Tease and Denial of Breath

Rubber-clad J gets the full motorized breath play and orgasm denial treatment!

Number of pictures: 18

Catch Your Breath

Curvy red-headed Barbary is helplessly tied, gagged, and hooded on a Sybian for Elise's entertainment.

Number of pictures: 13

Three Dimensional

Elise and friends play with unique metal bondage gear in Amsterdam!

Number of pictures: 16

Shaking in My Boots

Ballet-booted, arm-bindered, crotch-roped and muzzled, Elise Graves has to choose between her toes or her pussy!

Number of pictures: 14

On My Toes

Elise is tied in a precarious position with a vibrator strapped to her body

Number of pictures: 24


Elise is tied into a crotch rope and neck rope hogtie, left to squirm and suffer.

Number of pictures: 15

Fold Like a Cheap Suitcase

Elise is tied as a suitcase and goes for a ride full of objectification, fun and BoundCon 2017!

Number of pictures: 19

Orgasming at Full Tilt

Dart Tech is tormented by relentless forced orgasms and electro stimulation while helpless in medical braces.

Number of pictures: 14

Crazed Cocksucker

Elise Graves and the Venus 2000 have a voracious appetite for Mickey Mod's cock

Number of pictures: 22

Studio Gum: Dreams Come True

Elise and friends visit heavy rubber mecca Studio Gum. Elise looses her shit.

Number of pictures: 25

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Fun

Bubble-butt Jimmy receives a prolonged caning in harsh metal bondage!

Number of pictures: 10

A Gilded Cage

Kino Payne is trapped inside a fully body cage, however his face and cock are accessible to Elise.

Number of pictures: 21

Double Trouble

Tony Orlando is subjected to immobilizing bondage that exposes his holes for Mercy West and Elise Graves to fill.

Number of pictures: 18

Switching It Up

Elise Graves and Roderick Grey switch roles and now Elise has the power to TEASE

Number of pictures: 11

Mine to Use

Elise is horny. She ties Mickey Mod into a chair and uses him for her pleasure.

Number of pictures: 25

Ponygirl Elise

Anna Rose transforms Elise into a sexy ponygirl!

Number of pictures: 40

Catheter Piss

Elise snakes a long catheter through Tony's cock, down into his bladder! She torments his cock in a number of ways!

Number of pictures: 23

Give a Man Enough Rope

Elise tightly ties JimmyUSMC into a balancing/choking position before transitioning him into a hogtie with an asshook!

Number of pictures: 33

The Power of the Box

Elise's new power box is programmed to tease and deny J through multiple vibrators!

Number of pictures: 15

Mercy's First Heavy Rubber

Adorable Mercy West experiences an intense heavy rubber suit while clamped into heavy bondage chair!

Number of pictures: 13

Filthy Perverts

Officer Elise discovers JimmyUSMC and Sasha fraternizing with each other as well as some kinky gear.

Number of pictures: 8

More Electro Less Air

SteveLovesKink gets a large dose of bondage, breath control and electro at the hands of Elise

Number of pictures: 16

Sound Mind and Body

JimmyUSMC experiences many firsts in this scene with Elise - rubber bondage, SOUNDING, and more!

Number of pictures: 21

Electrically Fucked and Sucked

JimmyUSMC is laced into a leather bondage playsuit, strapped to a medical table, electrified and sucked by a machine!

Number of pictures: 28

Playing with Dr. John

Elise experiences the pleasure of being laced into a very sexy leather corset, boots, mitts and hood!

Number of pictures: 17

Returning the Favor

Rubber clad Elise is strapped down with legs spread wide, ready to take what comes at her!

Number of pictures: 20

Strapped Down and Set Free

Troy Orleans and Elise Graves take a lucky layering leather sub on a magical leather bondage journey.

Number of pictures: 19

Just Take It

MsSpentYouth is restrained on a medical bed her pussy SPREAD OPEN and forced to orgasm over and over!

Number of pictures: 15

Mercy Sexed in a Cage

Mercy West is seduced into rubber, a cage, and much more....

Number of pictures: 16

Stuffed, Clamped & Electrified

Elise Graves is stuffed with a giant electro plug, clamped with electro nipple clamps, and pulled onto her toes by her neck!

Number of pictures: 16

A Suspended Suck

Real-life couple are placed in sleep sacks. Sasha is suspended and made to suck Jimmy's cock

Number of pictures: 18

You Better Pump!

Dr. Dart_Tech and Nurse Elise give Tai Crimson a fucked up treatment of a lifetime!!!

Number of pictures: 27

More and More

Kino Payne is straitjacketed and strapped down, and subjected to electro, breath control, and robo-jerk machine!

Number of pictures: 12

Save Your Breath

Elise delights in limiting Dart_Tech's access to air!

Number of pictures: 7

Studio Gum, Rubber Wonderland

Elise and friends visits Studio Gum, heavy rubber wonderland!

Number of pictures: 36

Rubber Ass Fucking

Elise fucks her horny rubber gimp Goblintower in the ass.

Number of pictures: 12

Edging Elise

Latex clad Elise Graves is punished for teasing for getting seriously edged!

Number of pictures: 25

Kinky Threesome

Elise and two very kinky friends play with corsets, female urethral sounding, and pussy stimulation overload!

Number of pictures: 16

Rubber Pussy Exam

Rubber-clad Anna Rose is strapped into a gyn chair for a through pussy examination with unique toys by Elise Graves

Number of pictures: 60

Troubled Waters

Trouble-making inmate Sasha is given the waterboarding treatment at the hands of Elise

Number of pictures: 13

Invasive Respiratory Therapy

Elise undergoes an experimental treatment at the hands of Dr. Dart Tech

Number of pictures: 31

In Hog Heaven

Mistress Hinako and Mistress Chiaki from Tokyo tightly tie Elise Graves up and use a bizarre face torture device on her.

