Shooting with JimmyUSMC!

2018-12-22 21:57:30

Hello Everyone, 

I wanted to share my excitement after my recent shoot with the wonderfully enthusiastic, sweet, and bondage-loving JimmyUSMC!  Jimmy is a special guy that leaves a trail of people loving him wherever he goes :)  

Jimmy and I, along with our friend Kino Payne, spent a long day together shooting four videos that I hope you enjoy as much as we did making them!  To start out the day, I wanted to tie Jimmy up in my rope, getting both his body and mind warmed up.  Tied into a balancing kneeling position with one of his feet connected to a neck rope, Jimmy get pretty choked while sexily suffering my whip!

Next, I strapped Jimmy into the amazing Serious Bondage leather chair along with some anal electro and a Venus 2000!  Explosive! :)  Then, Jimmy was locked into a metal rigid cuff, essentially locking him into a lovely ass-up position, perfect for a caning session!  And lastly, Jimmy was zipped up tight in a rubber sleepsack and thick rubber hood, while his breath was controlled with a bubbler bottle and his cock was sounded until he came!  

We had some much fun!  Hope you enjoy the videos!  "Sound Mind and Body" is already released!  Check it out!  

Be well,