It Takes a Village

2018-03-25 18:50:37

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of spending a couple days in the Santa Cruz mountains at Edge Jail ( alongside some kinky friends.  It is always a heart-warming experience to gather as a like-minded group with a common goal.  In this case, it was to film some videos and to have fun.

Do you ever wonder how much planning, energy and effort goes into creating a video?  

Let me give you a behind-the-scenes peek into what it takes.  

First, in this instance, multiple people needed to travel from San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle and Denver to the Santa Cruz mountains.  Mark from Serious Bondage, Dart_Tech and I were relatively local, so we drove.  Petgirl Kako and Seattle Boatdog came down from Seattle, and Sasha, our bottom for these videos, flew from Denver.  

Next, we need to acquire a space.  Thankfully, the people at Edge Jail and Dungeon are super nice and allow us the opportunity to use their wonderful facilities.  We are super fortunate for this.  

Then comes organizing people into video production mode.  Petgirl Kako brought her beautiful new camera to film.  Mark and I brought a ton of bondage gear with us.  Seattle Boatdog and Dart_Tech each happened to bring along a new fucking machine they had acquired, and so I wanted to make use of these wonderful devices in one particualr video!  I proposed that Sasha be placed into bondage so that she can get fucked from behind as well as from the front.  It took quite some time to fit Sasha to both machines just right.  

Seattle Boatdog then shows everyone that he brought along a small medical endoscopy camera and we all really wanted to attach it so the back end fucking machine, as there happened to be a VERY LARGE MONITOR available right in front of Sasha's face!  So everyone worked on downloading software, using various cables, and trying everything to project the image from this camera on the monitor.  Finally we got it to work, but the frame rate was so slow that it didn't look great.  So we changed course and rigged a GoPro instead, which looked great!  This way, Sasha could watch herself get fucked from behind while her face was getting fucked from the front.  

All in all, it took several hours at least just to rig this one video!  Not to mention all the resources this video required in people's time,  bondage gear, space, and energy.  For these reasons, it is really important for people to pay for their porn.  You simply can not imagine how much effort is put into just one twenty minute video!  Although we LOVE making these videos, it simply isn't possible to do so without financial support in people purchasing memberships or buying videos individually.  

Do you think I can afford to continue buying super pricey electro gear, bondage gear, rubber, travel to Germany, etc if my work wasn't being supported by people like you?  No way!

If you appreciate the videos that you see, you really need to buy them!  It's the only way.  

Thank you for reading,