Number of pictures: 37

Tease and Torture Clinic

Tony Orlando is subjected to Elise's bizarre medical tests, heart monitoring, electro stimulation, and breath control.

Number of pictures: 20

Suction, Staples and Needles

Elise is put through Miranda's medical ringer with staples, needles and more!

Number of pictures: 40

Lucky Rubber Girl

Blake brings his girlfriend, Faye, to come play with Elise

Number of pictures: 12

Testicle Trap

Elise traps rubber-clad Goblintower's testicles to the floor with a secure metal device. Breathplay and teasing ensue!

Number of pictures: 13

When Elise Met Eden

Elise and Eden Alexander get together to torment Taylor Dawn in inflatable rubber

Number of pictures: 32

Charlotte Fetish Entombed

Charlotte Fetish wears a rubber catsuit before being placed in an inflatable rubber sleepsack inside a coffin.

Number of pictures: 36

The Butterfly Effect

Charlotte Fetish is hooded, straitjacketed and locked in a box.

Number of pictures: 47

Slobber Puss

Elise Graves in a strenuous squatting tie, wooden gag, and much drool.

Number of pictures: 52

Under My Spell

Blake_BDSM and Elise Graves. Heavy rubber, Heavy breath control, Heavy Electro. Hot.

Number of pictures: 22

Self Nipple Torment

Elise abuses her own gigantic, beautiful nipples.

Number of pictures: 14

Muddy the Waters

Tai Crimson is in for a very thorough cleansing delivered by an enthusiastic Elise!

Number of pictures: 25

When Elise Met Tai

Elise becomes acquainted with Tai's feet, nipples and neck.

Number of pictures: 11

Properties of Electric Charge

Blake locked in heavy stocks while Elise uses him for her enjoyment!

Number of pictures: 29

Out of This World Pleasure

Elise Graves reveals her inner self with this photoset!

Number of pictures: 17

Teasing Caged Katt

Katt Anomia locked in cage while Elise Graves plays!

Number of pictures: 8

Punishment for Perfect Body

Katt Anomia, Elise Graves and Mistress Miranda. Spanking and neck play.

Number of pictures: 21

Pass the Pussy Katt

Katt Anomia, Elise Graves and Mistress Miranda. Katt's holes are used by two dommes.

Number of pictures: 15

Elise Used as Masturbation

Elise Graves, Tony Orlando and Mistress Miranda. Elise is objectified for Tony's masturbation pleasure.

Number of pictures: 21

Siamese Twins

Tony Orlando, Elise Graves and Mistress Miranda. Miranda makes Elise and Tony her toys.

Number of pictures: 27

Trapped in the Tease Box

Tony Orlando and Elise Graves. Super hot teasing of Tony!!!

Number of pictures: 61

Boots, Straitjacket & Electro

Mercy West and Elise Graves. Elise gives Mercy the electro therapy she desperately needs.

Number of pictures: 22

Suck It Up

Katt Anomia and Elise Graves. Katt sucks Elise's cock.

Number of pictures: 13

Welcome to Heavy Rubber

Strange Hobbies and Elise Graves. Heavy rubber suspension.

Number of pictures: 14

Between a Neck and a Testicle

Tony Orlando, Elise Graves and Mercy West. Tony is totally helpless!

Number of pictures: 12

Steelwerks: Elise Gets Clamped

Elise Graves and Steelwerks. Unique pussy clamp.

Number of pictures: 20

That Makes My Cock Hard

Tony Orlando and Elise Graves. Elise uses Tony's mouth for her own pleasure.

Number of pictures: 16

Relentless Reflective Orgasms

Elise Graves and Vespa from Vespa has her way with Elise!

Number of pictures: 24

Strapped Down and Sacked Out

Mercy West and Elise Graves. -PVC/vinyl sleepsack - orgasms!

Number of pictures: 14

A Serious Kit Experience

Elise Graves, Mistress Miranda and Serious Bondage. Full body suction suit!

Number of pictures: 16

The First Rubber Pool Party

Serious Bondage, Felix, MummyEd, Petigrl Kako and Elise Graves. Heavy rubber swim party!

Number of pictures: 10

A Bit of a Stretch

Tony Orlando and Elise Graves. Facial invasion with ball stretching.

Number of pictures: 31

Breathing Down My Neck

Elise Graves. Elise tied in hogtie with neck rope causing stress.

Number of pictures: 9

Will the Teasing Ever Stop??

Tony Orlando and Elise Graves. relentless teasing - electro - medical casts

Number of pictures: 47

Studio Gum: Explore Stock Room

Elise Graves, Mistress Miranda and Serious Bondage explore Studio Gum!

Number of pictures: 10

Third Person Omniscient

Elise Graves and Mistress Miranda - medical - electro - video goggles

Number of pictures: 9

In Grimly's Hot Seat

Elise Graves and Grimly Feendish - gas mask - tears - nose clamp - pussy electro

Number of pictures: 9

Scottish Biofeedback Clinic

Elise Graves and Lady Annisa - medical - breath control - biofeedback - nurse

Number of pictures: 10

Too Close for Comfort

Emma and Elise Graves - sensual domination - suffering - rope bondage - electro

Number of pictures: 9

Take Your Breath Away

Sabret and Elise Graves - rubber hood - breath control -sexy femdom - latex fetish - heavy leather bondage chair

Number of pictures: 9

A Veiled Rebirth

Petgirl Kako and Elise Graves - rubber - breath play - latex - vibrator - orgasms

Number of pictures: 10

Out of Thin Air

Tai Crimson and Elise Graves - Tai is hooded, gagged, wrapped and bagged - electro torment - breath control

Number of pictures: 24