Germany Travels!

2018-06-08 03:35:13

Hello Everyone!  

I returned home a couple days ago from my visit to Germany.  I am still somewhat on Germany time, which means that I go to bed around 8pm and wake up at like 2am.  I have never been too much of an early riser, so this is pretty cool to me while it lasts.  

I had such a great time in Germany!!!  

Chris from Steelwerks and I began our trip by traveling to visit Anna Rose outside of Munich.  She owns a lovely gigantic old farm house, and it was a pleasure to relax, visit, and shoot with Anna!  Anna is such a lively person and I am so grateful I get to see her every year or so.  We shot a couple sexy videos, one where I control Anna's breath and another where I am Anna's ponygirl.  Soon to be out on  

After getting somewhat accustomed to the German time zone as well as German food, Chris and I headed to Munich to meet up with our friends for BoundCon.  BoundCon is a bondage convention held in Munich that mostly features shibari performances as well as vendors for all sorts of kinky stuff.  Steelwerks and Bondage Liberation shared a booth where bondage performances were had thanks to my friends Troy Orleans, Alice in Bondageland, Strange Hobbies, Kino Payne, Mode Narr, Steel Collar, and more!  Due to my being a guest at the convention, I had periodic responsibilities in tying people up on small stages, or being tied up.  When I wasn't doing one of these performances, I was at the booth playing with my friends!  

On Sunday, Bondage Liberation and Serious Bondage (who wasn't able to make it this year unfortunately), had the main stage to ourselves to do whatever I wanted!  It was a bit stressful in organizing such a thing on short notice, but we rose to the challenge, I think!  For some background, BoundCon is mostly focused on a male tying a female up in rope bondage.  There are now many female riggers included at BoundCon, but it is still focused on female bottoms and rope bondage.  Well, the friends that I brought with me to BoundCon did not fit this mold at all - so we mixed it up!  

Our Sunday main stage performance lasted two and a half hours!!!  Two and a half hours of females putting males into various heavy bondage gear!  Two and a half hours of strict bondage chairs, suspended heavy leather body harnesses, chastity devices, leather hogties, and more!  We incorporated electro play and, wait for it... male orgasms on stage!  We even included some live casting of Cobie from Australia and Elecktra Van Zunlt from France.  Each of these ladies were casted into a single arm binder, and then strapped face to face!  This was so hot!  We even used the cast saw to cut them out on stage!  BoundCon has never seen anything like this before on the main stage, and I am so happy that my team was able to pull it all off so well!  We were a great team for sure.  

Anyway, after the BoundCon craziness, we wanted to take a bit of a break to relax and did so at the home of Hans Peter of Studio Gum!  What a generous host and a lovely place for a bunch of tired pervs to chill out.  We met some new friends, Cymbelin, who proved to be pervy beyond their years!  It was great fun relaxing, exploring the stock room of Studio Gum, spending a bunch of money on new rubber gear, and shooting some awesome videos at their home.  Thanks to Hans Peter for opening your home to us all!  

After Studio Gum, most of us traveled on to Berlin!  I love Berlin!  It is so accepting of everything!  No one bats an eye at a dude walking down the street in full leather gear.  No one cares if you are wearing rubber on the subway!  It is beautiful.  We all stayed at various places in the gay district, with some of us staying at the SM Apartments.  If you are needing a nice place to stay that is also well-equipped with nice bondage gear, check out the SM Apartments :)  I was able to meet some kinky German people for some play and we had an amazing time!  Berlin is always a really great time, and it was a perfect place to end the trip.  So much great food!  So many kinky stores!  Such a nice place to get into mischeif with your friends.  Loved it.  

My May visit to Germany is always something I look forward to!  Can't wait till next year AND I am glad to be home :)

Be well,