Crazy Couple Days of Shooting!

2018-02-14 22:38:03

I am just now re-entering regular-people world after two remarkable days of shooting!  I had the pleasure of shooting with my friend Mark, a friend from France - Strange Hobbies, as well as a new friend from Texas - Kino Payne.  We traveled to the Santa Cruz mountains where there is an awesome play set-up of which we only scratched the surface!  

With so much bondage gear and energy around, it was impossible not to get deep into la-la land. I brought along a new (and FAVORITE!!!) toy - the Stanley Jr. from PES.  It's a quad-pole electro plug that literally has your ass (or pussy) fuck itself by electrically stimulating your muscles. It is the very best electro toy and I was happy to share it with my friends!  

I also had access to a Venus 2000, which I WANT!!!  It brings me much pleasure to control a person's sex.  This machine gives me great power and I want more of it! Perhaps one day I will have my own.  (Hint: one is on my Amazon wishlist.)

I figured I would share my enthusiasm for the past couple days of shooting.  I hope you all enjoy watching the videos even half as much as I enjoyed making them.  

Universal Bondage Love to You,