Back in Bondage!

2019-07-11 22:19:14

Hello All, 

As you probably know, I was on the receiving end of bondage fun for the first many years of my experience.  I learned so much about myself and have been so incredibly fortunate to have been able to experience totally intense and insane bondage scenes!  I also met many awesome people and discovered so much about myself.  Incredible times.  

At some point, I became interested in tying others up as well as being tied up.  This was an even bigger learning experience, as in the beginning I assumed topping a person in a bondage context was not for me.  I assumed that if a female was to be the dominant one, then she had to look, talk and act a certain way.  Once I realized that female domination can look any way that I wanted it to, I was very exctied!  I began learning how to craft bondage experiences for others like the ones I had received and enjoyed.  

Around this point in my journey, I had several back-to-back experiences while in and out of bondage that were less than desirable, albeit wonderful learning experiences.  One experience I feel comfortable discussing occured while in Germany at BoundCon (a bondage convention).  I was tied up in a position much like the one in the photo to the right.  Box tie.  Crossed ankles.  Except instead of my box tie supporting me, it was my hair.  Anyway, the person tying me up decided to kick me for some reason, which made my hair slip from it's tie, and I landed face-first onto a concrete floor.  The result was a concussion that lasted about six months.  The other experiences involved huge breeches of trust with those closest to me at the time.  

All this is to explain that due to several pretty traumatic experiences relating to being in bondage as well as interacting with those I knew from the bondage world, I guess I started distrusting people.  I was finding myself more and more uncomfortable when restrained.  I didn't trust anyone enough to be able to submit, relax, and let go.  

My interest in topping people, however, increased, as I found a sense of control in this.  I gained much satisfaction in skillfully tying, teasing and otherwise playing with many people.  This became my new work - professional domination.  I am forever grateful of those who trust me to tie them up and who make themselves vulnerable to me.  I am honored and I will always be respectful and trustworthy in return.  

Fast forward a couple years, and here we are now.  In the present.  I have been through a lot of therapy (Note: therapy has been so good for me, and I can't recommend it enough to others!) and I have been feeling some inklings of wanting to be in bondage again.  Thankfully I have some people in my life that are worthy of my trust and I am ready to start over in my exploration of how I relate to being in bondage.   Although I do not regret at all my earlier experiences, I do desire to start anew.  Fresh.  I am a different person now, and I want to discover how I interact with restraint, vulnerability, expression, suffering and letting go.  I am excited to explore my current self in this context.  

So, all this is to merely give you some context as to what you are going to start seeing on Bondage Liberation!  I am ready to start exploring - slowly this time.  I am ready to rediscover my love for restraint.  I am ready to take you all on this new journey with me. 

Stay tuned.