2019-09-09 20:49:22

I absolutely love Japan!  I cannot believe it took me nearly ten years to return for a visit.  Japan was the first country I went to after hastily getting my first passport.  I visited for three days and barely slept - but saw so much!  I loved it so much that I went back six months later for two weeks.  I have been meaning to return, to see more, and yet it wasn't until late last month that I visited again with several friends, including Troy Orleans, Ms. Steelwerks and Delphine.  This would be my first ladies' trip. 

What I love most about Japan is the high level of respect shown to people, to the land, and to their culture.  It is so refreshing to be in a highly populated city such as Tokyo, and see no trash, no crime, and almost no homeless people.  It was so refreshing to be able to move throughout giant cities late at night as a woman and feel absolutely no danger.  Sadly, this is not at all my experience when at home.  Upon learning more from those who live there, Japan takes care of their people, ensuring jobs are had, childcare is provided, and much more.

We visited Tokyo first, which is one of my most favorite cities!  There is an endless amount to do, see, and experience!  We barely scratched the surface.  However, with the help of Hinako, we managed to squeeze in a visit to a tiny shibari bar!  This was so much fun!  People who want to tie and who want to be tied can show up and do exactly this!  Many bondage books were also availabel to peruse while drinking with friends.  I also got the opportunity to shoot a very fun and sexy scene with Hinako!  Be on the lookout for it soon! I would need several lifetimes to fully experience just Tokyo. 

Next, we moved on to Hakone, a smaller mountain town. We stayed in a nice, secluded house complete with its own onsen (natural hot spring bath) and many bicyles for our use.  Cycling around Hakone was certainly a highlight of my trip (perhaps because I simply love riding bikes a lot!) 

We then traveled to Kyoto, which was surprisingly big!  For some reason, I was expecting a much smaller city, but I didn't realize how dense the rest of Japan is, as in my previous trips I mostly stayed in Tokyo.  In Kyoto, we visited some spectacular temples, a bamboo forest and the Geisha district.  We saw some geishas getting off work, which was quite a sight.  I feel that we didn't have nearly enough time in Kyoto.  

Our last city before traveling back to Tokyo was Kamakura, a much smaller beach city about an hour outside Tokyo.  As we were arriving, we saw many people heading back to Tokyo after a day trip at the beach.  I instantly wanted to get in the water as it is so hot and very HUMID in Japan in August!  The water was quite warm, and yet very refreshing. I love the beach.  Interestingly, the beach was the one place with various trash strewn about, coming in from the ocean.  

With one day left, we headed back to Tokyo.  We wanted to celebrate Ms. Steelwerk's birthday in the most insane Japanese style, and so we went to the sensory-overload that is the Robot Restaurant!  This was the most insane thing I have ever witnessed!  So much going on every second - dancers, singers, drummers, actual robots, people dressed as robots all fighting at times!  Insane!  The insanity continued when the absolutely wonderful Hinako took us all to a haunted prison hospital themed restaurant, in which our birthday girl was handcuffed at the door, and we were all taken to our cell.  During the evening, the lights go out, loud, scary sounds are made, and random scary people come into the cell to try to scare you.  So much fun!  I love Japan's committment to entertainment.  It was a pleasure meeting Hinako and her very kinky friends.  

We had the immense pleasure to spend our final morning in Japan studying shibari with the wonderfully talented Chiaki!  Although we didn't have much time, I feel that I absorbed so much knowledge from her.  It's impossible not to, as Chiaki is extremely committed to her shibari craft.  It was such an honor to be able to witness her expertise, and I want nothing more than to study with her more!  If you'd like to help in bringing Chiaki to San Fransisco, or if you'd like to help me get back to Japan, let me know!  

In conclusion, I love Japan even more now.  I think this trip sealed the deal for me, as it was so much fun exploring this beautiful country with friends I have known for a longer time, while meeting up with friends I have known for a shorter time. Nothing better than that.  A huge thanks to my travel mates who were a pleasure to travel with, as well as many thanks to Hinako and Chiaki for enriching our experience with your lovely selves.  

If you haven't visited Japan, I recommend it.  I know I will be heading back as soon as I can.