Custom Fetish Videos

2018-02-06 23:56:06

I was just thinking about the beauty of custom fetish videos a bit earlier as I happened to be filming one.  Custom videos, for those of you who do not know, are videos made according to the customer's exact specifications.  Have you ever been disappointed that there weren't videos available that fit your particular fetishes?  Or does the idea of directing me to do what you want in a video kind of turn you on?  

That's where custom videos come in.  The customer specifices who, what, wearing what, and for how long they want things to take place in a video.  Simple as that.  (Well, there is a negotiated payment involved as well!)

Anyway, as I said, I just finished filming a video involving medical latex gloves.  Putting them on.  Taking them off.  Putting them on. And taking them off.  

Seems simple enough of a fetish, right?  But if there aren't videos that satisfy your particular fetish, let me know and perhaps I can change that for you by collaborating on something sexy together.  If interested, contact me through via my Contact Form on this site or purchase a Custom Video through my Store.

Be well,