A Peak Inside My Private Play

2018-02-16 19:00:39

Hello Everyone,

Although I certainly document much of my bondage play in videos, performances, and conventions, not all of it is fully recorded.  I find this to especially be a shame when the play is something special, as I really desire to share it with others.  Now that I have a blog home on my new BondageLiberation site, I have decided to utilize this blog to share these special moments with you that I have managed to capture, even in a small way.

Today I want to share with you some private play with Kino Payne, a very spunky man with a large appetite for suffering and bondage.  He recently dove head first into the world of bondage, and I see much of my younger (and current!) self in his enthusiasm.  He particularly enjoys challenging rope bondage, breath control, pain, and above all, suffering.  Anyone who is a lover of suffering is going to be a wonderful playmate for me, so let's take a peak into our play time together.  

First, let it be stated that Kino and I are EXACTLY the same height (although he would like to say that he is taller, and I am CERTAIN that I am tallest).  What this means, is that this excites me.  Being a very petite person, I typically play with those larger than me, and with Kino, I am able to live out all my manhandling fantasies with him.  :)  So, I begin by tying his arms securely in a box tie.  This gives me a hearty handle to use to drag him around my space a bit.  This is very exciting for me, and thus, I am eager to continue tying him up.  Ultimately, he is tied balancing on his two doubled-over knees, supported by his chest tie, and balancing a bit with a neck tie.  And he is gagged.  Kino loves gags!  His teetering around is exciting to me, and so I grab a cane to express my love for his feet.  I love his feet a lot, and I express it by caning the shit out of them.  I add nipple clamps that are pulled down by a cock and ball tie.

We are both in heaven.  

He is next transitioned into a tie that is actually pictured in the above photo.  Basically, I wanted to tax his body and make him suffer, so I put him on his stomach and chest and pulled his feet up high into the air behind him.  He is still gagged with my giant new gag.  I snare his testicles with some thin rubber rope and tie his balls out horizontally to his body.  Some clover clamps are added near his taint and also pulled in the direction of his balls.  I was excited to see that after a bit of time, Kino was suffering.  I began whipping and caning his feet.  Beating him for having misunderstood our meeting time, and my needing to adjust my already-busy schedule for the day.  I told him how I had waited for him outside, that I was a bit worried for him (as I know he would never miss a play date), and that since I was leaving for a trip the following day, I was really busy and didn't need his incompetance.  In any case, Kino began apologizing and kind of sobbing a bit.  It was beautiful for me, as I know he desires to be in that space.  

I then tied Kino in a standing position with his arms tied super high up on his back.  Kino is quite flexible and this means that I get to have some fun with the rope bondage.  I tied a rope around his ass and lower back, cinching at the waist, which creates for him a perpetual need to squat a bit and bend over.  This is fun for me to watch.  I am not satisfied and decide to remove one of his legs from the equation by picking it up off the ground.  He is still gagged, neck rope tied up, and again somewhat balancing by using his neck as well as his one supportive leg.  I pull his testicles through the convienent ropes that are at the bottom of his ass, creating a bit of a rope humbler situation.  And then the whip came in.  At first I avoided the testicles, and focuesd on his ass and legs and suspended foot.  But then I was too tempted by the testicle buldge.  His ass began showing raised, red whip marks on his ass almost immediately.  This is exciting for me.  He took the testicle whipping like a champ. :)

Lastly, it was time for a bit of a cool down, and so I plastic wrapped Kino into a comfortable chair.  His arms and hands were restrained to the chair arms, and his ankles and lower legs were plastered to the chair legs.  His chest was also wrapped tightly to the back of the chair.  I wanted no reason for him to need to get out!  I had plans for Kino's head and was excited about it.  I placed a transparent rubber rebreather hood over his head, which immediately restricted the amount of air that he was able to freely inhale and exhale.  Kino practices yoga, and so he isn't all too unfamiliar with the idea of following the breath.  And so, I wanted to make it more challenging for him, and more entertaining for me, and thus, nipple clamps were added.  This amount of pain (pulled on, of course!) was effective in getting Kino off his breathing rhythm.  After allowing him to find it again and to somewhat adjust to the new sensation, I grabbed the Hitachi for some unmistakable sensation and pressed it to his crotch.   It was such fun watching the latex suck in on his face again and again, while listening to his long, slow inhales and exhales, attempting to maintain control of himself.  

Kino Payne, I do love playing with you!  Thanks for a wonderful play time.  I wish this blog allowed me to post more than one photo, as I'd love my members to see you in all your glory.  Perhaps, though, I'll just need to properly record our next play session!  

Thanks for reading, and please let me know if there is something you would enjoy seeing in my blog!

Take care,