impacts Kino who’s expression can further affect An Li in the most delightful way. There is a three-way exchange of energy and that triangular shape is the most solid of them all. Watch as Kino makes himself vulnerable to An Li and Elise by allowing himself to be locked into heavy wooden stocks on his hands and knees. This gives access to his ass which Elise and An Li gleefully mark up with whips, canes, fingernails and more. Happiness is most real when shared with another :)

bondage female top male bottom BDSM suffering leather bondage CBT caning spanking ass plug

Featuring: Kino Payne, An Li, Elise Graves

play-button 42:14


Restrained in a strict elbow tie and a leather hood, Elise begins her vibrotherapy journey at the caring hands of Utmost Restraint. Tied with one ankle up high, Elise’s pussy and soles of her feet are completely exposed. Utmost explores pain play with Elise through caning, rubber bands on the feet, and spanking while exploring pleasure with tickling and the use of several vibrators. Given that Elise’s body is controlled by nipple clamps, a hood, an inflatable gag, rope bondage and sexual stimulation, she is in absolute heaven. Turns out, vibrotherapy works wonders for the soul!

bondage female bottom male top orgasm gag rope bondage tickling caning nipple torture hood

Featuring: Utmost Restraint, Elise Graves

play-button 32:49

Strong Stomach

It’s New Year’s Eve and needless to say, but it’s been quite the year. Elise has been sheltering at home, studying shibari online and practicing on Kino Payne. Elise is excited to practice a particularly challenging semi-suspension sequence on him. After securing Kino’s arms into a box tie, Elise has freedom to explore Kino’s nipples with her long fingernails. It quickly becomes clear that Kino’s mouth needs a good stuffing, so Elise’s fetches the dirtiest pair of her panties she can pull from her laundry basket to pack into Kino’s mouth before securing them with multiple passes of clear tape. She checks again - now he is much quieter! This is important, as Kino is about to embark on a strenuous tie that heavily utilizes a waist rope, standing on the tops of his big toes, and ultimately, being fully suspended. As Kino is one hell of a rope bottom, watch for his sweat to tell the story of his suffering.

bondage female top male bottom BDSM suffering neck play gag rope bondage caning spanking

Featuring: Kino Payne, Elise Graves

play-button 31:06

Bag of Tricks

Ruckus is in for a treat!  If feeling helpless and at the complete mercy of Elise Graves is what Ruckus was looking for, they certainly found it!  After helping guide Ruckus into the rubber body bag, Elise makes quick work of securing them to her medical table.  She informs Ruckus that every breath that he takes will be under her control now as she secures a gas mask to their face.  Knowing that this is Ruckus's first body bag experience, she opts to make this experience a memorable one as she uses her own spit to create better conductivity for the electro bands she intends to use on Ruckus's dick.  Elise desires to increase her control over Ruckus's body and mind, so she dials up the electro while controlling Ruckus's basic bodily needs.  Ultimately Ruckus is desperate to blow a load, so Elise grants permission to Ruckus - later showing them that they may regret having done so with some post-orgasm torment.

rubber bondage female top breath control gas mask electro/estim orgasm body bag ejaculation post-orgasm torture

Featuring: Ruckus, Elise Graves

play-button 30:54

Pain and Suffering

Let's be frank - Dart Tech is a brat.  Being a brat is not necessarily a bad thing, though, to be honest, I like it when Dart is a brat, as it motivates me to be extra mean to him.  Therefore, I decided to combine multiple aspects of torment into one experience for him.  Starting with a tight ball tie, I gag and blindfold him with tight rope. Dart's fingers are stuffed with pencils and then taped tightly together.  This pencil torment is INTENSE!  I then tie a shin torment tie on each leg.  Let me tell you - these shin ties are intense by themselves, but when you flex the foot, it makes the tie tighter and more painful.  So when I tie Dart's ankles, pull them off the ground, and tie his toes back in preparation for some bastinado, Dart is feeling it even before the cane strokes!  Dart is so fun to torment because he is highly responsive, constantly grunting and letting me know where he is at with his suffering.  This allows me to push him further, as I am confidant we are on the same page.  He grunts.  I grunt back.  It's this exchange of energy that makes tormenting Dart so enjoyable!

bondage female top male bottom BDSM suffering neck play face bondage rope bondage caning predicament

Featuring: Dart_Tech, Elise Graves