New Rope and New Torture Ties!

2018-04-11 18:52:02

Recently I had the pleasure of taking a class in Oakland at the beautiful Vox Body rope studio called How to Tie Like a Jerk from Mister Bacon.  I was instantly intrigued by the class name :)  Although we learned many things about tying in a way that most people were previous taught NOT to do (uneven rope wraps, dragging the rope across the skin, pinching skin, etc), what really struck a chord with me were two torture ties.  

The first one was referred to as the Guatemalan Shin Torture tie.  This tie involves tightly spiraling rope down the lower leg and back up the shin, ensuring that the second layer of rope crosses over the first layer on top of the shin.  This crossing increases the pressure of the first layer of rope, digging deeply into the shin.  For added effect, you can flex the foot, which makes everything tighten even more, or perhaps squeeze on the ropes, adding more pressure to an already pressurized leg!  This was great fun learning this tie. 

But the real star of the class, for me, was this particular foot torture tie that we learned.  It is very simple to tie, winding in between toes, and due to the sensitivity and boney-nature of the toes, it is VERY EFFECTIVE in creating an intensely PAINFUL sensation.  I loved how during this particular tie, I heard various people in the class either crying out in pain or giggling in satisfaction :)   This tie basically serves as a more controlled version of my beloved pencil-between-each-finger-and-squeezed-together torture.  I am in love with this tie.  Please reference the photo on this post to see how simple and lovely it appears.  

Lastly, I am happy to also report that I received some new JUTE ROPE from Moco Jute!  Ever since Mistress Chiaki and Mistress Hinako came to visit from Japan and tied me up in jute rope, I was hooked!  Jute is so much more restrictive than hemp!  It is not nearly as soft and flexible, and so it creates a much different sensation when tied in it!  The rope is beautiful and I am anxious to tie someone with it!  Thankfully I am meeting with a very lucky (yet unsuspecting) client tomorrow who will get to experience both the Moco rope as well as some rope torture.  

Thanks to everyone who inspires me!  

Be well,