Rubber Straitjacket from BlackStyle

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Hello Everyone! As a total bondage gear fetishist, I am always looking for my next piece of bondage gear or toy. I enjoy experimenting with bondage gear, as well as the human body in that gear! Although this is my passion, it is a bit expensive to buy these items for my personal collection, and so I am seeking to fundraise together for a new piece! Specifically, I have my eye on a simple but beautifully restrictive heavy rubber straitjacket from BlackStyle. This piece is so restrictive! I love it! I would love to fundraise enough money to buy this piece! Just as I really appreciate your support in purchasing my videos or being a member of my site, I also would appreciate any additional support of my acquiring this new piece of gear. Who knows, if our paths happen to cross (say, in California?), YOU might be placed in this very device! Anyway, I like the idea of us, as a community, coming together for a single goal - in this case - the Rubber Straitjacket! Bondage Love to you All, Elise