Shooting at Edge Jail and Dungeon - so hot!!!

2018-08-20 22:51:16

This past week I had the opportunity to shoot with a young couple, Jimmy and Sasha (@for_heavy and @chainswhipsnips on Twitter) at the impressive Edge Jail and Dungeon (  It was such a nice experience for me, as I felt inspired even before arriving.  Upon thinking about shooting with Sasha and Jimmy, a list of perverted ideas sprang to mind!  :)  It helps that both of them are bondage-loving, brave individuals.  

Among other ideas, I wanted to try something that I had never seen before, which was a double sleepsack set-up in which Sasha was suspended, face-down, and Jimmy was on the floor, face-up.  Many activities took place in this scene, however using the motorized winch to force Sasha's mouth up and down on Jimmy's cock was seriously fantastic.  It is a bit hard to describe, so I highly recommend watching the video when it is released ;)  

Anyway, I had such a great time shooting with Jimmy and Sasha, as well as Mark from Serious Bondage and Kino Payne.  A big thank you to everyone involved!  I look forward to future shooting endeavors, as my shooting list was only partially checked off.  Many more perverted ideas left to shoot :)

Be well, Elise