Want to Be in a Video with Me?

2018-01-24 21:37:52

I often receive messages from people requesting to be in one of my videos, therefore I wanted to address the reality of such a request and what the steps are to make it happen.

Let's begin by assuming that you are just a person, and not a fetish porn star, right?  You have seen my videos and you would love to submit yourself to my sexy bondage antics in person.   

The first thing is to realize that filming a video takes a lot of resources such as scheduling time, location, lights, camera person, etc.  It also requires sexy bondage gear and most importantly, erotic energy.  It also requires a lot of time in editing and post-production of that video.  These resources are worth utilizing IF THE VIDEO IS SEXY.  But how can I be sure that intimate bondage play with a complete stranger would turn into something sexy?  

Well, I would need to have met and played with you privately first.  To test out our chemistry.  To see if my play with you would be something that I'd want to share with the world.  

How do we arrange that?  This, my friends, is where Bondage Therapy comes in. This is my private bondage practice located in Oakland, California.  Please visit bondagetherapy.com for more information about my private bondage sessions and fill out the booking information if you are interseted in scheduling a session - whether its a precursor for ending up in a video or just becasue you want to get tied up by me, bondagetherapy.com would be your next step.